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Collection Overview
Title:Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts records
Date:1953-2007 (bulk 1985-2000)
Location Code:58/3-4, FF6/D9
Reference Code:M139
Extent:13.5 cubic ft.
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection documents the efforts of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts to administer programs created by the National Urban League to create social and economic self sufficiency among African Americans and other communities of color. The Urban league of Greater Boston and the Urban League Guild, which is the volunteer fundraising arm of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. Records date from 1968-2007 and cover such topics as career development and counseling, job skills and readiness training, and academic enrichment. Other topics include civil rights, school reform, and race relations in the city of Boston. Programs that were designed to foster self-esteem in young unemployed fathers; employment opportunities for older adults; career exploration careers in the areas of technology and automotive repair; and the development of leadership skills among youth are also documented. Records include funding proposals, grants and contracts, correspondence, program descriptions, meeting minutes, and strategic plans, newsletters, and photographs.
Historical Abstract:The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, (a community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans and other people of color to enter into the economic and social main stream), began its work in 1917 when a group of citizens led by Eugene Kunkle Jones met to discuss ways to help the growing number of black migrants from the South and immigrants from the West Indies find housing and employment in Boston. Once established, it became an affiliate of the National Urban League and incorporated in 1919 as the Boston Urban League. When the League first opened, it offered the same services as settlement houses; however, its focus quickly shifted to education and employment opportunities. In 1973, the organization was incorporated as the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, and it continues to offer programs and services that are designed to promote economic and social self sufficiency among African Americans and other communities of color in Boston. As an affiliate of the National Urban League, it administers the programs and services that are designed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated by the Office of the Vice President of Programs of the National Urban League.
Language and Scripts:
Arrangement:Organized into five series: 1. Governance; 2. Administration; 3. Development and External Affairs; 4. Programs; and 5. Audio-Visual material and Memorabilia.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Dr. Joan Wallace Benjamin
  • Ed Cooper

  • Boston Urban League
  • Urban League of Greater Boston
  • Citywide Educational Coalition
  • Community Coordinating Council

  • Adult education -- United States
  • Vocational education -- Programs -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Employment training -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Community development -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Roxbury
  • Community organization -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Social services -- Massachusetts -- Roxbury (Boston)
  • African American youth -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Youth development -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Boston (Mass.). -- Race relations
  • Non-profit organizations -- Management
  • Non-profit organizations -- Finance
  • African Americans -- Employment -- United States
  • Academic achievement -- Massachusetts
  • Juvenile delinquency -- United States -- Prevention
  • Crime prevention -- Youth participation -- United States
  • Youth -- Employment -- United States
  • Vocational guidance -- United States
  • Career development
  • Unemployed -- Counseling of
  • African Americans -- Education -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Non-profit organizations -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Social Services -- Massachusetts -- Elderly
  • Civil rights -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • School improvement programs -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Sex instruction -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Substance abuse prevention

Restrictions:The collection is unrestricted.
Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the University Archivist.
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The Archives and Special Collections Department capture the website content of the Urban League Of Eastern Massachusetts, which is accessible at:*/

Processor:Finding aid prepared by Kimberly Reynolds with the assistance of Gena Pliakas and Tamara Gaydos., July 31, 2007

Scope and Content Note

The collection documents the efforts of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts to administer programs created by the National Urban League to create social and economic self sufficiency among African Americans and other communities of color. Records date from 1968-2007 and cover such topics as career development and counseling, job skills and readiness training, and academic enrichment. Other topics include civil rights, school reform, and race relations in the city of Boston. Programs that were designed to foster self-esteem in young unemployed fathers (Boxes 8-10 and 13); employment opportunities for older adults (Boxes 4-5, 8-10 and 13); career exploration careers in the areas of technology and automotive repair (Box 6); and the development of leadership skills among youth are also documented (Boxes 5 and 6). Records include proposals, grants and contracts, correspondence, program descriptions, meeting minutes, and strategic plans, and progress reports. Photographs are also included.

Historical Note

The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (the League) began its work in 1917 when a group of citizens met to discuss ways to help the growing number of black migrants from the South and immigrants from the West Indies to find housing and employment in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood. Once established, it became an affiliate of the National Urban League and incorporated, in 1919, as the Boston Urban League. When the League first opened, it offered the same services as settlement houses; however, its focus quickly shifted to education and employment opportunities. As an affiliate of the National Urban League, it administers the programs and services that are designed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated by the Office of the Vice President of the National Urban League.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Urban League of Greater Boston strove to improve the social and educational conditions of blacks. In the 1950s, it participated in creating legislation against discrimination in housing and held housing clinics, advocated for fair employment policies in local companies, and formed a committee to find ways to improve adoption and foster home care. Also, the League was a member of the South End Rehabilitation and Conservation Program, which sought to increase the economic viability and preserve the existing housing in the South End. During the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s, the League continued to administer programs in education and employment. Moreover, it began to strengthen its advocacy role by taking leadership positions on issues such as voter education, affordable housing, and racial equality in the areas of education and employment.

