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Collection Overview
Title:Bisexual Resource Center records
Date: 1983-2002
Location Code:33/3
Reference Code:M144
Extent:11.5 cubic ft.
Scope and Content Abstract:

The Bisexual Resource Center collection documents the organization's efforts to increase visibility and understanding of bisexuality and to provide support to bisexual or bi-friendly individuals and organizations. The collection documents the Bisexual Resource Center's daily operations, shifts in governance and mission, involvement in local political causes, and workshop and conference planning.

This collection includes collected materials from national and international bisexual and bi-friendly organizations and events, and scholarly and mainstream publications about bisexuality.

A highlight of this collection is the thorough documentation of the nationwide preparation for, participation in, and response to the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Equal Rights. The event is discussed in the newsletters of nearly all of the organizations found in this collection. The march is commemorated in a scrapbook in Box 10, described in numerous newspaper and magazine articles in Boxes 1 and 2, and documented on film in Box 3.

Other notable materials include survey responses containing information about hundreds of female bisexual respondents, and nearly complete runs of several magazines and newsletters such as the Bay Area Bisexual Network magazine, “Anything That Moves,” the Dutch magazine, “Pink;” and the newsletters of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network, “Bi Women” and “BBWN Newsletter.”

Historical Abstract:

The Bisexual Resource Center is a Boston-based non-profit organization founded in 1985 as the East Coast Bisexual Network, Inc. [ECBN.] After attending the first conference on bisexuality in the northeast in 1984, Boston-area bisexual activists, including Robyn Ochs, Laura Sachs and Scott Lewis, organized a second regional conference the following year. With the profits from this conference, the East Coast Bisexual Network was founded as an umbrella group to facilitate organizing among bisexual groups on the East Coast. The East Coast Bisexual Network was founded concurrently with the first groups devoted specifically to bisexual political activism. In the late 1980s, the East Coast Bisexual Network made HIV / AIDS education and activism a priority, as bisexual men and women were popularly accused of transferring the disease from gay males to lesbians and the straight population. In 1993, the organization expanded to include international bisexual organizations, and changed its name to the Bisexual Resource Center. During the 1990s, the organization worked to control misinformation as bisexuality gained visibility in the mainstream media. The Bisexual Resource Center continued to build alliances among, and combat biphobia within the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities.

Shortly after its founding, the East Coast Bisexual Network began collecting materials created by bisexual and bisexual-friendly organizations, and materials about bisexuality that were produced by the mainstream media and the academic communities. When the organization broadened its mission to include the national and international bisexual community, efforts were made to expand and formalize these resources into an archive.

These materials were collected for use by Bisexual Resource Center patrons.In 1989, the East Coast Bisexual Network opened an office in the Lesbian and Gay Community Center at 338 Newbury St. in Boston. The office served as headquarters for the East Coast Bisexual Network, provided affordable conference and meeting space for Boston's bisexual community, and housed the archives. In 1992, the office moved to 95 Berkeley St. after the Lesbian and Gay Community Center declared bankruptcy. In 2008, the office is located at 29 Stanhope St.

Language and Scripts:Collection is predominately in English, with some materials in German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, and Spanish.
System of Arrangement:Organized into 2 series: 1. Organizational Records; 2. Reference Archives.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Deihl, Marcia, 1949-
  • Ochs, Robyn

  • Bay Area Bisexual Network
  • BiNet USA
  • Bisexual Resource Center (Cambridge, Mass.)
  • Boston Bisexual Women's Network
  • Bay Area Bisexual Network
  • BiNet USA
  • Bisexual Resource Center (Cambridge, Mass.)
  • Boston Bisexual Women's Network

  • AIDS (Disease) -- Education
  • AIDS (Disease) -- Social aspects
  • Bisexual feminism
  • Bisexual people
  • Bisexual youth
  • Bisexual men
  • Bisexual women
  • Bisexuality -- Periodicals
  • Bisexuality -- Political aspects
  • Bisexuals
  • Bisexuals -- Identity -- Periodicals
  • Bisexuals -- Political activity
  • Bisexuals -- Services for
  • Bisexuals' writings
  • Gay, lesbian, and queer studies
  • Gay liberation movement
  • Gay rights
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (1993: Washington, D.C.)
  • Non-monogamous relationships
  • People of color
  • Political activists
  • Support groups
  • Transgender people -- Services for

Conditions Governing Access:Member lists are restricted. For further information, please contact the University Archivist.
Immediate Source of Acquisition:Received from the Bisexual Resource Center in 2005 and 2007.
Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:Copyright restrictions may apply.
Related Materials: The Archives and Special Collections Department captures the website content of the Bisexual Resource Center, which is accessible at:*/
Processor: Finding aid prepared by Cynthia Rufo, Oct. 20, 2008

