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Title:School of Education records
Dates:1958-2001 (bulk 1963-1985)
Call Number:A39
List of Contents


1. Administration, n.d., 1962-2001
Volume:7.25 (7 boxes)


This series documents the administrative activities of the School of Education from an independent program in the 1960s through its affiliation with Boston-Bouvé College and the College of Arts and Sciences. The series documents the activities of the School of Education, the Graduate School of Education, and various departments and committees within the School, including the Department of Foundations of Education, and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Materials include meeting minutes, agendas, memoranda, accreditation reports, by-laws, handbooks, and newsletters.
1Accreditation Reports (15 folders)1966-1976
2-3Boston-Bouvé College of Human Development Professions (30 folders)1980-1991
3Center for Continuing Education1966-1967
3Center for Innovation in Urban Education (2 folders)1991-1993
3College of Arts and Sciences (11 folders)n.d., 1992-1998
3-4College of Education (21 folders)1964-1980
4Ad Hoc Doctoral1972
4Andre Favat Memorial1977-1982
4Bureau of Educational Field Services Advisory1973-198?
4Early Childhood Education (4 folders)1978-1992
4Favat Learning Resource Center1980-1982
5Graduate (6 folders)1966-1983
5Human Service Advisory1977-1978
5Library and Learning Resources (6 folders)1970-1972
5New Program198?
5Program and Personnel Planning1969
5Teacher Education Task Force1994
5Commonwealth of Massachusetts Approval1990-1994
5Co-operative Education Planning Proposaln.d.
5Correspondencen.d., 1962-1994
5Department of Curriculum and Instruction1974-1976
5-6Department of Foundations of Education (21 folders)1968-1977
6Educational Testing Service1976-1981, 1996
6Faculty Senate1978-1981, 1996
6-7Graduate School of Education (9 folders)n.d., 1964-1976
7Grants (4 folders)1966-1968
7Tenure and Promotion1991
7Academic Common Experience1996
7Advocates for a Common Experience1996
7College Council1991
7College of Education1969-1976
7“Professional Lights”1979
7Notes From Facultyn.d.
7Strategy Centers (5 folders)1981
7Strategic Planning (3 folders)1980
7Teaching Schedules1987-1997
7-8University Graduate Council (12 folders)1974-1985
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2. Programs, n.d., 1958-2000
Volume:2.75 cubic ft. (3 boxes)


This series documents the student programs and teaching activities of the School of Education. Records include course descriptions, student handbooks, program descriptions, and reports on a variety of subjects relating to education. Of particular interest are the program folios prepared for a 1995 review of the School of Education by the Massachusetts Department of Education.
8“Black History: A Test to Create Awareness and Arouse Interest”1974
8Class: “Teaching Children's Literature and the Arts”n.d.
8Co-op Placements1997
8Course Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1976-1994
8Course Offerings1998-2001
8Curriculum Planningn.d., 1985-1988
8Fellowships: Proposals1966
8Graduate Programs Report1995
8Doctoral Dissertation Proceduresn.d.
8Thesis / Project Guidelines1988
8In-Service Seminars1970
8Internship / Practicum in Educational Administrationn.d.
Massachusetts Department of Education Program Review
8Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics1995
8Early Childhood Education (Current Program)1995
8Early Childhood Education (New Program)1995
8Elementary Education (2 folders)1995
8Elementary Education (Current Program)1995
8Elementary Education (New Program)1995
8Elementary, Secondary, and Special Needs1995
8Health Education1995
8Middle and Secondary Education (3 folders)1995
8Programs Offered through the Department of Education1995
8School Guidance Counselor1995
8Teacher of Reading1995
8Teacher of Students with Special Needs1995
8Teacher of Students with Special Needs and Elementary Education1995
8Teacher of Students with Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders1995
8Newspaper Clippings on School of Education Activities1976-1977, 1996-1999
8-9Program Information (5 folders)n.d., 1958-1982
9General (3 folders)n.d., 1965-1972
9Arts and Humanities Interdisciplinary Major1990
9Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study for Teachers in Universities and Colleges1976-1977
9Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Computer Education1983
9Certificate Program in Substance Abuse1987
9Clinical Master's Degree in Elementary Education / Clinical Master's Degree in Secondary Education1993
9Community Mental Health Counseling197?
9Computer Education1983-1984
9Counseling Psychology1982
9Doctor of Education in Recreation Education n.d.
9Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology1985
9Doctor of Philosophy in Foundations of Educationn.d., 1965-1968
9Dual Majors199?
9Educational Administration1971
9Elementary and Early Childhood Education1994
9Elementary Educationn.d.
9Graduate Standard Certification in Elementary / Special Education1995
9Leadership: Administration and Supervision1972
9Master of Arts in Education1993
9Master of Arts in Teaching (2 folders)1993-1994
9Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction1994
9Master of Education in Secondary Educationn.d.
9Master of Science in Physical Therapy1979?
9Master of Science in Recreation, Sport, and Fitness Managementn.d., 1985
9Non-Degree Elementary / Secondary Certification1974
9Post-Master's Graduate Certificate in School Reform1997
9School Psychologist1973-1976
9Secondary Education Minor199?
9Secondary With Advanced Standingn.d.
9Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Major1990
9Special Educationn.d.
9Special Educator Options1974
9Speech Pathology and Audiologyn.d.
9Standard Certification in Middle / Secondary Level Subjects1995
9Teacher of Biology199?
9Teachers of English as a Second Language1983
9Undergraduate Part-Time (2 folders)n.d.
9University College Elementary / Secondary Teacher Certification1996
9Generaln.d., 1982-1986, 2000
9“A Comparative Study of Resident and Commuter First Year Students at a Large Urban University”1965
9“Contributions to the Boston Public Schools”1998-1999
9Department of Foundations of Education Annual Report1971
9“Effective Approaches to the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Public Offender”1966
9“Faculty Authors”1967-1976
9“Faculty Senate Evaluation”1994
9“Information Pertaining to the Growth and Development of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology”197?
9“Legislative Attitudes Towards Rehabilitation”n.d.
9“Proposed Regulations for Educator Licensure…”2000
9“Remedial / Compensatory Education at Northeastern”1981
9“School of Education First Annual Report”1999-2000
9“The Social Science Component in Professional Education”1967
10“Special Education Administration Evaluation”1980
10“Strategic Planning Report”1981
10“Summary of First Draft Strategic Plans”1981
10“Undergraduate Programs in Education”1984
10School Leadership Projectn.d.
10School Paraprofessional Training Manual198?
10Student Teacher Placementsn.d., 1971-1977
10Urban Schools Collaborative1990
10World History Resource Center2000
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