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Collection Overview
Title:United South End Settlements records
Date:1891-2010 (bulk 1980-2005)
Location Code:59/1-4, 60/4, 64/3, 55/4, 42/1, 118/3, FF5/D5, FF6/D9, RS11/S1, RS11/S3
Reference Code:M126
Extent:99.3 cubic ft. (95 boxes, 2 flat file drawers, and 2 rolled tubes)
Scope and Content Abstract:This collection documents the history of United South End Settlements prior to 1960, specifically the formation of the Federation of South End Settlements and the creation of the Children's Art Centre. Documentation includes the reasons for and actions taken by the head workers of the settlement houses and the Children's Art Centre to form the Federation of South End Settlements, as well as the purpose of establishing a children's museum in the South End. Records date from 1892-1963 and include minutes of the South End Planning Group, the minutes of the Federation's directors meetings, and correspondence to and from the South End Area Planning Group regarding the implications of the Community Fund survey and possible action plans. Records also include meeting minutes of the Museum Settlement Association, annual reports of the Children's Art Centre from 1922-1963; and the Children's Art Centre's annual report précises from 1915-1959; by-laws of Andover, Hale, and Lincoln houses; scrapbooks; and annual reports of the South End House. Records from 1960-2010 document United South End Settlement's efforts to provide safe, accessible spaces where residents of the South End and Lower Roxbury gathered for recreational, cultural, and educational activities. United South End Settlement's role in urban renewal and in developing housing and economic opportunities during the 1960s and 1970s is also documented. Topics covered are the history of settlement houses in Boston's South End, urban renewal, and non-profit social service delivery. In addition, oral histories of several residents provide the history and culture of the South End from the 1920-1990s, and the role of settlement houses, in particular the South End House, and United South End Settlements. Other topics documented include adult education and employment training, children's art education, community development, services to the elderly, residential and summer day camp programming, and minority artists. The collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals, grants and contracts, financial statements, budgets, audits, newspaper clippings, program descriptions, property descriptions, artwork, photographs and slides, scrapbooks, VHS and MiniDV cassettes, and DVDs.
Historical Abstract:United South End Settlements is a non-profit social service agency located in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts, whose mission is to foster well-being, nurture personal growth and development, build a sense of community, and maintain an environment where all can thrive. In 1950, five settlement houses (South End, Lincoln, Hale, Harriet Tubman, and Ellis Memorial) and the Children's Art Centre, agreed to share their resources and formed the Federation of South End Settlements. In 1960, Ellis Memorial left the group which was renamed the United South End Settlements.
Language and Scripts:English
System of Arrangement:Organized into seven series: 1. Pre-merger; 2. Governance; 3. Executive Staff; 4. Programs; 5. Development Office; 6. Business Office and Public Grants and Contracts; and 7. Audio-Visual and Memorabilia.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Crite, Allan Rohan, 1910-2007
  • Tubman, Harriet, 1820?-1913
  • Woods, Robert Archey, 1865-1925

  • Ammarell, Natalie
  • Brown, Kenneth
  • Cochrane, F. Douglas
  • Garcia, Frieda
  • Guadulesa
  • Knight, Lucy
  • Morton, Helen
  • Sears, John
  • Woods, Robert

  • Camp Hale
  • Federation of United South End Settlements
  • Hale House
  • Harriet Tubman House
  • Lincoln House
  • Federation of United South End Settlements
  • South End House
  • United South End Settlements

  • Adult education -- United States
  • African American women artists
  • Art Therapy -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Children's art -- United States -- Exhibitions
  • Community centers
  • Community centers -- Massachusetts -- Children and Youth
  • Community development -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Roxbury
  • Community development, Urban -- Massachusetts -- South End (Boston)
  • Community organization -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Development projects -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Roxbury / South End
  • Development projects -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Back Bay -- Issues
  • Employment training -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Literacy
  • Lodging-houses -- South End Settlements -- Massachusetts -- South End (Boston)
  • Minority artists -- United States
  • Neighborhood -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Neighborhood -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Relocation of Families and Individuals
  • Non-profit organizations -- Massachusetts -- South End (Boston)
  • Older people -- Education
  • Older people -- Recreation
  • Outdoor recreation -- Management
  • Recreation -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Children and Youth
  • Social Services -- Massachusetts -- Elderly
  • Social Services -- Massachusetts -- South End (Boston)
  • Social Settlements -- Massachusetts
  • Summer Jobs Programs -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Tenant's associations -- Massachusetts -- History
  • Vocational education -- Programs -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Urban Renewal -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History

Conditions Governing Access:Files containing client information are restricted for 75 years from the date of their creation. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.
Technical Access: The Archives does not have the equipment to view the 1" reel-to-reel films in Series 7. Audio-Visual and Memorabilia.
Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:Copyright restrictions may apply.
Related Archival Materials:

Helen Morton papers, 1920-1984, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.United South End Settlements records, 1892-1973, University of Minnesota Social Welfare History Archives.South End House, 1890-1950, Houghton Library, Harvard University.South End House Association records, 1909-1944. Simmons College Archives.The Archives and Special Collections Department capture the website content of the United South End Settlements, which is accessible at:*/

Processor: Finding aid prepared by Kimberly Reynolds and Archive Staff, February 16, 2007; updated by Migyeong Geum, November 2012; updated by Cheryl Ostrowski, January 2014; Andrew Begley, June 2015

Scope and Content Note

This collection documents the history of United South End Settlements prior to 1960, specifically the formation of the Federation of South End Settlements and the creation of the Children's Art Centre. Documentation includes the reasons for and actions taken by the head workers of the settlement houses and the Children's Art Centre to form the Federation of South End Settlements, as well as the purpose of establishing a children's museum in the South End. (Box 1). Records date from 1892-1963 and include the minutes of the South End Planning Group, the Federation's directors meetings, and correspondence to and from the South End Area Planning Group regarding the implications of the Community Fund survey and possible action plans (Boxes 1-2). Records also include meeting minutes of the Museum Settlement Association; annual reports of the Children's Art Centre from 1922-1963, and annual report précises from 1915-1959 (Box 1); by-laws of Andover, Hale, and Lincoln House; scrapbooks; and annual reports of the South End House (Boxes 1-2).

Records from 1960-2010 document United South End Settlement's efforts to provide safe, accessible spaces where residents of the South End and Lower Roxbury gathered for recreational, cultural, and educational activities. United South End settlements' role in urban renewal, particularly in the Castle Square area, and in developing economic opportunities during the 1960s and 1970s is also documented (Boxes 5-6, 58-59, 47, 64, and 76). Topics include the history of settlement houses in Boston's South End, urban renewal, housing and neighborhood development (Boxes 69-71, and 75) non-profit social service delivery. In addition, oral histories of several residents describing the history and culture of the South End from the 1920s-1990s, and the role of the settlement houses, in particular the South End House and United South End Settlements are also included (Box 79) and community organizing (Boxes 35, 39, 58, and 71). Other topics documented include adult education and employment training, children's art education, services to the elderly, the creation of a children's fine arts museum, residential and day camp programming, and minority artists and art exhibits. An extensive collection of images documents the South End neighborhood from 1900-1990s, including 20 Union Street and South Bay Union. Also included are photographs of programs, such as the Poland Springs Caddy Camp, flower delivery by children to neighborhood shut-ins (Boxes 78 and 82-83), and the summer camps at Wellesley, Massachusetts, Brenton Woods, New Hampshire, and Camp Hale, in Squam, New Hampshire (Boxes 82-83). The collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals, grants and contracts, financial statements, budgets, audits, newspaper clippings, program descriptions, property descriptions, artwork, photographs and slides, scrapbooks, VHS and MiniDV cassettes, and DVDs. Materials not found in the collection include the book, The Zone of Emergence, by Robert Woods and Albert Kennedy. This is, however, located in Snell's general stacks (LC HN80B7K4 1969). Also missing are Board of Directors meeting minutes for February 1961-November 1965, April 1966-December 1967, April 1971-November 1971, January and March December 1972, 1973, January September 1974, and December 1979.

Historical Note

In 1960, four settlement houses and a children's museum located in the South End of Boston merged to form the United South End Settlements. The history of these settlement houses dates back to 1891 when William J. Tucker, a professor at Andover Theological Seminary, established a men's residence called Andover House. The Headworker of Andover House was Robert Archey Woods, who changed its name to the South End House in 1895. The South End House was the first settlement house in Boston and the fourth one in the United States. Other settlement houses soon followed in the South End, among them were the Lincoln House in 1892, Hale House in 1895, and the Harriet Tubman House in 1904. The Children's Art Centre, which opened in 1918, evolved from meetings of the Museum Settlement Association.

These early settlement houses focused on improving housing, public health, and sanitation, developing day care programs that included medical care for children, and creating mental health programs. Settlement house residents established milk stations, public baths, dispensaries, and services, such as emergency loan and stamp savings programs. Recreational, educational, and cultural efforts included providing summer camp opportunities for South End children and building playgrounds. Nurseries were started as were specialized schools for industrial, vocational, and employment training for both women and men. Free concerts, art exhibitions, reading rooms, and a variety of social, drama, and literary clubs were also introduced into the neighborhood for people of all ages. In addition, these settlement houses worked to extend and develop cooperative programs with local organizations, including the Children's Aid Society, the Women's Educational and Industrial Union, the Massachusetts Civic League, and various trade unions.

In 1950, six settlement houses (South End, Lincoln, Hale, Harriet Tubman, Ellis Memorial and Eldridge) and the Children's Art Centre became the Federation of South End Settlements. The decision to federate was made as a result of the findings of United Community Services-Greater Boston Survey, which concluded that funding and other resources would go further if they were shared. The South End House acted as federation headquarters, and it continued as a residence for both staff and students. By the mid 1950's, programs and services included summer camps, an older adult program, and counseling and referrals for new immigrants. English and Spanish classes were also offered. The mid 1950s, however, was a turning point for the South End. The City of Boston had begun its massive urban renewal project in the neighborhood, which included the destruction of Hale House. Subsequently, urban renewal became the foundation of all long range planning, while existing programs were integrated throughout the remaining houses.

In January of 1960, four of the six settlement houses, with Ellis Memorial and Eldridge opting out, incorporated into the United South End Settlements under the provisions of a Massachusetts legislative act. At the end of 1959, the Boston Redevelopment Authority had announced its plans to raze the Castle Square area, where Lincoln House was located, and to relocate the 644 resident families and individuals out of the area, presenting United South End Settlements with its first challenge. Between 1962 and 1963, United South End Settlements organized meetings with community members and successfully relocated 90 percent of Castle Square residents to safe, standard housing, assisting some in purchasing of their first homes.

In 1964, the South End community successfully challenged the Boston Redevelopment Authority's plan for the Castle Square area. Boston Redevelopment Authority's initial proposal allotted only one-third of the area for residential use. With the help of United South End Settlements, residents pressured the Boston Redevelopment Authority to double that amount. The second redevelopment plan created 540 units of low-cost housing, including 90 for the elderly. The defeat of the Boston Redevelopment Authority's urban renewal plan was only one example of the increased community activism of South End residents during that time. Between 1959 and 1964, United South End Settlements played an integral role in developing a wide variety of neighborhood associations, including the South End Rehabilitation and Conservation Committee.

Since its inception, United South End Settlements has been an active participant in the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the South End, taking part in all phases of the process from planning to execution. In the early 1960s, United South End Settlements crafted a long-range plan for developing the area that articulated short-and long-range goals for the neighborhood. This led to the formation of a new organization, Action for Boston Community Development, which was created specifically to address the social aspects of urban renewal. In 1964, United South End Settlements was awarded a federal grant to develop more effective ways to provide low-income housing. That same year United South End Settlements helped form South End Community Development, Inc., a non-profit corporation created specifically to acquire and develop low-cost housing. By 1966, United South End Settlements was handling all relocation for South End urban renewal.

Prior to 1975, programs and services were administered from several different locations throughout the South End: the Cathedral Housing Project, 48 Rutland Street (South End House), 20 Union Park, and Hale House, but once United South End Settlements incorporated, plans to create a central facility began to evolve. In 1975, the New Harriet Tubman House opened as the headquarters of United South End Settlements and the Older Adult Program. The building, however, was also designed to function as a community center and an art gallery, and it houses the Harriet Tubman Resource Center, which contained books, correspondence, articles, and audio visual material about the life of Harriet Tubman. The Gallery displays artwork by minorities and features multi-media presentations. Artists such as, Allan Crite, Paul Goodnight, Lou Jones, and Anne McQueen have exhibited at the Harriet Tubman Gallery. Artwork produced by students in the Children's Art Centre and students in the Teen Portfolio class have also been exhibited.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, United South End Settlements also developed new programs and services including the Furniture Store, where South End residents could buy used furniture and house hold items; the Community Services Center, which offered a wide variety of services to families, such as home management and budget counseling; and the Chinese Youth Services Program, which focused on the needs of newly arrived immigrants, such as family and individual counseling, and educational and cultural workshops. Programs and services offered to adults were career counseling, vocational workshops, and employment training. Children, youth, and young adult programming included the Cooperative Economic Development Youth Program featuring training; education and career orientation; residential and day camps for both boys and girls; day care and after school programs; classes at Children's Art Centre; and a food service training program. The Local Development of the South End, Inc. was established to assist minorities with small business startup, and the Neighborhood Revitalization / Economic Development Program instituted a revolving loan equity fund for businesses in the South End and Lower Roxbury. The Older Adult Program, with its component Mobile Services Unit, assured that seniors and shut-ins had access to transportation, hot lunches, and recreational and social activities.

In addition to these programs, United South End Settlements also created the Manpower Advocacy Program, which sponsored legislation to improve the status of the under-employed and worked with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Association to increase transportation and to improve working conditions by signing Boston's first affirmative action program. United South End Settlements also provided services to the Cathedral Housing Development, including the Family Life Education and Counseling Program where staff assisted in organizing tenants, offered counseling to families and individuals, made home visits, and worked with high school students on desegregation issues. In addition, the Cathedral Security Program was initiated to improve the resident's quality of life by reducing crime through police-community cooperation, improved safety measures, and education.

Programs developed in the 1980s and 1990s focused on employment training and education, vocational education, adult literacy, computer literacy, and cultural enrichment. In 1983, United South End Settlements created the Employment, Training, and Education Department to help adults acquire the skills to enable them to compete in the work force. Programs included GED preparation, adult basic education, and employment training. Along with math, reading, and writing, cultural offerings and prevocational workshops were part of the curriculum. The Computer Clubhouse, organized in 1995, offered classes in computer design, programming, technological invention. Cultural programming consisted of art exhibits and performing artists shows at the Harriet Tubman Gallery and classes in the Children's Art Centre. Teen programs included summer internships in Boston's museums and theaters, providing teens with opportunities to explore the arts. The Teen Portfolio program helped students to develop art portfolios and to apply to art schools.