In the early 1970s, the League withdrew from the United Services Fund and consequently lost its main source of funding. Urban renewal, the desegregation of the Boston public schools, and high unemployment called for an increase in social services for the black community. In response to this need, the League of Eastern Massachusetts was established in 1973 to serve the residents of Boston's Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Mattapan neighborhoods. In 1976, the Skills Bank, a counseling and placement service, was put into operation to assist unemployed and underemployed workers to find meaningful work. Also during this time, the League collaborated with the United States Government to bring programs to residents through the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). The Seniors in Community Services Program (Mature Workers Program), which provided older adults employment opportunities in non-profit and community services organizations, is a result of this collaboration.

Throughout the 1980s, the League offered programs in career exploration, community development, and on-the-job-training. Youth programs provided career development and part-time work opportunities, leadership training, and skills training. In addition, a collaborative effort with a local secretarial school resulted in an intensive office skills program that included classroom learning and actual business experience. Programs that made minority adoption more accessible, established apprenticeship positions in the construction trade, and attended to the needs of young unemployed fathers were also included. In the late 1980s, the League resumed its role as an advocate for people of color by monitoring issues such as school reform, racism and discrimination problems, and child care and child welfare. In addition, a program was established at the David A. Ellis Elementary school in Roxbury that promised children a fully paid college or vocational education upon completion of high school; and the League began publishing a newsletter and collaborating with organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Black Ecumenical Commission of Massachusetts, and the Citywide Educational Coalition.

In 1990, the National Urban League underwent a reorganization and identified two priorities: education and career development, and employment and job training. In 1993, the Urban League partnered with the Efficacy Institute to help elementary school students achieve a higher level of academic and social competence. Youth programs were designed to develop leadership and academic skills, promote sexual responsibility, and emphasized violence prevention. In 1994, the Employment Resource Center was established in response to the unmet employment need in the African American community. The Center performed outreach and job-readiness training, case management, and job placement. The creation of the Technology Training Institute in 1997, which provided computer skills training and technology education, was the result of a partnership between the National Urban League, NYNEX, and the City of Boston. Advocacy remained a vital function of the organization and throughout the 1990s it was engaged in such issues as school reform, economic development in the African American community, and racism and discriminatory practices. To publicize its views the League gave testimony at legislative and community hearings, hosted forums, and published statements and editorial pieces in the press.

In 2007, the League offers an array of programs and services such as the BostonWorks Resource Center, (which offers an extensive on-line guide to employment opportunities), employment and professional job skill training, technology training, and an automotive repair training course. Programs for youth and families focus on academic, social, and emotional development by promoting family literacy and encouraging parent involvement in their children's education. Summer camp opportunities, small business development, and health awareness workshops are also offered by the League. There are two auxiliary organizations within the League: the Young Professionals Network, which seeks to advance personal and career development in young people living in Boston; and The Urban League Guild, is comprised of members and donors who assists the League with service delivery and fundraising activities

1919Boston Urban League becomes an affiliate of the National Urban League.
1926Boston Urban League incorporates.
1944Boston Urban League becomes the Urban League of Greater Boston
1972Urban League of Greater Boston closes.
1973Urban League of Greater Boston reopens under the name Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.
President/Chief Operating Officer Chronology
1977-1980Emory N. Jackson
1981-1983Shirley O. Hicks
1984-1988Donald L. Polk
1988William J. Brown, Interim President
1989-2000 Dr. Joan Wallace Benjamin
2001Barbara E. Edelin, Interim President
2001-presentDarnell L. Williams

Annual Reports, 1984-1985, 1990, 1994, 2002, and 2005 (Box 1).

Urban League: General, (Box 4).

"A Refocused Urban League", (Box 4). Accessed July 29, 2007.

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Board of Director Minutes: 1970-1972, (Boxes 2-3).

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1. Governance, 1984-2007 (1984-1997)
Volume:2 cubic ft.