1984-1985 Boston-area bisexual activists organize the Second Northeast Conference on Bisexuality in Cambridge, Mass. With the profits from the conference, the East Coast Bisexual Network (ECBN) is formed and other events are planned.
1988 The ECBN begins publishing the International Directory of Bisexual Groups, compiled by co-founder Robyn Ochs.
1989 The ECBN opens the Bisexual Resource Office in the Lesbian and Gay Community Center building at 338 Newbury St. in Boston.
1990 ECBN incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
1992 Bisexual Resource Office moves from 338 Newbury St. to 95 Berkeley St. Efforts begin to more formally organize the growing archive.
1993 Name changes to Bisexual Resource Center.BRC participates in the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Equal Rights, and co-sponsors the National Conference Celebrating Bisexuality in Washington, DC during the weekend of the march.
1995 The BRC publishes the first Bisexual Resource Guide, an international directory of bi and bi-friendly businesses, organizations, and media.
2005 The BRC begins publishing Getting Bi: Voices from Bisexuals Around the World, an anthology of international perspectives on bisexuality.
2008 The BRC continues to organize and sponsor events promoting awareness and acceptance of bisexuality. The organization is located at 29 Stanhope St., Boston, Mass.

“Bisexual Movement Mainstay Changes Name and Broadens Mission.” M144, Box 1, Folder 17

“A Brief History of the Bisexual Movement.” M144, Box 1, Folder 12

“East Coast Bisexual Network.” M144, Box 4, Folder 33

“The Evolution of the Boston Bisexual Community.” M144, Box 4, Folder 33

Grant Applications, M144, Box 1, Folder 2

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1. Organizational, 1983-2002
Volume:1 cubic ft.


This series documents the development and evolution of the Bisexual Resource Center's goals and policies. The series includes Board of Directors' meeting materials, correspondence among board members, annual reports, financial and funding records, by-laws, legal documents, compiled information about local political causes, memorabilia, conference and workshop planning materials, and event feedback. Also included are materials from the first New England Regional Conference on Bisexuality held in Hartford, Conn. in 1984.
1Annual Reports2001-2002
1Applications for Fundingn.d, 1989-1992
1Board of Directors (3 folders)n.d., 1986-1995
1By-laws 1992
1Financial Reports 1991-1996
1Legal 1990-1992
1Archives Organizational Materialsn.d.
1“Bisexual Community Resource Book” (2 folders) 1991-1992
1Domestic Partnership, “Family Protection Act” 1988-1991
1City Councilor Katherine Triantafillou (Cambridge, MA)1995
1Conference Organizer's Manual1993
1Correspondence 1984-2001
1Description of Organization1993
Conferences, Retreats, and Workshops
11st Regional Conference on Bisexuality (West Hartford. CT)1984
12nd Regional Conference on Bisexuality (Cambridge, MA)1984-1985
13rd Regional Conference on Bisexuality (Portland, ME)1985-1986
14th Annual Conference on Bisexuality (New York, NY)1986-1987
15th Conference on Bisexuality (Cambridge, MA)1988-1989
16th Northeast Regional Conference on Bisexuality (Boston, MA)1995
1BiQuest (Boston, MA) 1993
1Bisexual Writer's Retreat (Newtown, PA) 1992-1993
1Boston BiFest (Boston, MA) (2 folders)1991, 1993
1National Conference Celebrating Bisexuality (Washington, DC) 1992-1993
1Workshop Materials 1990, 1999
1Stickers, Buttonsn.d.
1Event Poster, “Bisexuality: Safer Sex and HIV” n.d.
1Volunteer Training n.d. 1997-1999
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2. Reference Archives, 1983-2001
Volume:10.5 cubic ft.


This series contains material collected by the Bisexual Resource Center, comprising the records and publications of bisexual and bisexual-friendly groups, event materials, scientific studies, and materials documenting popular attitudes toward and perceptions about bisexuality.

The “Organizational Records of Other Groups” files include administrative records, flyers, newsletters, and magazines published by bisexual and bi-friendly organizations. These files also contain event materials including planning and promotional materials, schedules, and workshop packets for conferences and workshops sponsored by the organization. They are listed alphabetically by organization name. The “Events” and “Newsletters, Magazines, and Newspapers” files include stand alone publications that are not affiliated with any group, and materials that cannot be attributed to a single group. Newsletters can be found in both the “Newsletters, Magazines, and Newspapers” and the “Organizational Records of Other Groups” files. Newsletters are not included in the files of every group.

The “Resource Guides and Lists” files include lists of bisexual media, organizations, and companies. The “Project ARIES Companion Reader” and “Course Materials” files contain compiled readings on HIV / AIDS, relationships, sexuality, and culture. The “Scholarly Papers” files include dissertations, theses, articles, studies, and college and graduate class papers. The “Audiovisual” materials include short films, conference footage, radio and television talk shows, and interviews. The “Transcripts” file contains transcripts of some of these programs. “Textiles” include t-shirts from several organizations and events, and a sash worn to the March on Washington.