Through the Housing and Neighborhood Development Program, United South End Settlements continued to provide affordable housing and hold classes in tenant rights education. Senior Home Repair helped homeowners keep their property well maintained, and the Housing Counseling Program matched tenants with affordable housing and encouraged homeownership. United South End Settlements continued to provide child care through its Family Support Program, which offered preschool classes, such as recreational, art and cultural, and music. After school activities included arts, occupational therapy, and tutoring. The Family Support Program also featured a summer day camp program for both boys and girls.

In 1988, a consultant's report on the Youth Resource Center indicated that United South End Settlements needed a more family-oriented service delivery approach. The report was the impetus behind the plans for a Family and Children's Center. Severe cutbacks in public contracts and staff reductions, however, made it impossible for United South End Settlements to build the Center. In 1990, the Family and Children's Center Committee was organized instead to examine the ways in which United South End Settlements could improve its service delivery. In 1992, the report Toward A New Definition of United South End Settlements was released, suggesting that United South End Settlements should involve clients, staff, and board in the decision-making process thereby redefining its role as a service provider. Another recommendation was for United South End Settlements to reconnect with the South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods by reaching out to the community and being more open to community involvement. Beginning in 1993, United South End Settlements began the work of reshaping and redefining itself into a more family-oriented rather than a service oriented organization - one that would meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The 2000's saw new programs and new collaborations at United South End Settlements. The Arts Incentive Program (AIP) found a new home at USES in 2003 after its founding at McLean Hospital in 1996. AIP was a clinically informed, arts-based, youth and community development program working with high-risk girls ages eleven to nineteen. The program aimed to help young people be successful in all areas of their lives through skill-building in the arts, arts-based mentorship, art-making, performance, and exhibition of their work.

In 2009, through partnerships with the Boston Public Schools' Boston Family Engagement Network and Thrive in 5, United South End Settlements began serving as the hub agency for family engagement and school-readiness in the South End and Lower Roxbury. The Thrive in 5 program focuses on family engagement through parent leadership, improving quality in early education and care, and empowering families, organizations and communities through child development data.

In 2015, United South End Settlements offers a broad spectrum of programs and services to South End / Lower Roxbury residents of all ages. At the South End Center for Adult Education, classes from business to sewing and events, such as book discussions, author talks, and workshops are offered. Technology education and free computer access are available at the Timothy Smith Computer Learning Center. Art instruction at the Children's Art Centre reflects the Boston Public Schools' curriculum standards in the visual and performing arts through a wide variety of programs, including pre and after-school arts programs, classes for children and families, and the Teen Portfolio program. United South End Settlements' Senior Services Program (formerly the Older Adults Program) offers senior home repair, benefits advocacy, and hot lunch programs together with social and recreational activities including jazzercise, computer classes, and special field trip. Camp Hale continues to offer boys the experience of living outdoors for two weeks during the summer and other summer camp programs are as varied as computer camp and day camp for both boys and girls.

1891Men's residence on 6 Rollins Street in the South End is founded by Prof. William J. Tucker.
1892Andover House opens on 6 Rollins Street with Robert Woods as Head Resident.Lincoln House begins as the "Lincoln Club", a club for boys located in various South End buildings.
1895Andover House changes its name to South End House.Hale House opens in the South End.
1897 South End House incorporates.
1899 South End Social Union is formed to coordinate services in the South End.
1900Camp Hale property is donated.South End Social Union opens and brings together 10 other community agencies for cooperative action. This is the first such organization in the United States.
1901 South End House moves to 20 Union Park.Camp Hale for boys opens.
1904Harriet Tubman House opens at 25 Holyoke Street.Model rooming house opens at 34 Rutland Street.
1905First inter-racial gatherings in Boston began in the South End as a result of studies done by residents of South End House.
1906Harriet Tubman house is incorporated.
1908 South Bay Union opens on 611 Harrison Avenue.Boston Social Union, a federation of 16 settlements and neighborhood centers in the South End, the North End, and the West End, is organized.
1910South End House helps to create the South End Music School.
1913Well Baby Clinic is established at South Bay Union.Women's residence opens on 47 East Canton Street.
1915 South End House co-sponsors the first Montessori School in Boston.First meeting of the Settlements Museum Association is held.
1917 Settlements Museum Association leases building from the South End.Music School opens on 36 Rutland Street.
1918Children's Art Centre opens.48 Rutland Street becomes home to programs for the elderly and a nursery school.
1920East Canton Street Women's Residence closes. Residents move to 40 West Newton Street.Harriet Tubman House opens new residence at 27 Holyoke Street.
1925 40 West Newton Street residence closes. 20 Union Park opens to both men and women. 24 Union Park is purchased.
1927Hale and Lincoln houses form partial merger.
193048 Rutland Street is purchased.South End Joint Planning Council is formed.
1934Housing exhibition is held on 48 Rutland Street.Housing Consultation Bureau is established to give advice on rehabilitation efforts.
1941Harriet Tubman House opens a nursery school, so mothers can join the labor force.
1949 Greater Boston Community Survey publishes its two-year survey of settlement houses in the South End.The Children's Art Center, Ellis Memorial, and the Hale, Lincoln, South End, and Harriet Tubman houses form the South End Area Planning Group to study the survey.Construction on first public housing development begins in South End.
1951The Children's Art Center, Ellis Memorial, and the Hale Lincoln, South End, and Harriet Tubman houses merge to become the Federation of South End Settlements.
1954 City of Boston launches citywide Neighborhood Rehabilitation and Conservation Program, which introduces the concept of urban renewal.Ellis Memorial withdraws from federation.Hale House is demolished.South End Planning Council and the South End Rehabilitation and Conservation Committee are formed.
1958 The South End Rehabilitation and Conservation Committee begins developing long range urban renewal master plan for South End.
1959 Boston Redevelopment Authority announces plan to demolish Castle Square area where Lincoln House is located.Federation of South End Settlements facilitates community meetings to learn about the Boston Redevelopment Authority's proposal.
1960 Federation of South End Settlements incorporates and becomes United South EndSettlements United South End Settlements.United South End Settlements and the Boston Housing Authority establish the Community Services Center.Lincoln House closes due to urban renewal.South End Renewal Committee is established.
1961United South End Settlements begins its Community Organizing Department with the Boston Housing Authority and the University of Massachusetts / Boston.South End Urban Renewal Committee is organized. Stone Library opens at 20 Union Park.
1962 United South End Settlements contracts with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to relocate 644 families in the Castle Square area.
1963Lincoln House is acquired by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to become Castle Square relocation office. United South End Settlements oversees operation. The Youth Opportunity Center opens at 48 Rutland Street.
1964 United South End Settlements Executive Director Charles Liddell and other community leaders begin Action for Boston Community Development to address social dimensions of urban renewal.South End Community Development is formed for the purpose of acquiring, rehabilitating, and making available affordable housing.O'Day Playground opens.South End Urban Renewal Committee is formed and staffed by United South End Settlements.Shawmut Neighborhood Center, the first multi-service center in Boston, is formed.
1965 City of Boston approves the Boston Redevelopment Authority's South End Urban Renewal Plan.
1966 United South End Settlements establishes five urban renewal service programs.United South End Settlements named by Boston Redevelopment Authority to facilitate South End relocation services.
1967South End House resident program ends.United South End Settlements promotes construction of new affordable housing in South End. Tenant Development Council is created.
1968Boston Housing Authority announces it will stop tearing down homes in the South End.Sit down strike lead by the Community Assembly for a United South End is held at 20 Union Park. Protesters demand United South End Settlements cease relocating residents for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. United South End Settlements does not renew contract.Emergency Tenant's Council of Parcel 19, Inc. is named sponsor-developer of Parcel 19 in the South End by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.
1969 United South End Settlements begins building program in which five of its six centers will be torn down and replaced with three new centers.
1971 Construction begins for new Harriet Tubman House.United South End Settlements establishes the Furniture Store.Local Development of the South End, Inc. is organized.Southwest Corridor Highway is opposed by South End residents.
1973Local Development of South End, Inc. is formalized.
1974 United South End Settlements Board of Directors votes to support Judge Garrity's decision to desegregate Boston schools.
1975The new Harriet Tubman House is completed and becomes United South End Settlements' headquarters.Chinese Youth Essential Services program begins.
1976 United South End Settlements' Manpower Advocacy Staff is first to sign affirmative action program in Boston.
1977 The old Harriet Tubman house is sold.
1979 The Harriet Tubman Gallery opens.
1983United South End Settlements' staff develops 80 units of subsidized housing on East Canton Street.
1985United South End Settlements and the South End Neighborhood Action Program ensure that two-thirds of new housing in the South End is allocated to low and moderate income families.
1990United South End Settlements begins plans to develop the Family and Children's Center.
1992 United South End Settlements celebrates centennial anniversary.
1993Children's Art Centre closes.United South End Settlements begins strategic plan to become a 21st century settlement house.
1998 Children's Art Centre reopens.
2001Camp Hale celebrates 100th anniversary.
2009Through partnerships with the Boston Public Schools' Boston Family Engagement Network and Thrive in 5, United South End Settlements begins serving as the hub agency for family engagement and school-readiness in the South End and Lower Roxbury.
Chronologyof Executive Staff
1950-1957Charles Ernst, Executive Director, Federation of South End Settlements
1957-1960Charles Liddell, Executive Director, Federation of South End Settlements
1960-1967Charles Liddell, Executive Director, United South End Settlements
1967-1981Kenneth Brown, Executive Director
1981-2001Frieda Garcia, Executive Director; Samia Hakim, Executive Assistant
1982-1986Robert Thornell, Deputy Director
1989-1992Kenneth Wade, Deputy Director of Programs
1989-1992Kevin Hepner, Deputy Director of Administration
Jun 2001Kevin Hepner, Vice President for Administration and Finance
2001- Jul 2003Sandra Furey Gaither, Executive Director
Jul 2003-Feb 2004Ashley McCumber, Interim President
Mar 2004-Dec 2007Ashley McCumber, President / CEO
Jan 2008- Jun 2014Kevin Hepner, President / CEO
Feb 2015-Maicharia Z. Weir Lytle, President / CEO

Albert Boer, The Development of USES: a Chronology of the South End Settlements, 1891-1966. (Box 64).

Board of Directors Minutes (Boxes 2-6).

Lucy Knight, United South End Settlements Timeline, 1957-1981 (Box 24, Folder 45).

Lisa S. Fliegel, 'I Love Ballet:' Arts Incentives for Adolescent Health and Community Development. New Directions for Youth Development 106 (2005): 49-60. Accessed June 19, 2015. doi: 10.1002/yd.118.

South End Historical Society Newsletter, vol. 30, no. 1, 1997 (Box 25).

United South End Settlements, website, Accessed June, 2015.

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1. Pre-Merger, 1891-1963
Volume:2 cubic ft.


This series documents the history of the settlements before they merged to become United South End Settlements. Documentation includes the actions taken by the South End Area Planning Group, which consisted of the South End, Hale, Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman Houses, and Ellis and Morgan Memorial, in response to the Community to the Community Fund survey; the subsequent formation of the Federation of South End Settlements in 1950; and the incorporation of South End, Hale, Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman Houses, and the Children's Art Centre in 1960. Also documented are the creation of the Children's Art Centre, its programs, activities, and exhibitions from 1915-1963; and the purpose and creation of the Andover House Association in 1891, its residents, and its four years of activity before being renamed the South End House. In addition this series contains a history of the South End House, its programs, committees, activities, and role in the community from 1895-1959; and histories of Hale, Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman houses; and early references to urban renewal in the South End.

Records include annual reports of the Children's Art Centre from 1922-1963; annual reports of the Andover House Association from 1891-1894; South End House annual reports from 1892-1907 (reports for 1943-1950 are missing); the 25th anniversary report for years 1891-1917, the 30th anniversary report for years 1892-1922, and the 50th anniversary report for years 1891-1942. Minutes of the Federation's directors, South End Planning Group, and Boston Social Union meetings are also included. In addition, the series contains reports from the South End Area Planning Committee regarding the programs and services of the individual settlement houses and their consolidation; the Community Fund survey; by-laws of Andover, Hale, Lincoln, and South End houses; and budgets and treasurer's reports. Also included is correspondence to and from the settlement house directors and members of the Board of Directors regarding the consolidation, and Federation of South End Settlement newsletters. Articles and reports contain information on the settlement house movement, urban renewal, the South End, and the Children's Art Center.

Of special interest are the minutes of the South End Planning Group, which describe the programs and activities of all the houses and contain discussions regarding consolidation (Box 1); responses and correspondence by the settlement houses to the Community Fund survey (Box 1); and the manuscript and research notes for The Zone of Emergence, Robert Woods' and Albert Kennedy's only book about Boston's neighborhoods (Box 2). Also of special interest are the South End House reports from 1982-1907 written by Robert Woods, which provide a thorough but concise history of the South End House. Included with these reports are the Andover House reports from 1891-1894 written by William J. Tucker (Box 2).

Also of note are the correspondence regarding the international exhibition of the art work from Children's Art Centre (Box 1); correspondence between Robert Woods and Ester Barrow (Box 2), in which they discuss Miss Barrows returning to the South End House as Head Worker; correspondence from Maria Chapman Weston regarding Harriet Tubman (Box 1); and the correspondence between Eleanor Woods and Charles Ernst in which they discuss the history and the future of the South End House (Box 2). The material documenting the dedication of the Stone Family Library (Box 2), explaining the relationship between the Woods and the Stones and giving a history of the South End House (Box 2), as well as the speech given by William Cole in memory of Robert Woods are also of interest (Box 2).