This series documents the activities of the Board of Directors and its committees in collaboration with the President / Chief Executive Officer's office to institute the goals and policies of the National Urban League and to raise funds for the affiliate programs and operating expenses. The series consists of annual reports from 1984-2006 (missing 1987-1989 and 1995-2000), agendas and minutes of monthly and annual meetings, Board of Directors meetings (1994-2005, 1986-2007), and standing committee meetings, specifically the executive and development committees. The minutes of the Board of Directors and standing committee meetings are incomplete. Also included is correspondence to and from board members, presidents, and funders. Researchers should note that audio cassettes of the Executive Committee (1999-2003) and Strategic Planning meetings (1999-2002) are located in Series 5. Audio-visual and Memorabilia.
1Annual Reports (5 folders)1984-2006
Board of Directors
1Advocacy Reportsn.d., 1990-1991
1Agendasn.d., 1996-2001
1Annual Meetings (2 folders)1994-2005
1Budgetn.d., 1987-2002
1Budget and Finance1987-1988
1Communicationsn.d., 1985-1987
1Development (2 folders)1984, 1993-1998
1Executive (6 folders)1996-2007
1Membershipn.d., 1984-1996
1Nominatingn.d., 1986-1988
1Personnel n.d., 1985
1Program (2 folders)n.d., 1987-1997
1Strategic Planning1998
1Technology Advisory1997-2001
1Correspondence (4 folders)1985-2002
1Financial Statements (4 folders)1985-2005
1Long Range Plan[1987?]
1Member Listsn.d., 1986-2002
1-2, 14Minutes (19 folders)n.d., 1986-2007
2Orientation Manual2005
2Retreatn.d., 1994
2Strategic Plan (2 folders)n.d., 1993-2002
2National Urban League (9 folders)n.d., 1981-2007
2Organizational Chartsn.d., 1993-1994
2Organizational Profilen.d.
2Personnel Policies and Procedures Manuals (2 folders)1981, 1997
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2. Administration, 1987-2005 (bulk1987-2000)
Volume:5 cubic ft.

Chronological by staff member tenure; alphabetical within subseries.Organized into five subseries: A. Donald Polk; B. William Brown; C. Joan Wallace Benjamin; D. Barbara Edelin; and E. Darnell Williams.

This series documents the activities of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts' President / Chief Executive Officers, including program implementation; fundraising and resource development; relations with the National Urban League, the Boston Public Schools, local media organizations, and funders; strategic planning; and collaboration efforts with outside organizations, including the Black Ecumenical Commission of Massachusetts, Citywide Educational Coalition, the Anti-Defamation League, NSTAR, and NYNEX. Community development and facilities management are also documented. Board of Director minutes and committee meeting minutes are annotated by the presidents.

Records include agendas; budgets; proposals; grants and contracts; and correspondence from funders, outside organizations, the National Urban League, and board members. Also included are job descriptions, staff lists and meeting minutes, personnel policies, and program progress reports. Located throughout this series are program descriptions, reports, proposals, grants, and contracts. See Series 3. Development and External Relations, for a complete set of funding proposals, grants, and contracts. See Series 4. Programs, for a complete set of program descriptions. Also see Series 5, Audio-visual and Memorabilia for staff meeting minutes, 2000-2001.

A. Donald Polk (.75 cubic ft.), 1984-1988, includes meeting minutes of the Boston Civil Rights Coalition; documentation from Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project: A New Municipality, which outlines a plan for Roxbury to become independent of Boston; and the position of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts on South Africa.

B. William Brown (.05), 1988, includes meeting minutes of the Black Ecumenical Commission of Massachusetts in addition to material from the AIDS Action Committee and the Alliance for Young Families.

C. Joan Wallace Benjamin (6 cubic ft.), 1989-2000, includes correspondence to and from the National Urban League, the Board of Directors, funders, and city, state, and federal law makers; funding proposals, grants, and contracts; and strategic plan development. Also included are program progress reports, fundraising plans, meeting minutes, and agreements between the National Urban League and the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, the National Urban League's Affiliate Analysis, and the Organizational Check-Up results.

D. Barbara Edelin (0.25 cubic ft.) 2001, includes program information and correspondence.

E. Darnell Williams (0.50 cubic ft.) 2001-present, includes the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Performance Assessment.

Of interest is the relationship between the National Urban League and the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (Boxes 4-5); the response of Joan Wallace Benjamin to the Boston Magazine: "Head Negro In Charge" controversy, which challenged the choice of the title of an article about Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (Box 3); and the Ten Demandments, which were issued as a result of the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict in 1992 (Box 5).
A. Donald Polk
2Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: A World of Difference Campaign1987-1988
2Black Human Resource Center1985
2Board of Directors (6 folders)1981-1989
2Boston Black Coalition1986-1987
2Boston Children's Museumn.d., 1987-1988
2Boston Public Schools: School Reform1987-1992
2Carter Playground: Proposal1987
2Children's Advocacy Day1987-1988
2Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Social Services: Correspondence1985-1988
2Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Department: Blueprint 20001987-1989
2Correspondence n.d., 1985-1989
2Development and External Relations (3 folders)n.d., 1986-1990
2Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition: Meeting Minutes1987-1988
2Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project: A New Municipality n.d., 1986-1987
2, 14Lease Agreements: Office Space (3 folders)1985-1989
2Legal: WFXT-TV Transfer1988-1989
2National Office Study Task Force1985
3National Urban League (2 folders)1987-1996
3The Partnership: Correspondence1987-1988
3Polaroid-Inner City, Inc.1988
3Roxbury-North Dorchester Area Planning Action Council: Correspondence1985-1987
3South African Question: Unity Statement1985-1986
3Special Commission on Public Education: Reportn.d.
3Street Cop Coalition1987
3William Monroe Trotter Institute1988
3WLVI-TV 56: Minority Advisory Council1988
B. William Brown
3, FF6/D988 Warren Street: Office Space (3 folders)n.d., 1986-1989
3AIDS Action Committee1989
3Alliance for Young Families 1987-1989
3The Black Ecumenical Commission of Massachusetts, Inc.: Meeting Minutes1988
C. Joan Wallace Benjamin
32000-2005 Strategic Plan: Presentationn.d., 2000
3, FF6/D988 Warren Street: Renovations (2 folders)1995-1996
3AIDS in the African American Community: Conference Planning Minutes1994
3Anti-Defamation League Security Conference: Agenda1996
3Balfour Scholars: Aspen Instituten.d., 1998-1999
3Big Brother Association of Boston1989-1990
3Black Philanthropy Conference2000
3Board of Directors (2 folders)n.d., 1997-1998
3Boston Globe: Welfare Reform Op-ed Proposals1998
3Boston Latin School Admission Policy: Statements1996
3Boston Magazine: "Head Negro In Charge" Controversy1998
3Boston Public Schools: School Reform1991-1992
3Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston: Proposalsn.d., 1989
3Brandeis University Presentation Outline: Strategic Planning n.d.
3Capital Task Force1996
3Center for Corporate Community Relations, Working Collaboratively to Address Community Issues: Session Notesn.d., 1990
3Children's Hospital: Child Sexual Abuse Study1989
3Civil Right Act of 1990n.d., 1990
3City of Boston: Blue Ribbon Commission1995
3City to City: Boston's Leadership Exchange1998
3Citywide Educational Coalition (2 folders)1990-1992
3Advocacy / Public Policy 1995
3Technology (2 folders)1996-1997
3Community Partnership: Advisory Board Meeting Minutes1997
3Community Youth Services Inventory: Greater Roxbury and North Dorchester1994-1995
3Consultants (3 folders)1996-2000
3, 14Correspondence (16 folders)n.d., 1987-1998
3Critical Friends1995-1996
3Desmond Pfeiffer Controversy1998
3-4Development and External Relations (26 folders)n.d., 1990-2000
4Eastern Regional Programmatic Conference (3 folders)n.d., 1993-1997
4Empowerment Zone II Task Force1998
14Fleet Bank1995
4Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition: Meetings1990-1991
4Greater Roxbury Sober Health Club, Inc.: Concept Paper1991
4Greater Roxbury Workers Associationn.d.
4Legal Audit: Tax Exempt Status and Fundraising Activity1991
4Management and Community Development Institute: Board Leadership Training Program1992