In addition, there are three scrapbooks in this series. The first is a scrapbook of the Chester Park Neighborhood Association (Box 1), which was established by the South End Planning Council and active in the South End during the 1950s. The second scrapbook contains newspaper clippings from 1910-1931 and provides information about the South End House's programs and activities; some of this information nor found in other parts of the collection. The third scrapbook is of photographs of early South End House programs that were administered out of the South Bay Union and the 48 Rutland Street centers, including kindergarten classes, May Day celebrations, the roof garden, and flower delivery. Also included are photographs from the summer camp in Wellesley and Bristol Farms (Box 1). The original scrapbook was photocopied to preserve the arrangement; actual photographs are located in Series 7, Audio-visual and Memorabilia.
Andover House Association
1City Face-Lifting for Industry1953
1The City and its Local Community Life1917
1Boston Children's Friend Society 1878, 1917, 1927
1Boston Settlement Houses Chronologyn.d.
1Boston Social Union (5 folders)1909, 1925-1927, 1951-1952
Children's Art Centre
125th Anniversary RSVPs (2 folders)1943
1Annual Report Précises1915-1959
1Annual Reports (4 folders)1922-1963
1The Children's Art Centre1918
1The Children's Art Centre of the Settlement Museum Associationn.d.
1Their Own Art Mission1930
1Why I Illustrate the Spirituals"1938
The Young Child in the Museum1936
1Brochures and Flyern.d., 1920, 1953
1Brookline Civic Society Address1919
1Chronology n.d.
1Committee Meeting Minutes1922
1Exhibits (9 folders)1934-1961
1Development (2 folders)n.d., 1923?
1Exhibit Locations1955
1Auditor's Reports1922-1930, 1950-1956
1Statements1921, 1951-1953
1, 85Treasurer's Reports (2 folders)1941-1958
1History (2 folders)n.d., 1918, 1959
1Music School Real Estate Transaction Memo1946
1Newspaper Clippings (3 folders)n.d., 1918-1953
1Publicity (3 folders)n.d., 1919-1920, 1940
1Community Fund Survey Responses1948-1949
Community Organization in Citizen Participation for Urban Renewal
1Springfield, Massachusetts Project Proposaln.d.
1Jane Addams1910
1Ellen Blood1945
1Maria Weston Chapman1859
1Charles Ernst1949-1952
1Eugene Foss: concerning Robert Woodsn.d.
1Sam Bass Warner, Jr.1959
1Eleanor Woods (2 folders)n.d., 1901, 1951-1957
Federation of South End Settlements
1Administrative Practices1958
1Centralization of Accounting: Proposed Plann.d.
1Conference: Purposes and Function1958
85Consolidation Meeting: Minutes1959
FF6/D9Corporation Charter1959
1Director's Meeting: Minutes1958-1959
1First Annual Meeting (3 folders)n.d., 1954-1956
1Newspaper Clippings1951
1Personnel Practices: Proposal1959
Planning Committee Reports
1Children's Art Centre1949
1Community Organization Plann.d.
1Ellis Memorialn.d., 1949
1Hale Housen.d.
1Harriet Tubman House, Inc.n.d.
1Lincoln House1949-1950
1Membership Count1945-1946
1Morgan Memorialn.d.
1Neighborhood Rehabilitation and Conservation1955
1Wells Memorial Institute1945
1Planning and Development1951
1Retirement Plan Proposal1958-1959
1South End Area Planning Group (5 folders)n.d., 1949-1960
1Staff Meeting: Minutes1953-1959
1Student Residents' Orientation: Meeting Minutes1959
1, 85Greater Boston Community Fund: Budgets (2 folders)1946-1950
Hale House
1Annual Report1905
1Board of Director's Vote1950
Harriet Tubman House
136th Annual Report1940
150th Anniversary Founders Program1954
1A.C. Braxton: Correspondence1936
1Founders' Week Invitation1956
Lincoln House
1A Brother's Memory of a Brother by Charles H. Brent1903
1Archbishop Williams' Visit: Notes1900
1Frederick B. Taylor1949
1Louis Harding Williams1900
1Policy in Politics: Memo1909
1Remarks to Lincoln House Workers by William A. Clark1905
1Treasurer's Report1919
1Metropolitan Boston Housing Services Needs n.d.
1Hi-Neighbor 1944
1South Bay Leader 1940-1942
1Housing Association of Metropolitan Boston: A Community Housing Program1954
1Humanitarianism in Search of a Method: The Settlement House as a Solution to the Problems of the City Slum1959
1Neighborhood Associations in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville1955
1The Problems of Older People Living in a Crowded and Blighted Area of the City of Boston1959
1Urban Renewal and What Settlements Can Don.d.
1Warren Area Exterior Survey, Question #111956
1Chester Park Neighborhood Association, vols. 1 & 2 (2 folders)1951-1952
1Newspaper clippingsn.d., 1928-1945
1Settlement Conference: St. Louis, Missouri 1956
1Settlement Museum Association: Minutes1915
1South Bay Union Open House Invitation1945
1The South End Almanac1924
1South End Century Newspaper 1950
South End House
125th Anniversary Fund1916-1917
130 Year Report1922
250th Anniversaryn.d., 1896
2Annual Reports1892-1907, 1930, 1938
2Boston's Skid Row Responsen.d., 1949
2Twenty-Five Years of the South End House1917
2Twenty-Five Years 'In Residence'1917
2Book Collectionn.d.
2History (2 folders)1891-1959
2Newspaper Clippings1953
2Program Informationn.d.
2The Utilization of South End House in the Coordination of Social Work Research1952
2South End House and its Neighborhood: Booklet 1930
2Stone Library Dedication1958-1961
2Summer Camp Descriptionn.d.
2Sunday Assemblies1951
2South End Statistics n.d., 1950
2United Settlements of Greater Boston: 60 Year Anniversary1947
2Urban Renewal: Brochuren.d.
2Eleanor Woods: Obituary1957
Robert A. Woods
2Activities and Publicationsn.d.
2Address by William Cole1925
2Ethical Construction as Preparation for Ethical Instruction1907
2The Neighborhood in Social Reconstruction1914
2Obituaryn.d., 1955
2Remembrance by Eleanor Woodsn.d.
2University Settlements as Laboratories in Social Sciencen.d.
2Zone of Emergence: Research Materials and Manuscriptn.d.
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2. Governance, 1961-2008
Volume:6.3 cubic ft.


This series documents the activities of the Board of Directors and its committees working together with Executive Director's office to set goals, objectives, and policies. Also documented is United South End Settlement's role in urban renewal in the South End; community organization; the planning, and building of the new Harriet Tubman House; and the histories of such organizations as the South End Development Corporation and Action for Boston Community Development. The activities of the Board's committees, particularly the Executive, Budget Review, Strategic Planning, and Nominating committees, are also documented. This series consists of annual reports, and Board of Directors, Board committees, and special board meeting minutes. The annual reports document the agency's programs, funding, fundraising, special events, and future plans. Annual reports are missing for the years 1984-1987 and 1991-1992 and 2001-2006.

Board records include by-laws; agendas and minutes of monthly, special, and annual meetings; and agendas and minutes of the standing committees. Also included is correspondence to and from board members, executive directors, funders, outside organizations, and local government officials. Reports by the executive director concerning the status of all programs, development activities, staff changes, and facilities; and reports from the Castle Square Demonstration project, program descriptions, and personnel manuals are also included. Board of Directors minutes date from 1961-1999. Missing from the collection are Board of Directors meeting minutes for Feb 1961-Nov 1965, Apr 1966-Dec 1967, Apr 1971-Nov 1971, Jan and Mar-December 1972, 1973, Jan-Sept 1974, and Dec 1979.

Of special interest is the lawsuit by the Community Assembly for a United South End filed by Mel King, which sought to prohibit United South End Settlements' collaboration with the Boston Redevelopment Authority during urban renewal (Box 6); and F. Douglas Cochrane's correspondence for its background information on United South End Settlements from 1963-1970. Correspondents include Charles Liddell, Henry Newell, Frederick Taylor, and Kenneth Brown

(Box 6). Also of interest are reports submitted to United Community Services (United Way) from 1961-1969. These reports contain information on programs, activities, services, and statistics provided by the individual facilities that comprised the United South End Settlements prior to the new Harriet Tubman House (the Children's Art Center, South Bay Union, Harriet Tubman and Lincoln houses, 48 Rutland, 20 Union Park, the Shawmut Neighborhood Center, and the Community Services Center) (Box 6). These are the only records in the collection that document the activities of the individual centers. Also of special interest is the Castle Square Demonstration project final report, which describes the efforts on behalf of United South End Settlements during urban renewal to relocate families living in that area (Box 6).
2 Annual Reports (3 folders)n.d., 1971-2002
Board of Directors
2Annual Meetings Minutes (2 folders)1965-2006
2Development and Planning (3 folders)1991
2Meeting Attendance 1961-1999
2-5, 87Minutes (79 folders)1961-2008
5Retreats (2 folders)n.d., 1989, 1996
5Budget Request1975-1976
5By-lawsn.d., 1981, 1992
5Capital Budget1984-1988
5General (3 folders)1969-1999
5Membership Lists1977-2005
5, 88Minutes (45 folders)1967-2008
6Nominating and Board Development Assessments and Evaluations1999
6Strategic Planning1992
6Corporate Membership Data1987
6Kenneth L. Brownn.d., 1969, 1976
6F. Douglas Cochrane (4 folders)1962-1970
6Legal (2 folders)1983-1989
6Charles Liddell: Resignation Announcement1967
6John Sears (2 folders)1969-1993
6Direction Statements1968-1979
6Draft Mission Statementc. 1993
6Elders at Risk Appeal1990
6Executive Director's Year End Reports1981-1999
6, 85Facilities (10 folders)1960-1988
6Feasibility Study1999
6, FF6/D9General1968-1993, 2006
6Budget 2007
6, 85, 88Statements (4 folders) 1975-2007
6Goals: Long and Short Term 1976
89, FF5/D5Newspaper Clippingsn.d., 1992-1994
6Organization of Program Centers and Administration1968-1969
6Organizational and Board Renewal Retreat 1991
6Personnel Manuals and Policies (3 folders)n.d., 1989-1990
6President's Reports (2 folders)1992-2001
6Public Charities Information1977-1978
Reports 1961-2006
6Adult Basic Education2006
6Analysis of Selected Program Factors in Boston's South End1972
6Castle Square Demonstration Project1969
6Program Committee1998
86State of United South End Settlements2007
6Transition Planning2000
6United Community Services1961-1969
6United South End Lower Roxbury Development Corporation1988
6United South End Settlements vs. Community Assembly for a Unified South End1968
FF6/D9USES Mission Plottingn.d.
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3. Executive Staff, 1961-2008 (1980-2006)
Volume:35.5 cubic ft.

Chronological by staff member tenure (except for Kevin Hepner who became the President/CEO in 2008); alphabetical within subseries: A. Charles Liddell; B. Kenneth Brown; C. Frieda Garcia; D. Samia Hakim; E. Robert Thornell; F. Kenneth Wade; G. Kevin Hepner; H. Sandra Furey Gaither; and I. Ashley McCumber.

This series documents the activities of United South End Settlement's executive staff, including project and program development, implementation and oversight of internal management systems, fundraising and resource development, external relations, strategic planning, community development, organizational restructuring, facilities management, and arts and cultural programming. Also documented are tenant organization, urban renewal, and United South End Settlements' relationship with the South End / Lower Roxbury neighborhood.

Records include agendas; budgets; grants and contracts; correspondence to and from the executive staff, funders, outside organizations, program directors, and board members; and reports concerning United South End Settlements program planning, fundraising efforts, facilities development, and long range planning. Also included are job descriptions, staff lists, staff meeting minutes, organizational charts, personnel policies, and program progress reports. Located throughout this series are program descriptions, progress reports, and grant proposals and contracts. See Series 4, Development Office and Series 6, Business Office and Public Grants and Contracts, for complete grant and contract information. See Series 5, Programs, for program descriptions.

A. Charles Liddell (0.1 cubic ft.), 1964-1969.

B. Kenneth Brown (1.3 cubic ft.), 1967-1982, includes correspondence to and from the Board of Directors, staff, funders, and outside organizations; budgets; meeting minutes of Local Development of the South End, Inc.; and Boston Settlement Executives meeting minutes.

C. Frieda Garcia (30 cubic ft.), 1961-2005, includes strategic planning reports; meeting minutes, notes, correspondence; and reports from consultants Natalie Ammarell and Lucy Knight. Minutes of United South End Settlements staff and committees, including Program Directors and Coordinators, Core and Management teams, and Strategic Planning; and minutes of the Board of Directors and its committees, including Executive, Strategic Planning, Development, and Program are also included. The Board of Directors and committee minutes were annotated by Frieda Garcia. Board of Directors meeting minutes date from 1980-2000, although not complete. Committee meeting minutes date from 1980-2000. Records also include correspondence to and from Helen Morton and Henry Newell; government officials, including Senators Edward Brooke, Edward Kennedy and John Kerry; funders; the Board of Directors; and program directors. Histories of United South End Settlements and the settlement house movement in Boston; program development and progress reports; and grant awards are also included. Newsletters and program information from local outside organizations, such as Casa Myrna Vasquez, the Helen Morton Family Care Center, Inc., Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, Inc., the Lower Roxbury Tenant's Association, and the Tenant's Development Corporation provide local context. Reports concerning educational, employment, and health concerns of the South End also provide local context. Reports from national organizations such as the United Neighborhood Centers of America and the Neighborhood Youth Forum were providing historical context. Records from the Massachusetts Association of Settlement Houses, which include meeting minutes, brochures, correspondence to and from settlement house directors, and special events, are also included. Newspaper clippings cover the unveiling of the Emancipation sculpture, the dedication of Harriet Tubman Park, programs, events, and the history of United South End Settlements and people involved with it, such as Helen Morton and Allan Crite.

This subseries also documents the organizations and activities Frieda Garcia was involved with outside of United South End Settlements, such as the Boston Foundation, Boston Panel of Agency Executives, the South End / Lower Roxbury Development Corporation, and the Private Industry Council. Records include meeting minutes, correspondence, speeches, and awards presented to her by various organizations, such as the Boston Foundation.

D. Samia Hakim (2 cubic ft.), 1991-2007, includes Board of Directors and Audit, Executive, and Finance committee minutes that were annotations made by Samia Hakim.

E. Robert Thornell (1 cubic ft.), 1976-1986, includes licenses, agreements, program reports, some of which relate to Camp Ponkapoag, and grants and contracts.

F. Kenneth Wade (1 cubic ft.), 1979-1992, includes the documentation of Boston City Landwide Trust which was started by United South End Settlements in 1986 to develop affordable housing throughout the city and included organizations such as, Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, Boston Aging Concerns, Nuestra Communidad, Allston / Brighton and Fenway Community Development Centers, and Jamaica Plane Neighborhood Development Center.

G. Kevin Hepner (4.5 cubic ft.), 1983-2008, Core Team meeting minutes from 1993-2000. These minutes contain information on planning the Family and Children Center, and planning for United South End Settlements in the 21st century.

H. Sandra Furey Gaither (0.2 cubic ft.), 2001-2003, includes the documents relating to the Timothy Smith Center Re-funding.