4John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs: Reportsn.d., 1997
4Media Arts, Inc.1989
4Meeting Notesn.d., 1991
4Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc.: Vision Statement1989-1991
4Middlesex Community College, Continuing Education Opportunities to Seniors: Workshopn.d., 1997
4Millipore Foundation: Proposalsn.d., 1997
National Urban League
4Generaln.d., 1991
490th Anniversary Celebration 2000 (2 folders)2000
4Affiliate Analysis 1997
4Agreements (3 folders)1998-1999
4Association of Executives (2 folders)1996-2000
4Boston College1996
4Certificationn.d., 1999
4Community Organizing Programn.d., 1994
4Futurist Committee Agenda1991
4National Economic Development Summit1979
4NYNEX Technology Center (2 folders)1996-1997
4Opportunity Magazine 1999
4Opportunity Works (3 folders)n.d., 2000
4Organizational Check-up Results2000
4Playing to Win: A Marshal Plan for America1991
4A Refocused National Urban League1990
4-5Seniors in Community Service Program (5 folders)1994-2000
5Site Visit Report1996
5Technology Center: Agreement 1999
5Terms of Affiliation1993
5Toward a 21st Century Movement: Strategic Vision 1998-20031998
5Whitney M. Young Leadership Development Institute1996
5Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation: Employment and Trainingn.d., 1996-1997
5New England Aquarium1993
5Newspaper Clippings1991-2000
5Notes: Generaln.d., 1993
5Partnership 2000: Conference2000
5Polaroid Inner City Proposal2000
5Press Releasesn.d.
5Central Artery Tunnel Project1993-1994
5Community Mobilization and Empowerment Project (4 folders)n.d., 1994-2000
5Employment Resource Center (6 folders)n.d., 1991-2000
5Harvard Medical School: Temporary Staffing Pool / Pilot Program2000
5Job Readiness Training (2 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
5Parent Involvementn.d., 1999
5Saturday School1998-1999
5Scholarship Builder (4 folders)n.d., 1990-1998
5Youth Education and Development: Community Mobilization and Empowerment1997
5Regional Community Policing Institute for New England: Police Ethics and the Community Forum2000
5African Americans and Equal Opportunity: The Case for Affirmative Actionn.d., 1995-1996
5Howell Report: Notesn.d., 1990
5Organizing African-American Self-Development: The Role of Community-Based Organizationsn.d.
5Potential Impact of Federal Budget Cuts in Boston's Community-Based Agencies1996
5Roxbury Kiwanis Clubn.d.
5Roxbury Youth Works (2 folders)1989-1991
5Speeches (10 folders)n.d., 1997-1999
5Staff (11 folders)n.d., 1990-1999
5, 14Strategic Plan (4 folders)n.d., 1991-1997
5Success by 61994-1996
5The Ten Demandments (2 folders)n.d., 1992-1993
5United States Postal Service, Boston District: Celebrate Black History Month1995
5United Way: Call for Volunteerism Paneln.d., 1997
Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts
6Self-Sufficiency Survey[2000?]
6Welfare Reform (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
6Women's Leadership Project1997
6Youth Voice Collaborative1995
D. Barbara Edelin
6Black Ministerial Alliance and Freedom House: Community Education Summit1998
6Boston Fire Department Meeting2001
6Correspondence (2 folders)1998-2001
6Newsletters: ULEM Today2000-2001
6PowerUP Pack: Agreementn.d., 2001
6Employment Resource Center2001
6Employment and Training (2 folders)n.d., 2000-2001
6Financial Services Academyn.d., 1999-2001
6Parent and Youth Services Department: After School Program2004
6Seniors in Community Service: Report1999
6Strategic Plan: Budget Narrativen.d.
E. Darnell Williams
6Board of Directors (2 folders)2001
6Boston Career Link Advocacy Council: Meeting Minutes2002
6Community Partners for a New Superintendent: Meeting Minutes2005
6Death Penalty: Testimony Material2005
6Employment / Professional Skills and Technology: Program (2 folders)2001
6Grants and Contracts: SkillWorks: Partnership for Automotive Career Education Proposal2005
6Performance Assessment (2 folders)n.d., 2002-2005
6Scholastic Book Award2001
6Staff: Listn.d.
6Strategic Plan (2 folders)n.d., 2004-2005
6United Way: Correspondencen.d., 2001
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3. Development and External Relations, 1948-2007 (bulk 1984-1999)
Volume:5 cubic ft.