I. Ashely McCumber (0.2 cubic ft.), 2004-2007

Of interest are records regarding Boston City Landwide Trust (Box 40), and Natalie Ammarell's consultant records, which provide detailed explanations about program planning, fundraising strategies, and department reorganization (Box 15). Also of interest are the histories of United South End Settlements and the settlement house movement in Boston (Box 36) and Charles Liddell's remarks, "The Fifties-A Decade of Change and Consolidations" for its background information on the Federation of South End Settlements and urban renewal in the South End (Box 6). In addition, the records documenting the planning of the Harriet Tubman Park is of special interest (Box 9). Also of interest are the 1982 minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee, which provide a good background of the conditions of both United South End Settlements and the South End during a pivotal time (Box 18); newspaper clippings relating to United South End Settlement's programs, services, and cultural events (Box 25); and the Massachusetts Association of Settlement Houses files, which provide information on settlement houses throughout the state (Box 35).
A. Charles Liddell
6Boston Housing Authority Agreement1964-1969
6The Fifties-A Decade of Change and Consolidations Remarks1982?
B. Kenneth Brown
6Budget (2 folders)n.d., 1971-1977
6Facilities (3 folders)1975-1979
6-7Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1978-1980
7Press Releases1979-1980
7Reports (5 folders)1978
7Staff (5 folders)n.d., 1971-1982
7Camp Hale 1970
Development Office
7Correspondence (2 folders)1978-1981
7Fundraisingn.d., 1975-1979
7Grant Awards1974-1980
7Facts about United South End Settlements1975
7Harriet Tubman House: Dedication1976
7Newspaper Clippings (2 folders)1967
Public Grants and Contracts
7City of Boston: Youth Activities Commission1974
7Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education: Adult Basic Education1978
7National Coalition for Youth: Proposal1980
7United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: Proposal 1976
7South End Sophistication 1977?
C. Frieda Garcia
721st Century Settlement House n.d., 1999-2000
7Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity: Policies1975-1983
7Agreements (11 folders)n.d., 1981-1995
7Audit (2 folders)1980-1982
7Boston Landmarks Commission1984
7-8Budget (14 folders)1983-2002
8Business Office (5 folders)1982-1985
8Capital Improvementn.d., 1981-1984
8Administrative / Management1992-1995
8Coordinators (2 folders)1984-1988
8Core Team (8 folders)1998-2000
8Diversity (2 folders)1993-1994
9Executive Team (4 folders)1983-1990
9Family and Children's Center Planning Group (4 folders)1990-1992
9Harriet Tubman Park 2000
9Long Range Planning (6 folders)1983
9Management Team (5 folders)1988-1989
9-10Planning (19 folders)1984-1990
10Special 1992-1993
10Strategic Assessment Working Group1995
10Strategic Management Team (4 folders)1990-1994
10-11Strategic Planning (11 folders)1990-1995
11Contacts (2 folders)1982-1988
11-12Correspondence (42 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1981-2001
12Demand Assessment1997
12Diversity Initiative (2 folders)1990-1995
12Fact Sheets1988
12Field Placements (2 folders)n.d., 1985
12Incident Reports (Restricted)1981-1999
12Kitchen Procedures and Menus1981
12Legal (2 folders)1981
12Licenses (2 folders)1990-1998
12Manager's Meeting and Retreat1991
12Photography Release Forms1993
12Public Relations1983
12General (2 folders)1982-1991
12Administration, Planning, and Fundraising Goals1983
12Advocate Training1981
12Assessment Formn.d.
12Coordinators' Transition Plans1999
12Dixwell Community House Visit1990
12Gladys Guson Committee1989
12Incident Reports1983
12Job Descriptionsn.d., 1985-2000
12Searches (2 folders)1989, 1999
12Leadership Workshops1983
12Listsn.d., 1981-1995
13-14Meeting Minutes (30 folders)1981-2001
14Meeting Notesn.d., 2000
14Memos (4 folders)1981-2001
14Organizational Charts1986
14Evaluation Formsn.d.
14Director Position1988
14Manuals (6 folders)n.d., 1961, 1981-1996
14Policies and Procedures1986-1998
14Problem Solving Sessions1989
14Professional Development1985-1998
14Receptionist Memorandum 1994-1999
14Recruitment Resources (2 folders)1994-1995
14Resumes1981, 2001
14General (2 folders)1985-1986, 1991
14Planning Committee1973
14Secretarial Training Material
14Summer Student Employees1981
14Secretarial Survey / Assessment1986-1987
15Training (2 folders)1989, 1993
15Natalie Ammarell (15 folders)n.d., 1981-2000
Board of Directors
15Annual Meetings (12 folders)1982-2005
15Annual Report1985
15Attendance Analysis1994-1995
15Capital Planning Research Project: South End / Lower Roxbury Report (2 folders)1997
15Clerks Certificates 1981
Committee Meeting Minutes
15Audit 1980-1984
15Budget Review (7 folders)1983-1993
15-16Camp Hale (3 folders)1981-1994
16Capital Campaign (2 folders)1997-2001
16Children's Art Centre Advisory1981-1982
16Charlotte Dempsey Scholarship1985-1994
16Development (4 folders)1991-1999
17Facilities (19 folders)1985-2001
17Finance (8 folders) (1 restricted)1981-2001
17Insurance Search Committee1991
18Long Range Planning (2 folders)1983-1984
18Nominating (12 folders)1981-2003
18Personnel (6 folders)1981-1986
18Program (3 folders)1993-2000
18Retirement Plan Summary1976
18Search Committee Executive Director2001
18Strategic Planning (4 folders)n.d., 1990-1998
18Committee Rosters1978-1986
19Consultant Reports (8 folders)n.d., 1987-1990
19Corporation Members1988
19Correspondence (5 folders)1983-2001
19Curtis Davis Meeting Notes1997
19Financial Statements (3 folders)1983-1987
19Home Care Cooperative Program1993
19-20Meeting Minutes (16 folders)1980-2000
20William Meserve Meeting Notes1988-1989
20Organizational Renewal and Board Development1991
20Orientation Packet1987-2000
20Permanent Charities Fund1981-1983
20Questionnaire n.d.
20Recommendation for Salary Increase Policy 1986
20Retreat Materials1996-1997
20South African Divestment 1982-1983
20Surveys (2 folders)1985-1986
20Vision Statement 1997
20Year End Reports (2 folders)1982-1983
20Boston Chinese Youth Essential Service1980-1981
20-21Consultants (19 folders)1984-1998
21Allan Crite Tribute1985
Development Office
21General (3 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1988-2002
21Camp Hale (9 folders) 1993-2001
21Children's Art Centre (2 folders)1974-2000
21Correspondence (3 folders)1985-2001
21-22Fundraising (34 folders)1983-2001
22-24Grant Awards (115 folders)1982-2001
24Meeting Minutes (6 folders)1992-1996
24Special Project Summary1981
24Dixwell Community House Site Visit (2 folders)1990
16Executive Committee (14 folders)1981-2000
24Executive Director Reports1981-1988
24Facilities (27 folders)1975-2001
24History n.d., 1984-1996
24Newsletters (2 folders)1971-2002
24Newspaper Clippings (3 folders)1980-1999
24Obituaries (2 folders)1985-1986
Outside Organizations
24Adolescent Consultation Services, Inc.1998
24Bancroft School Development Corporation1981
24Blackstone Community School / St. Stephen's Youth Centern.d.
24Boston Foundation1999
24Boston Observer1985
24Boston Youth Theater1981
24Cantata Singers2001
24Casa Myrna Vasquez1986
25The Center for Art Therapies1991-1993
25Codman Square Health Center
25College of Staten Island1986
25Common Ground Project2000
25Commonwealth Literacy Campaign1991
25Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation1993
25Cooperative Homecare of Boston1994-1995
25Karilyn Crockett1995
25Dixwell Community House1989
25Education Matters2000
25Epiphany Star School2000-2001
25Forest Hills Flame2000-2001
25Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, Inc.1988
25Friends of Copley Square1994-1996
25Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce1996
25Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation1981-1987
25Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project1985-1986
25Hampshire House Invitation1982
25Helen Morton Family Center, Inc.1988
25Henry H. Dow Memorial Legal Assistance Fund1985
25Lena Park Family Resources Center1989
25Lower Roxbury Tenants' Association1989
25Massachusetts Bay Transit Association1982
25Massachusetts Prevention Center2000
25Massachusetts Rate Setting Commission1982
25Middle Passage Educational and Cultural Resources1984
25Minority Human Services Providers1988
25Mission Hill Freedom Cantata 1999
25National Black Media Coalition1974
25Neighborhood Youth Forum1984
25Northeast Hispanic Needs1987
25Project Place1995
25, FF6/ D9Roxbury Neighborhood District Zoning Amendment1990
25South End Historical Society1997
25South End Neighborhood Action Program2000
25Tenants' Development Corporationn.d.
25Tent City1981
25Titus Sparrow Park Preservation1995
25Tri-State Campus Newsletter1988
25United Neighborhood Centers of America1994-2000
25Washington Gateway Main Street Project1997-1998
25Washington Street Corridor Coalition2000
25Women's Industrial and Educational Union2000
25Women's Theological Center1985
25Yes-We Can Concerned Citizens of Roxbury1984
25-26Adult Education and Training (31 folders)n.d., 1980-2001
26Boston Chinese Youth Essential Service Report1981
26Brochuresn.d., 1997-2003
26Bunker Hill Community College / Cooperative Home Care of Boston: Health Center Ladder Collaborative1998
26Cable Television Projects1983
26Camfield Gardens: Neighborhood Computer Network Project (3 folders)1996-1997
26-27Camp Hale (37 folders)1981-1997
27Central Artery Tunnel1992
27Collaborations (3 folders)1984-1998
27Commonwealth Service Corps: Volunteer Programn.d., 1982-1983
27Cooperative Care1993-1994
27Copley Place / Humphrey Center Skills Training Collaborativen.d.
27Guadulesa, Cultural Programs (5 folders)n.d., 1986-1996
27Patricia Wheeler, Family Support2000
27Patricia Wirtenberg, Children's Art Centre1980-1981
27Cultural Programs (28 folders)n.d., 1962?, 1981-2000
27Descriptionsn.d., 2002-2003
Directors 1991-1998
27-28Amy Clark (2 folders)1988-1998
28Leslie Leath (3 folders)1995-2001
28Family Advocate Position Search1999
28Family Education (22 folders)n.d., 1976-2000
28-29Family Support (51 folders)n.d., 1980-1996
29Harriet Tubman House (3 folders)1992-1997
29-30Housing and Neighborhood Development (7 folders)1984-2000
30Lodging House (2 folders)n.d., 1982-1986
30Louise Knight: Invoices1992
30 Mackey School (4 folders)1980-1982
30Monthly Reports (8 folders)1985-1992
30Neighborhood Centers for Youth (9 folders) (1 restricted)1981-1985
30Operating Budgets1989
30Policies and Procedures: Harriet Tubman House1982-1983
30Program Goals and Objectives1983
30South End Honor Roll1994
30Staff Survey Responses1989
31Technology (9 folders)1985-2001
31Teen Empowerment Centern.d., 1996-1999
31Wheelock College Internship1993-1998
Public Grants and Contracts
31Action for Boston Community Development1988-1990
31Boston Computer Society1993
31Boston Housing Authority1986
City of Boston
31Boston Parks / Titus Sparrow Park Partnership Program1988
31Boston Public Schools (3 folders)1984, 1997
31Commission on Affairs of the Elderly (4 folders)1983-1986
Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
31Jobs and Community Services (2 folders)1986
31Minority Employment Initiative Program1991-1999
31Executive Office of Elder Affairs1989
31Family Support and Education Program1998
31Multicultural AIDS Coalition (5 folders)1990-1991
31-32Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency (11 folders)1983-1986
32Office of Communities and Development1983
32Older Adult Program (2 folders)1983
32Public Facilities Department (3 folders)1986-1996
32Timothy Smith Trust Fund (2 folders)1997-2000
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
32Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation1985
32Council on the Arts and Humanities (6 folders)1979-1988
32Department of Education (5 folders)1983-2001
32Department of Elder Affairs 1987
32Department of Health and Human Services1981-1982
32Department of Public Welfare (3 folders)1986-1987
32-33, 85Department of Social Services (18 folders)1979-1995
33Executive Office of Communities and Development (2 folders)1983-1986
33Executive Office of Economic Affairs1985-1986
33Office of Childcare Services2001
33Office for Children1990
33Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program1990
33Institute of Museum Services1981
33National Endowment for the Arts: Museum Program1982
33Urban Investment and Development Company (2 folders)1982-2000
33Youth and Jobs Careers Program1981
33312 Loans in the South End`1980
331980 Census Data1980
331980 Resident Population of the Fuller Mental Health Center1980
33Boston Employment and Training Programs Funding Report1981
33Boston Employment Trends and Projections in Industry1986
33Boston Foundationn.d., 1990
33Boston Neighborhood Health Status Report: Boston Health and Hospitals1994
33Boston Program on Local Self-Reliance: People and Neighborhoods Advocating and Empowering Themselvesn.d.
33Characteristics of Boston's Population and Housing1980
33Community Organization and Empowermentn.d.
33Condition of Hispanics in Boston1974
33A Critical Review of Youth Programs Supported by the Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund of Boston1981
33Emerging Black Community of Boston1974
33Evaluation of Family Life Education Program of United South End Settlementsn.d.
33Family and Children's Center of USES1989
33Hispanic Youth in Boston: In Search of Opportunities and Accountability 1984
33Housing Analysis and Proposed Strategy for Agency Action1983
33Housing and Urban Development Assisted Projects at Risk in the South End1983
33Latinos in Massachusetts and the 1990 U.S. Census1992
33Jobs and Economic Policy Reports1987
33The Need for Rent, Eviction, and Condominium Conversion Control in Revitalized Boston1982
33Neighborhood Business Survey1983
33Operating a Lodging House in the City of Boston1984
33Population Changes in Boston and Brookline 1970-19801981
33Pulling Back from the Brink1991
33Serving the Hispanic Community in Massachusetts1986
33South End Data Presentation: Boston Department of Health and Hospitals1995
33South End Open Space Needs Assessment, Boston Urban Gardeners1987
33Toward a New Definition of United South End Settlements1992
33Women in Philanthropy, Papers, and Reports1997
33Worlds Apart: Missed Opportunities to Help Women and Girls1994
33Stone-Tubman Library: Information n.d.
Subject Files
33General (2 folders)n.d., 1995-1998
33Adult Literacy Conference Report1983
33Niathan Allan: A Strategy to Ensure Compliance1994
33ASPIRA of America Conference1986
Associated Grantmakers
33-34Philanthropy Project (2 folders)1988-1997
34Summer Day Camp Programs1980-1983
34Black Parent Committee1982
34Boston Children's Institute of the Home for Little Wanderers Symposium2000
34Boston Community Access and Programming Foundation1982
34Boston Community Media Council1980-1982
34Boston Compact Steering Committee (3 folders)1982-1998
34Boston Globe Foundation1997
34Boston Foundation (5 folders)n.d., 1989-1996
34Boston Housing Authority Tenants' Briefingn.d.
34Boston Neighborhood Network1981
34Boston Panel of Agency Executives (16 folders)1981-2000
34Boston Public Housing Strategic Planning Committee1991-1997
34Boston Public School System: Staff Desegregation Orders Fact Sheetn.d.
34Carol R. Goldberg Seminar: The Future of Boston Area Nonprofits1998
34Center for Community Action1988
34Child Safety Conference1981
34Chinese American Civic Association Employer Appreciation Breakfast1991
34Colloquium on Advanced Information Technology, Low Income Communities, and the City: MIT1996
34-35Committee for Boston Public Housing (5 folders)1983-1991
35Community for Human Rights Meeting Agenda1985
35Cultural and Scientific Director's Group: Meeting Minutes1995-1998
35Development of a Black Agenda for the Black Community: Proposal1988
35East Canton Street Preservation Association, Inc. (2 folders)1980-1984
35Episcopal City Mission1981
35Federation of Black Directors (5 folders) (1 restricted)1981-1992
35Forum: Correspondence1983-1985
35Goals for Boston: Meeting Minutes1982-1987
35Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative1998
35Higher Education Nominating Council Listn.d.
35Latinos in Philanthropy: Meeting Minutes1993-1994
35Local Initiatives Support Corporation: Correspondence1988-1990
35Pam Masonn.d.
35Massachusetts Association of Settlement Houses (3 folders)1995-2000
35Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.: Confronting the Threats to Human Services Workshop1981
35Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Which Children are Falling Through the Cracks? Educational Panel1982
35Minority Council on Vocational Education: Meeting Minutes (3 folders)1976-1982
35National Center for Adult Literacy: Barbara Bush Remarks1990
35Newland Place Improvements: Meeting Minutes1997
35New England Funders' Conferencen.d.
35Chet Pierce: Lecture Notes1975
35Private Industry Council: German Marshall Fund Study Trip1985
35Professional Recognitions (2 folders) 1984-2002
35Public Statements1980-1983
35Rainbow TV Works1984-1986
35Resumes and Curriculum Vitae n.d., 1981-1995
35Roxbury Strategic Master Plan: Notes 2000
35Safe Schools Commission1983
35Settlement Houses (4 folders)n.d., 1993-1999
36South End (38 folders)n.d., 1980-2001
36St. Botolph Assisted Living Community Project Update: Fenway Community Development Corporation2001
36United Community Planning Corporation: Correspondence 1985-1986
36United South End / Lower Roxbury Development Corporation (2 folders)1979-1985
36United Way (4 folders)1982-1985
36Urban League Demandments1992
36West Rutland Square: Proposal1983-1985
36Youth Planning Initiative: Meeting Minutes2001
36-37Harriet Tubman (3 folders)1983-1991
D. Samia Hakim
Board of Directors
Committee Meeting Minutes
37Executive (3 folders)2002
37Finance (2 folders)2002-2005
37Retreat Materials (2 folders)1996-1998
37Summer Work1997
37Edward L. Cooper Award2006
37Newsletters 2002, 2004, 2007
37South End and Lower Roxbury Healthy Boston Coalition (3 folders)2000-2004
37Meeting Minutes (8 folders)1998-2004
86USES as Catalyst and Supporter for New Community Initiatives1999
E. Robert Thornell
37Agreements (2 folders)1981-1985
37Computer Assisted Information and Referral Network (2 folders)1983
37Correspondence (2 folders)1983-1985
37-38Facilities (7 folders)1983-1984
38Meeting Notesn.d.
38Operation Big Vote1983
38Public Relations (2 folders)1983-1985
38Staff Training 1982-1984
38Volunteer Services Statistics1982-1984
38Development Office: Grant Awards (11 folders)1983-1985
38Basic Computer Literacy / Adults and Children1983
38Camp Hale (16 folders) (2 restricted)1976-1985
38Camp Ponkapoag (2 folders)1984
38Cultural Programs (10 folders)1982-1985
38Family Education ( 3 folders)n.d., 1983-1984
38Family Support (6 folders)1983-1985
38Goals and Objectives1983-1984
Public Grants and Contracts
38-39City of Boston ( 5 folders)1983-1986
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
39Department of Education: Child Development Program1982-1984
39Department of Public Works: Application1983-1984
39Executive Office of Communities and Development: Lodging House Preservation1984
39New England Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1984-1985
F. Kenneth Wade
39Boston Citywide Land Trust (2 folders)1985-1988
39Correspondence 1981-1990
39Development Office: Grant Awards (3 folders)1991-1992
39Massachusetts Department of the Attorney General, Division of Public Charities: Certificate of Registration1988-1991
39Newspaper Clippings1987-1989
39East Canton Street Preservation Association1989-1991
39United Neighborhood Centers of America: Youth Employment and Training Program1979-1980
G. Kevin Hepner
39Generaln.d., 1991
39Assessment of Current Statusn.d.
Board of Directors
39Meeting Minutes (9 folders)1991-2000
Committee Meeting Minutes
39Budget and Finance (2 folders)1996
39Executive (2 folders)1992-2001
40, 85Program2001-2002
40Strategic Planning (4 folders)1991-1994
40Financial Reports1991-1993
40Boston Foundation Site Visit2001
40Boston Institute for Arts Therapy 2001
40Boston Public Schools: Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program Demonstration Project1996
40Boston Theater Works: Notesn.d.
Committee Meeting Minutes
40Core Team (4 folders)1993-2000
40Management Team (5 folders)1992-1994
40Development Guild: Consultant1990
40Development Office (4 folders)1995-2001
40Facilities (3 folders)1983, 1990-2001
Family Day Care, Inc.
40Operations Manual1991
40Adult Basic Education (13 folders)2001-2002
40After School (6 folders)n.d., 1998-2001
40-41Camp Hale (9 folders)1999-2002
41Family Support Services (9 folders)n.d., 2001-2002
41Older Adult Program: Outcomesn.d.
41Pre School (10 folders)2001-2002
41Senior Home Repair: Mapping2002
41Timothy Smith Computer Learning Center: Reports2000-2001
41Public Grants and Contracts (8 folders)1988-2001
41-42South End /Lower Roxbury Healthy Boston Coalition (30 folders)n.d., 1991-2001
42Staff (4 folders)1993-2001
H. Sandra Furey Gaither
86Exit Report Draft2003
86Mayor's Event: Announcement of the Timothy Smith Center Re-funding2002
86Retreat Materials2003
I. Ashley McCumber
86Board Retreat2004-2006
86Nonprofit Business Analysis Prepared for USES2006
86Strategic Goals for USES Programs2005-2006
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4. Programs and Services, 1931-2009
Volume:18.2 cubic ft.

Alphabetical within each subseries. Organized into 3 subseries: A) Program Directors; B) Program Coordinators; C) Programs.

This series documents the planning and implementation of United South End Settlements' programs and services, including fundraising efforts, arts and culture programming, and special events.

Subseries A. Program Directors documents program and curriculum development, departmental restructuring, and funding from public and private sources. Also documented are special events planning, and fundraising. Records include program descriptions, evaluations, and statistics; budgets; exhibition and events calendars; progress reports for grants and contracts, and adult education curriculum; and correspondence to and from the executive director, funders, and outside agencies. Minutes document director, staff, coordinator, and committee meetings including Strategic Planning, Management, and Personnel committees. Also included are Camp Hale, soil and water reports, facilities reports, camping licenses, and site maps. In addition, newsletters from the Camp Hale Alumni Association and United South End Settlement programs as well as newsletters from outside organizations, such as La Alianza Hispana, Tent City, Kush Club Teen Arts Co-op, and the South End Adult Education Coalition which were retained for local context are included. Newspaper clippings concerning United South End programs, including Camp Hale, the Children's Art Centre, and exhibits at the Harriet Tubman Gallery are also included.

Subseries B. Program Coordinators documents the implementation of United South End Settlements programs: Adult Education and Training, Technology, Arts and Cultural, Family Support, and Family Education. Also documented are employment and vocational training; computer instruction, the Harriet Tubman Gallery, the Children's Art Center, Camp Hale, and pre and after-school programs. Programs and events held the Harriet Tubman House and the Harriet Tubman Resource Center are also documented. In addition, fundraising events, such as the Hi-Hat Cabaret Night, Camp Hale's Centennial celebration, and Viva Frieda! are documented. The plans for the sculpture Emancipation, its unveiling, and the planning of Harriet Tubman Park in the South End are documented. Records include annual reports from the Children's Art Centre from 1961-1970; curriculum for adult literacy classes, including the Central Artery / Tunnel, and prevocational and office skills programs; artist biographies and resumes; student enrollments and class lists; budgets; proposals and program progress reports for grants and contracts; and event and exhibition schedules for the Harriet Tubman Gallery and the Children's Art Centre. Correspondence to and from program coordinators and directors, funders, artists, executive directors, and other staff; minutes from program coordinators meetings and United South End Settlements committees including Core and Management teams, strategic planning, and directors and managers minutes are also included. Newspaper clippings contain stories about the Children's Art Centre; exhibits at the Harriet Tubman Gallery; fundraising events, such as the series Community Conversations with Anne McQueen and Lou Jones; and programs including Camp Hale, Teen Portfolio, and summer computer camp.

Subseries C. Programs documents the implementation of United South End Settlement programs. The records contained in this subseries were generated by program staff other than directors and coordinators. The subseries documents the Arts Incentives, the Harriet Tubman Gallery, Family Support, including pre and after-school, and the Washington Street Tenants Association programs, and the South End Center for Adult Education. In addition, Adult Education and Training; the Local Development of the South End, an economic development program for minority business start-ups; Camp Winning Farms; and the Pharmacy Benefits programs are documented. Records include minutes of staff and directors meetings; correspondence to and from program staff, artists, and executive directors; program descriptions and outcomes; and schedules of events and exhibits. Also included are newsletters from the Arts Incentives and pre and after school programs; menus from Older Adult hot lunch program; and scrapbooks containing program descriptions, events, and newspaper clippings regarding the Children's Art Centre. Class lists and student enrollments are also included.