This series documents the Development Office's efforts to raise funds for operations and programs, involvement in applying for grants and contracts, and role in producing the organization's newsletters. Major donors include the State Street Bank, United Way, Reebok Foundation, Hyams Foundation, Fidelity, McDonald's Charity, Nellie Mae, the Boston Foundation, the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Urban League of Greater Boston and the Urban League Guild are also documented. Records for the Greater Boston Urban League date from 1948-1954 and are incomplete. Board of Directors minutes are annotated by Development Office staff.

Records include annual reports, by-laws, organizational charts, meeting notes and minutes, proposals, grants, contracts, correspondence, program descriptions, progress reports, publicity, and newsletters.

Of special interest are the records of the Urban League of Greater Boston, which provide information on the race relations in Boston during the 1950s (Box 10). The records of the Urban League Guild, the volunteer fundraising arm of the organization, provide insight into the Guild's organization and its own fundraising efforts on behalf of the League (Box 11).
6Affiliate Fiscal Surveyn.d., 1993-1994
6African American Education Committee: Meeting Minutes1994-1996
6Agency Diversity Forms1992-1996
6Audit (3 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
6Board of Directors (3 folders)n.d., 1991-2006
6Boston Urban League: 20th Anniversary Report[1939?]
6Brochuresn.d., 1980
6Consultants (7 folders)n.d., 1992-1995
6Correspondence (3 folders)1992-1995
6Focus Group Breakfast1992
6Funding Sources (2 folders)1993-1997
6Annual Meetings: Planning n.d., 1991-1993
6Boston Business Journal: Events Schedule Advertisement2005
6Catholic Charities: Solicitation1993
6Coca-Cola: Vending Referral Programn.d.
6-7Corporate Giving (63 folders)n.d., 1981-2001
14Corporate Solicitation Plann.d., 1995
721st Century Awards Gala (5 folders)n.d., 1995-2006
7, 1475th Anniversary (4 folders)n.d., 1992-1993
790th Anniversary2007
7Annual Golf Classic2003-2006
7Capital Campaignn.d., 1996
7Conversation, Cocktails and Jazz (3 folders)n.d., 1988-1994
7Corporate Breakfast (7 folders)1992-1997
7Cultivation n.d., 1996
7Education Forumn.d., 1992
7Evening of Blues: African History Monthn.d., 1994
7Kids Block Party1993
7Stephanie Mills: Concert and Afterparty2003
7A Night Out with the Stars1987
7President's Luncheon2005-2007
7Diana Ross Concert1995
7Success and Survival of the African-American Malen.d., 1990-1991
7Strategies for Survival: Dinner Dance1983
8Individual Contributions1990-1999
8Pledges (2 folders)n.d., 1995
8Projectsn.d., 1994
Grants and Contracts
8Agreements (5 folders)n.d., 1996-2004
8America Connects Consortium2001
8Anheuser Busch Companies1993-1994
8Bank of Boston (2 folders)1994
8Bay State Skills Corporation1995
8Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation2001
8Blue Cross Blue Shield1994-1997
8Borden Foundation (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1994
8Boston Foundation (4 folders)1993-2000
8Boston Gas Company1992-1995
8Boston Initiative for Teen Pregnancyn.d., 1997
8Boston Private Industry Council1998
8Children's Services of Roxbury1996
8City of Boston (11 folders)n.d., 1988-2000
8Coca-Cola Foundation2001
8Commonwealth of Massachusetts (3 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
8Community Development Finance Corporation1995
8CompULinkn.d., 1989
8Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust2001
8Digital Equipment Corporation1995-1997
8Draper Laboratories1993-1994
8Dunkin' Donuts 1996-1998
8Eastern Enterprises Foundationn.d., 1992-1995
8Georgiana Goddard Eaton Memorial Fund2001-2003
8Fidelity Investments1998
8Fleet Bankn.d., 1994-1998
8Fleet Charitable Trust1996
8Fuller Foundation1993
8Gardner Charitable Trust1992-1993
8GTE Foundation1991
8John Hancock Mutual Insurance Company1990-1999
8Harbus Foundation2001
8Harcourt General Charitable Foundation1990-1994
8Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation1992-1999
8Charles Hayden Foundation1981-1997
8Hearst Foundation2001
8Hill Holiday Connors Cosmopulos, Inc1997
8Hyams Foundation1994
8Injury Prevention1997
9Lotus Development Corporation1989-2000
9A.L. Mailman Family Foundation, Inc.: Young Father's Program1990
9Management Associates1989-1994
9Marr Charitable Trust1994
9Marshalls 1990-1991
9Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency1994
9Ronald McDonald Children's Charities (2 folders)1989-2002
9Mission Main Housing Developmentn.d., 1999
9National Center of Afro-American Artists1992
9National Urban League (7 folders)1988-2001
9Nellie Mae2000
9New England Telephone1992-1994
9Northeastern University, Kellogg Partnership in Foundation (2 folders)n.d., 1998-2000
9Nutter, McClennen and Fish1994-1995
9Office Max1994-1995
9Oficina Hispana1994-1995
9Old South Church Fundn.d., 1990
9Perini Corporation1990-1992
9Pioneer Institute 1993
9Pizza Hut1994
9PowerUpn.d., 2000-2001
9Private Industry Council1998-1999
9Raytheon 1991-1999
9Reebok Foundation1994-1995
9Daniel E. Rothenberg 1995-1997
9Shawmut Bankn.d., 1991-1996
9Timothy Smith Fund1999
9Thrift Fund1995-1996
9United States Department of Labor: Women's Bureau1994
9United Way (8 folders)n.d., 1989-2000
9US Healthcare1993
9Work / Family Directions1990
9Xerox Corporation1990-1992
9Marketing (3 folders)n.d., 1993-2007
9Massachusetts Division of Public Charities: Annual Report1992
9Membership 2003
9Mission Statementn.d.
9, 14Newspaper Clippings (4 folders)n.d., 1979-1998
9Open House and Press Conference1997-2001
9Press Release: Darnell Williams, New Chief Executive Officer2001
9Proforma: Expense Reports1989-1994
9Programmatic Conference1997
9Generaln.d., 1989-1992
9Employment Resource Center (3 folders)n.d., 1991-1995
10, 14Flyers (2 folders)n.d., 1997-2007
10Positive Futures: Marketing Materialsn.d., 1989-2000
10Saturday School1996-1997
10Seniors in Community Service Program: Marketing Materialsn.d., 1990-1993
10Young Fathers / Young Male Consortium (2 folders)n.d., 1991
10The Champion1985-1988
10Tomorrow's Urban Leaders Excelling in Academic Performance2006
10ULEM Today (12 folders)n.d., 1985-2007
10Unity First2007
10To Be Equal Column (3 folders)1988-2002
10Quick Facts About the Urban League Movement1986
10Research Notesn.d.
Special Events
10Efficacy Forumn.d., 1991-1992
10March on Washingtonn.d., 1993
10State of Black America1994
10Staff (2 folders)n.d.
10Strategic Plan (2 folders)2000-2005
Urban League of Greater Boston
10Annual Report1948
Board of Directors
10Activity Reports (2 folders)n.d., 1953-1956
10Meeting Minutes1953-1954
10Boston Drama: Survey1950
10Housing Study: Article1953
10Interpretation of the Urban League Program in Industrial Relations1955
10Mid-Century Highlights1950
10A Study of an Urban League Project Designed to Integrate Negro Workers in Boston's Retail Store Industry1950
10Training and Employment of White Collar and Skilled Negro Workers: Survey Report1935
10United Community Services of Metropolitan Boston: Budget Summary1948-1954
Urban League Guild
10-11General (8 folders)1980-1986
11Annual Meetings (2 folders)1984-1985
11Executive Committee: Minutes1984-1985
11Meeting Minutes1984-1985
11Membership Plan 1984
11President's List1984
11President's Luncheon (2 folders)n.d., 1984
11Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (2 folders)n.d., 1996
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4. Programs, 1968-2003 (bulk 1997-2003)
Volume:2 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by program.