Of special interest are the records of Local Development of the South End (Box 58-59). Also of special interest are the evaluations of the Community Services Center from 1960-1963, which was a cooperative venture between United South End Settlements, the Boston Housing Authority, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and operated out of the South End Housing Development. Programs included family support services, such as homemaking and money management, counseling, tutoring, and the Teen Council (Box 58). Also of interest is the Castle Square Outreach, which describes the services available to residents of that area; the Neighborhood Newcomers Program report contains information about the Puerto Rican population in the South End; and the Children's Art Centre's annual reports (Box 47).
A. Director of Programs and Services
Amy Clark
42Adult Education and Training (3 folders) (1 restricted)1987-1999
42Budget Process: Cost Center Reviews1998-2000
42Camp Hale (8 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1995-1997
42Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education: Food Program1996
42Community Technology Plan1999
42Cultural Programs: Meeting Agendas1997
42Development (5 folders)1990-2000
42Family Education (3 folders)1996-1999
42Family Support (13 folders)1990-2001
Outside Organizations
42Girls Clubn.d., 1998
42Read Boston1996
42Sisters Togethern.d.
42-43Program Reports (6 folders)1985-1988
43South End Community Consortium Project: Report1999
43Correspondence (4 folders)1997
43Meeting Minutes1995-1997
43Outcomes Measurement Training1998
43Professional Development1998
43Search Committee1996
43Technology Program: Agreement2001
43Technology Survey1998
Leslie Leath
4348 Rutland Street Move2000
43Adult Education and Training (20 folders)n.d., 1993-2006
43Agency-Wide Activitiesn.d., 1999
43Board of Directors (3 folders)2001
43Budgets (4 folders)2001-2002
43Business Office Memos2000-2001
43-44Camp Hale (31 folders) (2 Restricted)n.d., 1986-2001
44Central Artery and Tunnel Training Program: Correspondence1999
44CTCNet Conference2000
44Board Finance 1999
44Board Program (2 folders)1997-2001
44Facilities 1999
44Program Planning1996
44Strategic Planning (2 folders)1998-2002
44Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education (2 folders)1999-2001
Community Collaborations
44New England Conservatory Woodwinds and Brass Program2001
44Wheelock College: Building Community1995
44Correspondence (5 folders) (1 restricted)1996-2001
44Cultural Programs (43 folders)n.d., 1992-2001
44-45Development (17 folders)2000-2001
45Excellence in Non-Profit Leadership and Management Enrichment Series: Outcomes Measurement1999
45Facilities Department (3 folders)2001
45Family Education (35 folders)n.d., 1991-2006
45Family Nurturing Program (2 folders)1999-2001
45Family Support (10 folders)n.d., 1990-2002
45Fleet Neighborhood Charities2001
45Formsn.d., 1995
45Harriet Tubman and Emancipation Unveiling Ceremony1999
45Harriet Tubman House (2 folders)1997-2001
45Meeting Notes (2 folders)2000-2001
45Multicultural Coalition on Aging2000
45Organizational Chart1999
Outside Organizations
45Boston Coalition Against Drugs and Violence, Inc.1999
45Boston Panel of Agency Executives1999
45Boston Strategic Homeless Planning Group2000
45Boston Workforce Development Coalitionn.d.
45The Children's Museum of Boston2002
45Fleet Center Neighborhood Charities2001
45Italian Home for Children1994
45Kush Club Teen Arts Co-op2000
45La Alianza Hispana1998
45Parents United for Children (2 folders)1996-2001
45Program Sponsors1998-1999
45South End Adult Education Coalition2001
45Tent City1999
45Women's Educational and Industrial Union1997
45Managers (2 folders)1999-2001
45Outcomes (2 folders)2001
45Planning and Budgets2000
45South End / Chinatown Community Partnership Membersn.d.
South End / Lower Roxbury
45Healthy Boston Coalition (2 folders)2000-2001
45Youth Workers Alliancen.d., 1999-2001
45South End Statistics1999
45Special Events Tours2000
45St. Botolph's Assisted Living Community Project2001
45Administrative Team1993, 1999
46Boston University School of Social Work2001
46Executive Director Search 2000-2001
46Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1997-2000
46Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1999-2001
46Memos n.d., 1999-2001
46Personnel Manual2001
46Policies1985, 1996-2001
46Professional Education1999
46Technology Program (14 folders)n.d., 1991-2002
46University of Massachusetts Boston: Understanding Trends in Demands for Emergency Services2000
46Volunteer Opportunities1998
46Wheelock College: Agreement2000
Kyle Ingrid Johnson
86Adult Programs Reports2007-2008
86Board of Directors Meetings2007-2008
86Program Committee Meetings2006
86Senior Directors' Meetings2007-2008
86Strategic and Operational Plans2002
86Volunteer and Internship Job Descriptions2003
B. Coordinators
46Robin Casper: Mackey School Vocational Awareness Program (35 folders)n.d., 1977-1982
Charlotte Dempsey, Children's Art Centre
46Annual Reports (7 folders)1960-1979
89Artwork Loan Book1931-1946
46Board of Directors: Meeting Minutes1972
46Ken Brown: Memos1969, 1972
46Budget1961, 1972
47Castle Square Outreach1971
47Furniture Store1971
47Program Development1972
47Services to Children1960
47Correspondencen.d., 1964
47Cultural Programs: Children's Art Centre (22 folders)n.d., 1941-1972
Meeting Minutes
47Housing Management1972
47Local Development of the South End1971
47Neighborhood Development1960, 1971
47Programs (4 folders)1960-1972
47South Bay Union Servicesn.d.
47South End (2 folders)1970-1972
47Staff (5 folders)n.d., 1960-1972
47Tenant Homemaker Project Prospectusn.d.
47United Community Services and United South End Settlements: Proposed Relationship1969
Matt Enison, Technology Program
47Community Technology Creators' Network: Agreement1996
47Correspondence: General1997-1998
47Cultural Programs: Children's Art Centren.d.
47Harriet Tubman House: Program Descriptionsn.d.
47Interim Supervision Model1997-1998
47Personnel Manual1996
47South End / Lower Roxbury Communities: Leaders' and Decision Makers' Special Gathering1997
47Technology Program: Computer Clubhouse (30 folders)n.d., 1994-1999
Guadulesa, Arts and Cultural Programs
47General (3 folders)n.d., 1973, 1987-1992
47Adult Education and Training (2 folders)n.d., 1987-1992
47Arts Resources1998-1999
47Black History Month Activities1992
47Board of Directors : Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1990, 2000
47Budgets (6 folders)1987-1997
47Camp Hale1996, 2002
47General 2002
47Annual Meeting Planning1993
47Facilities (2 folders)1993-1998
47-48Harriet Tubman Park (3 folders)1997-1999
48Harriet Tubman Sculpture (2 folders)1996-1997
48Planning 1990
48Program Planning (2 folders)1997-2002
48Strategic Planning (3 folders)1992 - 2002
48Community Day Care2000
48Corporate Sponsored Events1995-1996
48Correspondence (7 folders)1989-1993
48Cultural Diversity Board1994
Cultural Programs
Children's Art Centre
48Activities and Classes1987-2006
48After-school Program: Our Book1988-1990
48Attendance Sheets (4 folders) (2 restricted)1984-1987
48Central Artery Arts Forumn.d., 2002
48Charlotte Dempsey Scholarship1985-2001
48Class and Program Descriptionsn.d., 1982
48Class Listsn.d., 2000
48Class Materialsn.d.
48Collections List1980
48Community Collaborations (10 folders)n.d., 1989-2002
48Consultant's Reports1982
48Allan Criten.d., 1990-1999
48Cultural Curriculum (9 folders)n.d., 1986-1998
48-49Development (16 folders) n.d., 1979-2002
49Diversity Quilt Project Report2002
49Events (10 folders)n.d., 1984-2005
49Exhibits (3 folders)1981-2006
49History (2 folders)n.d.
49Keys of Infinity Projectn.d.
49Newspaper Clippings (3 folders)1986-2000
49Outcomes Measurement (2 folders)2000
49Outside Organizations1991-1992
49Post-Rededication Identity1998
49Program Planningn.d.
49Project Guggenheim2001-2002
49Publicity1981 - 1999
49Reopening Suggestions1982, 1994
49Reports (4 folders)n.d., 1989-2002
49South End Garden Tour1996
49South End Open Studios2001-2002
49Student Forms (2 folders)1985-2000
49Summer Programs1997
49Teen Portfolio Class (8 folders) (2 restricted)1992-2006
49Use and Access Information1996-1997
49Youth Resource Center1984
49Gallery 5662002
Harriet Tubman Gallery
49Generaln.d., 1994-2001
49Afro American Artist's Museumn.d.
49Artists Biographies and Resumesn.d., 1987-1991
49Artist Referrals1998
49Artists Services2001
49Artist's Statement1993
49Class Notes1992
49Cultural Survey, City of Boston2000
49Development (6 folders)1989-1998
49Events (5 folders)1988-2001
49-50Exhibits (63 folders)n.d., 1984-2003
50Harriet Tubman Soft Sculpture (2 folders)1989-1993
50Intra-agency Collaborations (4 folders)n.d., 1988-2002
50Job Descriptionn.d.
50Music in Our Culture: Video Series1988
50New England Women of Color Artists1995-2000
50Newspaper Clippings1989-1999
50Notes: General1999
50Outside Organizations (10 folders)n.d., 1988-2001
50Permanent Collection: List of Worksn.d., 2000
50Release Forms1991
50Schedulesn.d., 1990-1995
Harriet Tubman Resource Center
50Generaln.d., 1988-1999
50Development: First Annual Art Auction1983
50Harriet Tubman Historyn.d.
50Harriet Tubman's Unlikely Leadershipn.d.
50The Harriet Tubman Journal1993
50Reference Questions1990
50Reports to Board of Directors1996-2001
50Resourcesn.d., 1988, 2002
50The Saga of Harriet Tubman: Illustrated History Book1967
50Youth Resource Center Cultural Activitiesn.d., 1992-1995
50Mobius High School: Freedom of Expression Projectn.d.
50Newsletter: Afro American and African Studies1990
50Goals and Strategies2002
50Reports (2 folders)1987-1994
50Reportsn.d., 1990-1995
50-51, 85Development Office (68 folders)1992-2002
51Dixwell Community House Visitn.d.
51Domestic Violence Art and Poetry Contest1996
51Family Education: After School Program2002
51Family Support (10 folders)n.d., 1987-2003
51Frieda Garcia: Memos1992-1993
52Guadulesa: Resumen.d.
52Harriet Tubman House (19 folders)n.d., 1974, 1988-2002
52Intergenerational Program Models Presentation Outlinen.d.
52Kristine Key: Agreement1989
52Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts and Sciences1998-2001
52Massachusetts Cultural Council (2 folders)1990-1998
52Meeting Minutes (22 folders)1993-2002
52Memosn.d., 1990-1993
53National Assembly of State Arts Agencies: Questionnaire1992
53Newsletters1961, 1998-2000
53Newspaper Clippings (2 folders)1988-1998
53Notes: General1988-2003
53Organizational Chartn.d.
Outside Organizations
53Arts in Progress1989
53Berkeley Street Community Garden2000
53Boston Visual Artists Union1991
53Cooperative Arts Institute1991
53Dance Umbrella1989
53Madison Park / Humphrey Center High School1987
53Midtown Cultural District Task Force1990
53Museum of Afro American History1997
53Museum of Fine Artsn.d.
53Whistler House Museum of Artn.d., 1997
53Public Funds2002
53Public Grants and Contracts (54 folders)1985-1992
53Facility Study1990
53Feasibility Study1998
53South End Statistics1980-1990
53Saturday Programs1997-1998
53South End / Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust2002
53Special Group Activities1988-1989
54Agency Orientation1992
54Cocktail Reception2001
54Job Description2000
54Meeting Minutes (7 folders)1988-2002
54Search Committee1996
54State House Tree Lighting Programn.d.
54Strategic Operational Plan2002
54Summer Cultural Series1986
54Summer Teen Internship Program (29 folders) (2 restricted)1991-2002
55Technology Programn.d., 1997
55Transition: Leslie Leath2000
55Worcester Art All-State Program Student Applications2000
55Writing About the Arts Essays1993
55Youth Annual Meeting and Board Dinner2001
55Youth Resource Centern.d., 1989
55Sean Hines: Adult Education and Training Program (49 folders)n.d., 1991-1997
55-56Donna Stites: Adult Education and Training Program (66 folders)1987-2006
Patricia Wirtenberg, Children's Art Centre
56-57Cultural Programs (68 folders)1987-1993
57Harriet Tubman Housen.d., 1983
C. Programs
57, 86, 89Adult Education and Training (30 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1964, 1988-2008
86Annual Reports1999-2002
Arts Incentive Program (AIP)
89General (6 CDs)2004-2007
AIP/Artful Transformations (2 folders)2004-2008
86, 89Brochures and Fliers (2 folders)1991-2006
57Building Maintenance Course: Proposaln.d.
57, 86, 89Camp Hale (13 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1940's, 1982-2001
57Camps (3 folders)1963, 1991-2001
86, 89Children's Art Centre (2 folders)n.d., 1998-2009
86Class Schedules of South End Center for Adult Education and Children's Art Centre2002-2009
57-58Cultural Programs (81 folders)n.d., 1961-2006
58Development Office: Boston Private Industry Council Summer Jobs Program2000-2001
58Directors' Meetings (2 folders)2002-2003
Events and Exhibits
86Art and Music1999
86Arts in the Park2005-2008
86A Benefit Jazz Brunch1997-1998
86Billie Jean Young's One Woman Show2004
86A Black History Month Celebration2009
86Boston Gay History Events (3 folders)2005-2007
86Branching Out2008
86City Spotlights2009
86Community Color A Collaborative Art Exhibit2008
86digNubia Exhibit2002
86Dominican Day International Week: Featuring Juan Perez2008
86Family Fun Open House2003
86February Escape: The South End's Winter Block Party2006-2007
86February Heat2005
86Fighting for My Life: Paintings of Ndume (Erskine Johnson)2003
86Guadulesa Exhibit2002
86Hi Hat Nite1980
86In Remembrance of 9-112002
86Jazz and the CAC2002
86Lectures and Receptions2003-2008
86Louder Than Words: The Black Panther Party Photo Exhibitn.d.
86Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe2007
86Stories of the Old South End2004
86Thanksgiving Luncheon2006
86United South End Artists' Shows2006-2009
86United Way Campaign Wind Up Events2000-2002
86USES Campaign for a Second Century2001?
86Unveiling Ceremony for Step on Board and Emancipation1999
86Urban Verbal Stew2007
86Volunteer Phonebanksn.d.
86What Do Seniors Want?2006
86Winter Heat Relief Gala2005
58Facilities Task Force: Environmental Scan1988
58Family Education (8 folders)n.d., 1997-2006
58Family Intergenerational Reading Enrichment 1992
58Family Support (37 folders)n.d., 1960-1963, 1976-2006
58, FF6/D9Harriet Tubman House (6 folders)n.d., 1985-2002
58-59Local Development of the South End, Incorporated (24 folders)n.d., 1973-1977
59Mackey School Vocational Awareness Program1981
89Older Adult Program Newspaper Clipping2010
59, 86Program Outcomes (3 folders)2001-2005
59Restructuring Chartsn.d.
86Senior Services Programn.d., 1999
59Meetings (2 folders)1999-2001
59Personnel Manual and Policies2001-2002
59Strategic and Operational Plans2002
59Technology Programs (4 folders)n.d., 1997-2006
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5. Development Office, 1900-2009
Volume:5 cubic ft.

Arranged alphabetically.

This series documents the Development Office's efforts to raise funds for operations and programs from foundation, corporate, and individual sources. Major donors include the Boston Foundation, Associated Grantmakers, the Hyams Foundation, Polaroid Corporation, State Street Bank, Newsboy Reading Room, Coolidge Fund, United Way, Eli Goldston, the Riley Foundation, and the Boston Globe Foundation. The series also documents the Development Office's involvement in applying for grants and its relationship with the Camp Hale Alumni Association. In addition, this series documents the history of the South End House and the settlement house movement, and contains biographical information on people associated with United South End Settlements, including members of the Board of Directors and residents of the South End. The proposal for the creation of a cultural arts center in the South End and the proposed Allan Crite Museum are also documented.

Records include proposals and grant awards; obituaries of former directors and members of the Board of Directors, such as Rosamond Lamb, Melnea Cass, John Kingman, Mildred Louise Clark, and Charles Liddell. Correspondence to and from donors, funders, the executive director of United South End Settlements; members of the Board of Directors; Henry Newell, and F. Douglas Cochrane is included. Research notes on the history of the South End, Hale, Lincoln, and Rollins houses; Robert and Eleanor Woods; Jane Addams; and the Stone Family and their relationship with the Woods are also included.

Of interest are the Ken Brown interview, which provides background on the early years of United South End Settlements and urban renewal (Box 59); a letter announcing the discontinuation of the Resident's Program and its effect on past residents (Box 64); Helen Morton's correspondence for background information on the South End and the South End House (Box 64); and the Cultural Arts Center records, which detail the efforts of establishing such a center in the South End (Boxes 60 and 64). Also of interest are United South End Settlements involvement in the proposed establishment of the Allan Crite Museum (Box 59); the final report on the Castle Square Relocation project, which encapsulates the history of the project and United South End Settlement's role in urban renewal (Box 64); and the report United South End Settlements: a Case Study, which examines the organization using the case study approach (Box 64). Grant proposals are also located throughout Series 3, Executive Staff. Grants and contracts from public sources are located in Series 6, Business Office and Public Grants and Contracts.
59Action for Boston Community Developmentn.d., 1992
59Agency Description1978
59Allan Crite Museum: Correspondence1986-1996
59Articles (3 folders)1968-1992
59Bishop Morris F. Arnold Award Descriptionn.d.
59Boston Area Settlement House Descriptionsn.d.
59Ken Brown Interview: Transcript Notes (2 folders) n.d., 1992
59Camp Hale (22 folders) 1900-2000
59Children's Art Centre (2 folders)1991-1999
59-60Consultants (6 folders)1997-1999
60Correspondence (26 folders) (3 restricted)n.d., 1975-2001
86Cultivation Dinners2004
60Cultural Arts Center Feasibility Study1963
60Donor Profiles (4 folders)1991-1992
60Fact Sheets1987, 1989
60Four Aces: Remarks1998
60Friends of the Children's Art Centre: Background Papern.d.
60Funding Sources1980-1989
60Fundraising (10 folders)1976-2007
60-63Grant Awards (155 folders) 1974-2006
64Historical Perspective and Furnishing Cost Summary1974
64Interviews (7 folders)1991-1992
86The Magnet of the South End1970
64Meeting Notesn.d., 1999
64Memorials (2 folders) (1 restricted)1986-1993
64Helen Morton (5 folders)1962-1992
64Neighborhood Service Center Plans1963
64, 86Newsletters (2 folders)1971-2009
64, 86Newspaper Clippings (3 folders)2002-2008
64Obituaries (28 folders)n.d., 1978-2001
64Organizational Chart1979
64The Development of USES: a Chronology of the United South End Settlements, 1891-19661966
64Publicity Processn.d.
64Castle Square Relocation Project1964
64Proposed Cultural Art Center: A Study of the Feasibility of Establishing a Cultural Arts Center in Boston1963
64Socially Responsible Investingn.d.
64Some Differences in Attitudes Between Negro Boys Who Drop Out of School and Those Who Stay In1964
64South End Neighborhood Workshops Project1966
64United South End Settlements: A Case Study1989
64Research (34 folders)n.d., 1975-2000
64Resident Program Termination Announcement1967
86Solicitation Letters Templates1979-2003
South End Historical Society
86Remembrance of Things Jazz: A History of the South End's Jazz Clubs2002
64History of the Settlements in the South End1993
64Henry Goldstein Presentationn.d.
64Planning Meetings1988
64Trusts (2 folders)1984-1987
86USES and The Settlement House Tradition 199?
86USES Creating a 21st Century Settlement House199?
86USES Frequently Asked Questions199?
86USES Notes and Material on Agency: Predecessors and Sites197?
64Women's Industrial Union: Dollhouse Project1998
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6. Business Office and Public Grants and Contracts, 1960-2008
Volume:12.5 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by subseries. Organized into two subseries: A) Business Office; and B) Public Grants and Contracts.

This series documents the role of the Business Office in over-seeing compliance of the funding raised for operations and programs from local and state government sources. Also documented is the effort of United South End Settlements to raise funds for operations, facilities, and programs from city and state sources.

Subseries A. Business subseries documents implementation, monitoring, and compliance enforcement of all pubic grants and contracts. Also documented are United strategic planning, budget development, and program planning, as well as the contract manager's participation in the Administration / Management, Planning, and Strategic Planning committee meetings. Records included in this subseries are meeting minutes, grant and contract reports, and program reports. Correspondence to and from executive directors, program directors, deputy directors, and staff; meeting notes; and Board of Director minutes annotated by John Roch, for 2003-2006 are also included.