This series documents the implementation of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts' programs and events. Records include program descriptions and reports, meeting minutes and notes, and correspondence. Curricula, statistics, and class schedules are also included.

Of special interest is the folder containing information about Camp Osceola, which was donated to the New Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts by Warren Priest in 1968.
Advocacy / Public Policy
11General (2 folders)n.d., 2000-2004
11Amicus Curiae (4 folders)n.d., 2001-2003
11The Angry Heart: Video Screeningn.d., 2002
11Anti-defamation League: John Lewis Reception2004
11Arroyo Education Groupn.d., 2003
11Beyond the Big Dig: Creative Community Conversations Forum2002
11Boston Foundation: Meeting Notes2000
11Boston National Voices: Hate Crimes2000
11Boston Police Department: Law Enforcement Use of Force2004
11Boston Sports Vote Projectn.d., 2001-2003
11Boston Workforce Development Coalition (2 folders)2001-2004
11Coalition for Firefighters' Civil Rights2001-2002
11Committee: Meeting Minutes (2 folders)n.d., 1999-2001
11Community Mobilization Empowerment Project (15 folders)n.d., 1994-1999
11Department of Neighborhood Development: Dudley Street Building Studyn.d., 2000-2001
11Descriptionn.d., 2003
11Education: School Reform (6 folders)n.d., 2000-2002
11Eventsn.d., 2002
11General Educational Development: Program Recommendationsn.d., 2001
11Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition (4 folders)n.d., 2000-2003
11Greater Boston Small Business Asset Development Projectn.d., 2001-2003
12Gubernatorial Candidates Forums (4 folders)n.d., 2002
12Human Rights: Slavery and Refugeesn.d., 2000-2001
12Making Democracy Work for Everyone: Forum2003
12Massachusetts Coalition for Equal Education (2 folders)n.d., 2000-2001
12Metropolitan Area Planning Council: Economic Developmentn.d., 2001-2002
12National Urban League: Conference Call Notes2000-2001
12The New Majority: Uniting Boston's Communities of Color: Steering Committee2003
12Newspaper Clippings2003
12Race and Reparations: Meeting Notesn.d., 2002
12Racial Profiling2003-2004
12StaffRapn.d., 2001
12Voting Reform (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2003
12Whitney Young Awardn.d., 2003-2004
12Agreements: Jobs for Youth2000
12Camp Osceola1968-1969
12Career Expos: Official Exhibit Guide2002-2006
Employment Resource Center
12Affiliated Companiesn.d.
Education and Training Programs
Community Training Collaborative
12Central Artery / Third Tunnel1997
12Job Readiness Training (23 folders)n.d., 1994-2000
12, 14Seniors in Community Service (3 folders)n.d., 1988-2001
12Employment Workshops: Descriptionsn.d. [1990?]
12Participant Policy and Procedures Manual2001
12Resource Material: Planning for Success1999
12Rules and Regulationsn.d.
12Staff (2 folders)n.d., 1997-1998
12Statisticsn.d., 1996
12Urban Progression Program (4 folders)n.d., 1997-2000
12Financial Services Academy (9 folders)n.d., 1999-2000
12Male Focus Program: Directoryn.d.
12Mobilization for Academic Support1998
12Mothers' Voices / Rights of Passagen.d., 1999
12Nuestra Comunidad1998
12Parent Assisted Learning Institute: Brochuren.d.
12Positive Futuresn.d.
12Redefining Employment Direction: NSTAR Training Schedulen.d., 1999
13Technology Services Manualn.d.
13Volunteer Management Capacity Building Update1999
13Women's Educational and Industrial Unionn.d., 1998
Youth Education and Development Services
13Mobilization for Academic Support1997
13Saturday School1997
13Young Fathers: Description and Proposal n.d.
13Young Fathers / Young Males Consortium1990
13Youth Services Manualn.d.
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5. Audio-Visual material and Memorabilia, 1989-2006 (bulk 1995-1999)
Volume:1 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by format.

The Audio-Visual material and Memorabilia series documents fundraising activities, meetings and events, staff, and programs. Formats include color and black and white prints, slides, negatives, audio cassettes, and video tapes.
Audio Cassettes
Board of Directors
Committee Meeting Minutes
13Executive (11 audio cassettes)1999-2003
13Strategic Planning (2 audio cassettes)1999
13Meeting Minutes (6 audio cassettes) 1999-2002
13Staff Meeting Minutes (7 audio cassettes)2000-2001
13Unidentified n.d.
13Employment Resource Center: Graduation 1998
13Young Executive Development Program: Reception with Superintendent Thomas Payzantn.d.
13Fundraising: Conversation, Cocktails, and Jazz n.d.
13Building Renovationsn.d.
13Community Care Day at Lena Parkn.d.
13Move Massachusetts Awards 2000
13New England College of Finance Commencementn.d.
13President's Office Speech1997
13Success by 6n.d.
13The Welfare of the Common Welfare: Building Effective Work and Welfare Strategies Conference1998
1321st Century Awards Gala1999-2000
1375th Anniversary (2 folders)1993
13Corporate Breakfastn.d.
13Conversation, Cocktails, and Jazz (2 folders) (See also Negatives folder)n.d., [1990?]
13Reebok Reception1990
13Newsletter: ULEM Today1991-1993
13Joan Wallace Benjamin and Mayor Thomas Meninon.d.
13Students: Unidentifiedn.d.
13Graduation (3 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
13Young Executive Development Program: Reception with Superintendent Thomas Payzantn.d.
13Scrapbook: Urban League Guild, 13th President's Luncheon1998
13Slides: 21st Century Awards Galan.d.
13Videotapes: Employment Resource Center: Student Practice Interviews (2)n.d., 1995-1996
13Business Card Holders (3)n.d.
13, FF6/D9Certificates (2 folders)n.d., 1980-1994
13Flag: 1917-2007, Celebrating 90 Years2007
13Paperweight: 90th Anniversary Celebration2007
13Photo Albums (2)n.d.
13Pins (4)n.d.
13Plaques (4)1989-1992
13Postcards: Pen Pals (2)1995-1996
Posters (2 folders)
FF6/D913th Annual Awards Gala2005
FF6/D9Heal the Mind, Restore the Spirit2006
13Signs: Gala Auction (3)1995
13Tote Bags (2)n.d.
13T-Shirt: Positive Futuresn.d.
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