Subseries B. Public Grants and Contracts documents the funding of operations and programs and the development of new programs. Funding sources include the Massachusetts Cultural Council; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts departments of Education, Public Health, Social Services, and Public Welfare; the Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities and Development and Elderly Affairs; and the Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council. Local government sources include the City of Boston's Public Facilities Department, Jobs and Community Services, and the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation; the Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency; and the Boston Housing Authority. Grants from private foundations and corporations are scattered throughout this series. Records included in this series are progress, quarterly, and final reports; program audits and budgets; and correspondence to and from funding sources regarding reports, contract amendments, and appeals. The proposals include supporting materials, such as program descriptions, newsletters, and curricula. The City of Boston Arts Lottery Council and the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities records include comprehensive reports regarding audience profiles, response, and turnout for all exhibits; publicity material; evaluation of goals; and program successes and failures. Proposals and grants are also scattered throughout Series 2, Executive Staff and Series 4, Programs. Grant awards from private sources are located in Series 5, Development Office.
A. Business Office
64Alliance for Young Families Newsletter 1991-1992
64Annual Meetings 1991
88Budget Meeting Minutes1998-2003
88Business Office Meeting Minutes 1998-2002
64Board of Directors: Meeting Minutes (9 folders)1999-2005
65Boston Foundation: Proposal 1993
65-66, 88Committee Minutes (41 folders)n.d., 1988-2008
66Commonwealth Literacy Corp. Meeting Notes 1988
66Development (2 folders)1990-1992
66Employment, Training, and Education Program Contract Meeting Notes 1988
66Fiscal (5 folders)1989-1996
66Guadulesa: Memoranda1990-1991
66Housing and Neighborhood Development Department: General1988-1989
66Job Training Alliance Meeting Notes 1988
66Massachusetts Council on Arts and Humanities Heritage Program Applications 1987
66Neighborhood Jobs Trust: Bidders Conference Meeting Notes 1988
66Nursing Home Residents: Needs Assessment Survey2002?
66Operational Meeting 1997
66Program Reports (12 folders)1988-1999
66Reports (6 folders)1987-1995
66South End / Lower Roxbury Human Services Organizations Summary n.d.
66Job Descriptions1988-1996
66-67, 88Minutes (11 folders)1988-2006
67Orientation Packet
67Ken Wade: Meeting Notes1989-1990
B. Public Grants and Contracts
67Agreements (10 folders)1983-1994
67Associated Grant Makers: Camp Hale1994-1997
67Boston Adult Literacy Fund: Budgetn.d., 1992-1994
67Boston Aging Concerns: Single Room Occupancy Preservation Project1985-1989
67Boston Council for the Arts and Humanities (2 folders)1993-1995
67Boston Food Bank1992
67Boston Globe Foundation: Summer Internship Program Proposal1992
67Boston Housing Authority: Employment and Training / Adult Skills (5 folders)1986-1989
67Boston Institute for Arts Therapy 1995
67Boston Private Industry Council: Summer Jobs Program (2 folders)1986-1996
67, 85Boston Redevelopment Authority (5 folders)1969, 1989, 2006
67Brookdale Foundation Group: Proposal1997
67Cambridge Camping Association: Camp Hale 1985-1991
67Charles Hayden Foundation: Proposal 1973
67Charles Irvin Travelli Fund: Video Programs Program Summary1976
67Child Care Resource Center (3 folders)1983-1996
67Children's Art Centre: Planning Meeting1999
67Citizen's Housing and Planning Association: Tenant Education Program1991-1992
City of Boston
67Boston Arts Lottery Council (3 folders)1983-1993
67Commission on Affairs of the Elderly: Older Adult Program (3 folders)1995-1998
67-68Commission on Affairs of the Elderly / Council of Elders: Older Adult Program (11 folders)1984-1996
68Community Development Building Grant: Protective Adult Counseling 1988-1989
68Council of Elders: Lunch Program Statistics1981
Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
68Computer Business Skills: Proposal1994
Jobs and Community Services
68Adult Basic Education (15 folders)1990-1996
68Adult Literacy Initiative (21 folders)1983-1997
68-69Family Education and Support Childcare (13 folders)1994-1997
69Housing Counseling Services1987
69Minority Employment and Training Program (6 folders)1987-1992
69Office Skills and Training Program (5 folders)1989-1992
69-70Older Adult Program (16 folders)1984-1997
70George O. Henry Trust Fund: Older Adult Program 1988
70Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice: Boston Chinese Youth Essential Services1976
70Mayor's Safe Streets Community Proposaln.d.
70Multicultural AIDS Coalition: Prevention and Education Programs1990
Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency
70Adult Skills Program (8 folders)1983-1987
70Computer Camp1984
70Housing Counseling Program (4 folders)1984-1986
70Lodging House Program 1985
70Office of Community Development: Proposal1976
70Partners with Non-Profits: Children's Art Centre Rehabilitation Project1995
Public Facilities Department
70Adult Education Program1991
70Emergency Shelter Program 1992
70Fair Housing Counseling Program (15 folders)1986-1996
70-71Senior Citizen Home Repair Program (12 folders)1986-1997
71Tenant Organizing (2 folders)1990-1991
71Safe Neighborhoods Youth Fund (2 folders)1993-1994
71Timothy Smith Consortium: Fundraising Task Force Meeting Notes2001
71Timothy Smith Fund: Report2004
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
71Administration on Children, Youth, and Families: South End Teen Empowerment Project1992
71Association of Day Care Agencies (2 folders)1994-1996
71Bureau of Social and Mental Health Services: Program Questionnaires 1987
Council on the Arts and Humanities
71Arts Lottery 1985-1992
71Black History Month 1985
71Outreach Program Applications1989-1991
71Family Support Program1994
71Final Report1984
71Fund for the Arts1985
71Children's Art Centre1988
71Harriet Tubman Soft Sculpture1988
71Heritage Program (2 folders)1988
71Merit Aid Program (6 folders)1983-1988
71Pilot Project1997-1988
Cultural Council
71Children's Art Centre (2 folders)1991-1994
71General Project Support (2 folders)1992-1993
71Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion 1993
71Meeting Notes1996
71Merit Aid Program1989-1990
71Organizational Support Report1996-1997
71Reports (2 folders) 1994
71South End Honor Roll and Children's Art Centre Community Arts Program1995
Department of Education
71General (2 folders)1995-1997
Bureau of Adult Education1985-1996
71-72Adult Basic Skills Program (8 folders)1985-1997
72Adult Education for the Homeless 1989
72Adult and Community Learning Services (3 folders)1995-1998
72Adult Literacy Meeting Notes1997
72Technology Mini-Grant Proposal1997
Bureau of Nutrition
72Camp Hale1989
72Childcare Food Program (7 folders)1983-1992
72Child and Adult Care Food Program (9 folders) (2 restricted)1988-1997
72Meeting Notes1995
72Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: Proposal1972-1974
72Department of Human Resources: Boston Region Satellite Job Center1985
72-73Department of Public Health: Multicultural AIDS Coalition, HIV/AIDS Education, and Awareness Program (16 folders)1989-1991
Department of Public Welfare
73Child Development Program (6 folders)1975-1990
73Correspondence 1985-1986
73Day Care Services Program 1973-1987
73Employment Training Program: Meeting Notesn.d., 1988
73Office Skills Training Program (17 folders)1984-1991
73Proposals (2 folders)1974-1975
73Site Visit Meeting Notes1988
Department of Social Services1986
73After School Daycare Program (8 folders)1986-1997
74Childcare Programs (3 folders)1984-1996
74Corrective Action Plans1988-1991
74Day Care Program Agreement Settlement1993
74Daycare Programs: Contracts 1989-1993
74Family Counseling Program (2 folders)1989-1990
74Family Daycare (11 folders)1982-1991
74Family Life Program (7 folders)1984-1989
74Family Stabilization Program (2 folders)1987-1988
74Family Stabilization / Homeless Counseling Program 1987-1990
74Group Daycare Program (4 folders)1982-1989
75Master Agreements (2 folders)1988-1992
75Office for Children: Daycare for Children with Special Needs1974
75Older Adult Program1985
75Prequalification (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1996
75Preschool Daycare Program (2 folders)1984-1994
75Summer Day Camp (6 folders)1971-1992
75Department of Youth Services: Non-Residential Program Proposal1976
Executive Office of Communities and Development
75Boston Citywide Land Trust: Proposal1986
75Community Service Block Grant Special Project1985-1986
75Lodging House Program (3 folders)1983-1984
Executive Office of Elderly Affairs
75Elders-at-Risk Program: Collaborative Proposal (4 folders)1989-1990
75External Audits1987-1988
75Home Care Demonstration Program: Proposal1988
75Minority Business Development Plan1989
75Older Adult Program (6 folders)1983-1991
75Older Adult Protective Services: Proposal1987
75Governor's Minority Employment Initiative: Proposal1985- 1986
75Housing and Home Finance Agency n.d., 1989
75-76Literacy Campaign (5 folders)1987-1990
76National and Community Service Commission: Senior Volunteer Program Proposal1996
76Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (4 folders)1993-1996
76Community Partnership Program: Preschool1997-1998
76Economic Social Action Committee: Senior Home Repair Program1995
76Godfrey Hyams Trust: Proposal1973-1975
76Greater Boston YMCA: Summer Day Camp Program1992
76Grimes King Foundation: Older Adult Program Report1992
76Kit Clark Senior Services1996
76New England Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1984-1996
76New Hampshire Department of Education Bureau of Food and Nutrition Services: Camp Hale (2 folders)1991-1995
76Oficina Hispana de la Communidad, Inc.: Central Artery / Tunnel Employment and Training Services (8 folders)1992-1997
76Performing Arts Student Series: Application1995
76Polaroid / Inner City, Inc. (2 folders)1982-1984
76Camp Hale Improvementsn.d.
76Cathedral Community Security1976
76Childcare Cathedral Public Housing Development1973
76Children's Art Center1975
76Day Care Training Programn.d.
76Expansion of Social Services in the South End Housing Projects1960
76Health Education Programn.d.
76Renters' Revolving Loan Fund1988
76Small Business Administrationn.d.
76South End Community Development1964
76Supportive Social Services Program1975
76Salvation Army: Adult Education Literacy Project Agreement1996
76Theodore Edson Parker Foundation: Youth Programs1983
76United States, Department of Housing and Urban Development: Neighborhood Networks Project (3 folders)1996-1997
76United States Housing and Home Finance Agency: Proposal1964
76United Way
76Emergency Food and Shelter Program (5 folders)1983-1997
76Teen Services Initiative: Proposal1986
76Urban Investment and Development Co.: Pre-Employment Training Report1984-1985
76Very Special Arts Massachusetts1990
76Vineyard Haven: Intensive Foster Care Facility Proposal1976
76Wang Laboratories Word Processing Systems Donation (2 folders)n.d., 1982-1983
76Youth Reach Revolving Museum: Proposal1996
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7. Audio-visual Material and Memorabilia, 1900-2009
Volume:19.8 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by format.

The Audio-visual and Memorabilia series documents fundraising activities, meetings and events, staff, and programs. Also documented are early programs at the Children's Art Center, 48 Rutland Street, the old Tubman House, 20 Union Park Drive, and Camp Hale. In addition, the South End neighborhood before urban renewal; the installation and unveiling of the Emancipation sculpture at Harriet Tubman Park; and the exhibits held in the Harriet Tubman Gallery are documented. The South End Honor Roll, United South End Settlements' oral history project, documents the history and cultures of the South End, the relationship of settlement houses with the neighborhood, their role in the neighborhood, and the South End during the Depression and the World Wars. Formats include color and black and white prints, slides, negatives, contact sheets, compact discs, VHS, MiniDV, DVD, 8mm and 1 reel-to-reel film. Also included are artwork, posters, and maps.

Of special interest are the photographs of the settlement houses and their programs from 1900 to 1925, which provide information on early programs, such as the Caddy Camp in Poland Springs, New Hampshire and the summer camps in Wellesley, Massachusetts and Brenton Woods, New Hampshire; drama classes; and South Bay Union activities, including the Flower Delivery Program and the roof garden (Boxes 82-83). Helen Morton's scrapbook (1920-1980) contains a comprehensive pictorial history of United South End Settlements and some of the people who were closely involved with it, such as Allan Crite (Box 83). Also of interest are the two other scrapbooks that include images of the South End Neighborhood and the settlement houses (Box 83). In addition, The South End Honor Roll with interviews of South End residents Barbara Williams, Teddy McLaren, Alice Sanford, Dorothea Collins, Chris Hayes, Clare Hayes, and Helen Hellman describe life in the neighborhood, its history and culture, and its relationship with United South End Settlements from the 1930s to 1990s (Box 79). Also of note are photographs the Hi-Hat Cabaret Night (Box 80); the Free Erica Huggins poster from the Black Panther Organization (FF6/D9); the Castle Square area property map (FF6/D9); and the self-portrait sketch by Allan Crite (Box 77). Slides in General folders (Box 86) include images of the South End Business Alliance (SEBA) and the South End Planning Council (SEPC).
Architect's Drawing
FF6/D9Harriet Tubman Park1998
Artist Renderings
84Children's Art Centre (2 drawings)n.d.
84South End House / 20 Union Park Driven.d.
89Arts Incentive Program: Digital Artwork and Film Clips2004-2006
77Calendars: Children's Art Centre1987, 1988
77Figures (2 folders)n.d., 1920
77Holiday cardsn.d.
77Self Portrait: Allan Crite1986
77Student Exhibit: Portfolio Preparation 1999
77Sunset Lake Champlain 1939
84Tone Etching: Children's Art Centre1994
77Woodblock Printsn.d.
Audio Cassettes
77Kenneth Brown Interview1991
77Children's Art Center: Meeting Minutes1998
91 USES Fund Show1977
89Arts Incentive Program1994, 2005
77Songs From Camp Hale (2 CDs)1999
118/3Children's Art Centre Courtyard Proposals (5)1994-2000
118/3Children's Art Centre Elevations1995
FF6/D9Construction Documents: 48 Rutland Street1998
118/3Construction Documents: Harriet Tubman House (4)11/19/1999
FF6/D9 Proposed Expansion of the Children's Art Centre and the South End Music Schooln.d.
77Caddy Camp, Poland Springs, New Hampshire1942
77Camp Hale 1946
77Lincoln House Vacation Camp1960-1970?
77South End House1950
Floppy Disk (2 inch)
91566 Columbus Ave.: Existing Conditions (AutoCAD Drawing Format)2001
91Annual Meeting Photos (2 disks)2000 Jun 22
91Annual Report FY 20012000
91Annual Report Profile: Sandra Furey Gaither2003
91Camp Hale (5 disks)1999
91Healthy Boston Coalition Meeting7/2003
91Holiday Appeal Package FY 2002 [Unable to open]2001
91MVC Photos (2 disks)2002
91Pat Oliver and Photos [Unable to open]n.d.
91Pictures of Children2001 Mar 8
FF6/D9Camp Halen.d., 1950?
FF6/D9Castle Square Property Line1962
FF6/D9South End195?
FF6/D9South End / Lower Roxburyn.d.
FF6/D9South End Urban Renewal1950-1960?
77Building a 21st Century Stickern.d.
Children's Art Centre
77Exhibit Announcements1919, 1920
77Windows Replica1998?
77Danny Scarborough: One Man Show Playbilln.d.
77Harriet Tubman Ceramic Tilen.d.
77Harriet Tubman House: Bumper Stickern.d.
77Katharine Bingham Dewey Plaquen.d.
Above VerticalMural Plan: South End Honor Rolln.d.
77Paul Robeson Celebration: Flyer1978
77South End House Calendar1948
77Circle of Hands muraln.d.
77Harriet Tubman (3 postcards)n.d.
77Lou Jones and Anne McQueen Photographsn.d.
77South End Housen.d.
942do Festival de Juventud: La Alianza Hispana1983
RS11/S3Afro-American Artists in Residence Program '88: The Eleventh Year1988
FF6/D9Allan Rohan Criten.d.
RS11/S3Along the El (2 posters)n.d.
FF6/D9Art Done to Jazz1988
FF6/D9Black History Week1976
94The Boston Collective: Massachusetts/Guangdong Art Exchange1986
RS11/S3Boston Globe Jazz Fest1989
RS11/S3Bravo Flamenco!n.d.
FF6/D9Bridge Over an Ocean: The Art of the Puerto Rican Poster1989
94 Cable Carn.d.
FF6/D9Camp Hale (2 posters)n.d.
FF6/D9Celebration of Creativity1984
FF6/D9, 118/3, RS11/S3Children's Art Centre (4 posters)n.d.
FF6/D9City Spotlights2009
FF6/D9Feet in Both Worldsn.d.
FF6/D9Fight Racismn.d.
FF6/D9Free Erica Hugginsn.d.
FF6/D9Freedom of the Press: 1960 to the Present1994
FF6/D9, 118/3Harriet Tubman Soft Sculpture (2 posters) 1989
FF6/D9Interracial Families: A Growing Multiculturen.d.
94I've Known Rivers: Afro-American Pavilionn.d.
FF6/D9A Love No Less: Two Centuries of African American Love Letters Book Lecture2003
FF6/D9Not For Sale: Recent Works of Dana C. Chandler, Jr.1992
94Photo Collage: [Adult Basic Education?] n.d.
94Sanctuary: The Spirt of Harriett Tubman (2 posters)n.d.
94Save Life On Earth: Artists for Survivaln.d.
93Students: [Adult Basic Education?] (3 posters)n.d.
118/3Harriet Tubman (2 posters)n.d.
118/3South End Center for Adult Educationn.d.
118/3United South End Settlements (4 panels)n.d.
93United South End Settlements: Staff (7 posters)n.d.
94Women and Men Striving for Their Goals: A Photographic Exhibition by Anita Kron Bachrach1992
FF6/D9Proclamations (5)1976, 1989-1994
77USES Plastic Bagn.d.
Photographic Materials
Contact Sheets
80Development: Events (3 folders)1975-201
80People: Unidentified n.d.
89Photographs for Annual Reports1998-1999
80Camp Halen.d.
80Children's Art Centren.d., 1994
80Harriet Tubman Gallery: Exhibits1981
80Homemakers 1960?
80Mackey School Vocational Awareness1982
80Neighborhood Newcomers195?
80Older Adult Program1960-1976
80Preschoolc. 1960-1970
80Summer Campsc.1960
80South Endn.d.
80South End House / 48 Rutland Street Renovationn.d.
891000 Hands2004
77Annual Meeting2000
89 Arts in the Park2008
89Arts Incentive Program 2003-2008
77After School Programn.d.
77Camp Hale2002-2006
77digNubia Exhibit: Arts and Cultural Programn.d.
89John Hancock Mosaic Dedication2007
77Programs and Events2008-2009
89Puerto Rican Parade2004
89South End Neighborhood2006
77USES Excerpt2003 Nov 3
77Gay History Event 2007 Oct 24
89Alvin Ailey Dance Campn.d.
89Camfield [Canfield?] and ICA Screeningn.d.
80Veterans Memorial Plaque: Dedication 1951
80Celebration of Creative1985
80Children's Festival1981
80Jazz Brunch1997
80Holidays1985, 1992
80Harriet Tubman Soft Sculpture Unveiling1989
80Harriet Tubman Gallery: Exhibits1979-1990
89Puerto Rican Parade2004
80Adult Basic Education (2 folders)1986-1989
89Arts Incentive Program (3 folders)n.d.
80Camp Halec. 1983-2000
80Children's Art Centern.d., c. 1970-2000
80Computer Clubhouse 1981, 1997
80Family Life Programc. 1980-1990
80Older Adult Program1976-1990
80South End Neighborhood Buildingsn.d.
80General1945, 1983-2000
80Annual Meeting1975-1988
80Robert Woods: Bustn.d.
89General (7 folders )n.d., 1947, 1992-2002
80, 89General (3 folders)n.d., 1984-1992, 2003
80100th Birthday Celebration1992
80Celebration of Creative1985
80Children's Festival1981
80Community Planning Meeting: New Harriet Tubman House (3 folders)c. 1970
80Hi Hat Cabaret Night1980, 1992, 1996
80Jazz Brunch1997
80United Way Campaignn.d., 1992, 1997
80Viva Frieda!2001
86Edward L. Cooper Award2006
80Emancipation Sculpture: Installation and Unveiling 1999
80Flower Distributionc. 1920-1930
80Garden Party1997
86Harriet Tubman Biography Authors Talk2004 May 24
80Harriet Tubman Celebration1981
80Harriet Tubman House Project1969
89Harriet Tubman Memorialn.d.
80Harriet Tubman Soft Sculpture: Unveiling1989
84Harriet Tubman Week: Signing Ceremony1976?
80Healthy Boston2002
Henry Newell
80Lane Dedication / Camp Hale2000
86Holiday Party for Seniors2002
80Jackie Robinson Poster Presentation1983
89Jazz at the Children's Art Centre2002
80May Festivalc. 1950
80Mayday Celebrationc. 1920
89Million Man March1995 Oct 16
86Open Doors to Health with Katie Couric2004 Jun 15
80Sixties On1986
80Step on Board!: Homage to Harriet Tubman and African American Emancipation in America1998
86Senior Thanksgiving Luncheon2007
80South End Community Forum1986
86Staff Holiday Party 2002
89United Way Staff Wind Up Event1993
Outside Organizations
89HarborCOV (Harbor Communities Overcoming Violence)n.d.
80, 89, 92Adult Basic Education (13 folders)n.d., 1984-1997
80After School Program
80Computer Class1989
80Dance Class1992
Arts Incentive Program
89General (2 folders)n.d., 2004-2007
89Aquarium (Aisha)2004 Nov
89Ceramics (2 folders)n.d.
89Culminating Event2005 Dec
89-90Photography Class (8 folders)n.d.
Camp Hale
80, 90General (10 folders)n.d., 1956-2000
80Henry Newelln.d., 1997
80Camp Totemc. 1960-1970
Children's Art Center
81, 84, 90General (17 folders)n.d., 1919-2000
81Charlotte Dempsey Award1980
90Grace Garcian.d.
81Leslie Richmond Class 1989
81Re-Opening Ceremony1998
81Wang Center Puppet Shown.d.
81Washington, D.C. Exhibit 1967
81WBZ Kids' Fair1980
81Computer Clubhouse1997
81Co-Operative Economic Developmentn.d.
81Community Service Center (2 folders)1960-1963?
81Daycaren.d., 1960-2000
81Family Life Programn.d., 1980-1982
81Family Support: Family and Children Workshop at Camp Hale1995
90Gallery 566n.d., 2002
Harriet Tubman Gallery
81Exhibits (5 folders)n.d., 1979-1994
81New England Women of Color Artistsn.d.
81Women's Expression Group1997
81Local Development of the South End, Inc.: Seminarn.d.
81-82, 90Older Adult Program (19 folders)n.d., 1970-2004
90Preschool2002 Apr
82Summer Teen Internship1992-1994
Youth Programs n.d.
82Generaln.d., 1961-1989
82Dance Class1992
82Summer Camps n.d., 1914-1944
Youth Resource Center
82Computer Center1981, 1985, 1993
82Computer Club Camp1984
82Unidentified n.d., 1961-1997
South End Neighborhood
82,84Buildings (8 folders)n.d., 1916-1995
82Castle Square1950s
82Franklin-Blackstone Squaren.d., 1932
82Massachusetts Turnpike Constructionn.d.
82General (7 folders)n.d., 1900-1960?, 1960-2000
84Caddy Camp Boysn.d.
82Harriet Tubmann.d., ca. 1904
84[Mrs. Eleanor Woods?]n.d.
82Urban Renewal Projectc. 1959-1967
South End Settlement Houses
82Harriet Tubman House1900-1950?
82Room Registry1900-1950?
82South Bay Union1900-1950?
82South End House (2 folders)1900-1950?
82Women's Residence1900-1950?
82, 86General (7 folders)Pre-1959-2000
82-83Annual Meeting (5 folders)1981-1995
86Katharine Bingham Deweyn.d.
83Kenneth Brownc. 1967-1971
90Sandra Furey Gaither2001
90Frieda Garcian.d., 1991-1999
90Harpoon and PWC Volunteersc. 2010
83Dorothy Scott Tubman c. 1967-1971
86Volunteers at USES2003-2004
90Statue of Libertyn.d.
90USES Scrapbook1990-2002
United South End Settlements
8348 Rutland (2 folders)n.d., 1999-2000
83Children's Art Center1993-1998?
83Harriet Tubman House1975-1992?
83Muralsn.d., 1988
83Unidentifiedn.d., 1988
90Generaln.d., 1926-1944
90, FF5/D5Arts Incentive Program (7 folders, 1 flat file)n.d., 2004-2005
90Early Childhood Education Programs2005-2006
83Helen Morton (6 folders)1920-1982
83South End House / South Bay Union (2 folders)1910-1925
83South End Neighborhood1930-1940
83Veterans Memorial Plaque: Dedication1951
86General (3 folders)n.d., 1958-1972
90Castle Square, L.H. [Lincoln House?]n.d.
83Generaln.d., 1985-1987
83Ringling Brothers Circus1976
Harriet Tubman Gallery
83Exhibits (3 folders)n.d., 1986
83New England Women of Color Artists2000
83Adult Basic Education: Employment Training and Education1985
90Arts Incentive Program: Frieda Kahlo Projectn.d.
83Camp Hale1982-1985
83Children's Art Center1986
83Cooperative Economic Development1960-1970?
83, 90Daycare (2 folders)n.d., 1985-1986
90Older Adult Programn.d.
83Slide Show Presentation: Programs c. 1960-1970
83, 90South End Neighborhood Buildings (2 folders)1959-1992
83General (2 folders)n.d., 1958-1965
90Tubman House, Children's Art Centre, Annual Meetingsn.d.
77 U-matic: Kenneth Brown Tributen.d.
1 reel-to-reel
77After School / 4 Family Day Caren.d.
77Annual Meeting1981
77Camp Hale (2 reels)n.d.
77Cathedral Shotsn.d.
77Chinese New Yearn.d.
77Chinese Teens / Fish Fryn.d.
77E.L.A., # 4n.d.
77F.L.P., #1n.d.
77Group (2 reels) 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 n.d.
77Day Care, Joan W.n.d.
77Floor Hockey1982
77Kung Fun.d.
78Phil Coolidge and Kids Leaving House1960-1970
78Catherine Monroe1981?, 1981
78Mildred Rumpolen.d.
78Doris Smith1981
78Shawmut Avenuen.d.
78South End Tourn.d.
78Summer Scope (2 reels)n.d., 1981
77Troy's Production1981
78Youth Program: News Team1983
78Violence Prevention Workshops1983
78, 79, 95Unidentified (10 reels)n.d.
91Trans Parere: To Show Oneselfn.d.
90Adult Education Program: Adult Education: Helping for a Lifetime2003
Arts Incentive Program
90Culminating Event (2 DVDs)c. 2000, Spring 2003
90The Hands That Pull Us Through the Storm2006 May
90Harriet Tubman Song2004
90Children's Art Centre Movie2007
90Hunt Alternatives Fund2007
Arts Incentive Program
918-10. Peacing it Together (3 tapes)n.d.
9111-12. On Their Way(2 tapes) 2005 May 11
9113-14. People Get Ready (2 tapes)n.d.
9115. Community Meeting 2005 Jun 29
9116. Performances: Ballet Rox: Belly Dance Performance2005 Jun 12
9117. YWTP (Latinas en Accion, Teen Voices)2005
9118-19.Goodbye Party (2 tapes) 2004 May 17
9120. Paty's Interviewn.d.
9121. Aisha's Tapen.d.
9122. Harriet Tubman Event (song); Stephanie's animation (rough)n.d.
9123. Interviews, Beautiful and GED Stephn.d.
9124. People Get Ready at book reading; Follow the Drinking Gourd; train interviews n.d., 2004 Nov 17
9125. Culminating Event IIn.d.
9126-28. [Untitled] (3 tapes)n.d., 2004 Mar 25
7920 South End House195?
91[After School Programs ?], Computer Clubhousen.d.
Arts Incentive Program
91Arts Incentive Clip, Jessica P.2002
91Culminating Event/Phenomenal Women (3 tapes)Mar 25
91In Our Times, Bunker Hill Community College2001 Aug 24
91Margaret on Girl TVn.d.
91Urban Improv (VHS-C)n.d.
79, 91Camp Hale (4 tapes)1946, 1990?-1999
79Citizens Bank Community Champion: Senior Home Repair Program (2 tapes)2004
91A Conversation with a Living Relative of Harriet Tubmann.d.
79Coolidge Fund: United South End Settlements: A Wonderful Place for Womenn.d.
91Diplomas and Dreams: On Public Education in Bostonn.d.
91Gang Interview: Patyn.d.
91Girls Camp: Gardening (2 tapes)n.d.
91 Graduation (2 tapes)1987, 1988
79Gladys Guson Memorial Service1989
79Hi Hat Cabaret Nite1992
91Healthy Boston Community Meeting (2 tapes)1992 Oct 24
91Healthy Boston Second Workshop (2 tapes)1993 Feb 6
91Mapping Neighborhood Assets, Recognizing Our Strengths Conference1992 Oct 24
Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications (MCET)n.d.
95MCET/Healthlinks Communicating with Caring Skitsn.d.
95Multicultural Collection (14 tapes)n.d.
95Putting it All Together: Violence in Our Schools (2 tapes)1993 Nov 23
91Older Adult Program Christmas Celebration1995 Dec 15
91Pinching the Giantsn.d.
91Playing To Win, City University of New York1991 Aug 19
91Pre-Vocational Program1997 Feb 7
95The Rites of Spring, Boston1994
91Shakespeare, Violencen.d.
South End Center for Adult Education
79Gay Men's History: In and Around the South End2005
79Stories of the Old South End2004
79South End Honor Roll (5 tapes)1995-1996
91 United South End Settlements: A Catalyst for Community1999
91United South End Settlements Class: Unidentifiedn.d.
91United South End Settlements Class: Central Harlem Montessori1994 Jun 6
91United South End Settlements Class Promo Videon.d.
91Zoom Contribution Reel1996 Jul 30
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