Of special interest are materials relating to the March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Equal Rights and the National Conference Celebrating Bisexuality, which was held the weekend of the march and co-sponsored by several organizations. Planning materials for the conference and the march can be found in the organizational records of the Bisexual Resource Center and BiNet USA. Promotional materials can be found in the events files. Articles about the march can be found in many bisexual newsletters and popular media articles from 1993. This series also contains a scrapbook documenting the march from a bisexual point of view and a video recording of a live broadcast of the event.

Also of interest are over 200 Boston Bisexual Women's Network questionnaire response forms which may provide insight into the demographics of the female bisexual community. The “Survey Forms and Results” file contains examples of forms used in studies of the bisexual community, and summaries of completed surveys.

Articles from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender publications and popular media are arranged chronologically.

Included in this series are administrative records, event planning materials and publications, flyers, newsletters, magazines, newspaper clippings, scholarly articles, educational brochures, and resource materials such as bibliographies and directories.
1, 2Articles from Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Publications and Popular Media 1993-2000
3“1 in 10” Radio Show: Cassette Tape 1993
3“1989 Bi Conference: Boston YWCA:” Cassette Tape1989
3“1990 Bi-Pol National Bisexual Conference:” VHS (2 Tapes)1990
3“After Hours” Radio Show (Texas): Cassette Tapes (63 Tapes)1994-99
3“Alan Hamilton and Woody Glenn, Interviewed by Colman Jones:” Cassette Tape1989
3“Alan's Radio Show:” Cassette Tape 1990
3“Bi Songs: Compiled by Robyn Ochs”1991
3“Bisexual Voices in Literature:” Cassette Tape n.d.
3“ECBN PSA [East Coast Bisexual Network Public Service Announcement]:” Cassette Tape n.d.
3“Eldoradio” Radio Show (Germany): Cassette Tape 1987
3“GMA: Renna and Signorile on Anne Heche” and “CNN: Tonight: Bisexuality:” VHS2001
3“Ideas: The AIDS Campaign” CBS Radio: Cassette Tape (2 Tapes)1989
3“Montgomery, Michael: Oral History:” Cassette Tape 1993
3March on Washington: C-Span Live Broadcast: VHS1993
3“People Are Talking, with Robyn Ochs,” “People Are Talking: Same Gender Marriage,” and “Phil Donahue: Bisexuality, with Robyn Ochs and Lani Kaahumanu:” VHSca. 1993
3“People Are Talking, with Robyn Ochs and Woody Glenn” and “Sally Jessy Raphael: Bisexuality:” VHS 1989
3“Q & A Interview with Sheeri Kritzer of the Bisexual Resource Center:” Cassette Tape2001
3“Real Personal, Dual Attraction: Understanding Bisexuality:” VHS 1994
3“Robyn Ochs and John Leeland: 1 in 10 Radio, on Bisexuality:” Cassette Tape1995
3“Rose By Any Other Name” Short Film: VHSn.d.
3“Same Sex Marriage 10/5/84”1984
3“Say It Sister: Bisexuality, with Robyn Ochs and Lauren Shauban(?):” Cassette Tape1990
3“Speech: Alan Hamilton, Pride '89” (Boston, MA): VHS 1989
3“Straight Talk: Gays in the Military Compilation:” VHSn.d.
3“Tom Leykis Show,” “Adam & Paulette Wills - Los Angeles:” Cassette Tape1999
3“UK Bi TV Programs” (United Kingdom): VHS (2 Tapes)1993
3“Women Aloud:” VHS 1993
3“Woody Glenn: Women's Lib Forum:” Cassette Tape1973
3WMFO Radio Show with Guests from the Bisexual Resource Center: Cassette Tape1990
3“WPEP Interview with Woody Glenn (BBMN) and Robyn Ochs (BBWN):” Cassette Tapen.d.
4Bisexuality and AIDS Task Force (Washington, DC)1991
4Course Materials for “Bisexuality,” Prof. Robyn Ochsca. 1991
Event Materials
4General 1986-2001
42nd Regional Conference for the Latino/a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community (New York, NY) 1999
44th Annual Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Studies Conference (Cambridge, MA) 1990
45th International Bisexual Conference (Cambridge, MA) (2 folders) 1998
48th National Bisexual Conference (Edinburgh, Scotland) 1990
4Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March (Northampton, MA) 1991-1994
4Annual New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (New York, NY) 1996-1997
4Annual Southern California Conference on Bisexuality (San Diego, Long Beach, CA) 1996-1998
4Bisexual Empowerment Conference (BECAUSE) (Minneapolis, MN) 1992-1993
4Boston Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration 1988
4Building Bridges in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community (Fort Collins, CO) 1995
4Celebrate Our Unity and Diversity (Amherst, MA) (2 folders) 1985-1986
4Church Service: Paint Branch Unitarian Church (Adelphi, MD) 1992
4Creating Change (Los Angeles, CA) 1991-1992
4International Bisexual Conference (Amsterdam, Holland) 1991
4International Conference Celebrating Bisexuality (New York, NY) 1994
4, 12March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (Washington, DC) (2 folders) 1993
4National Bisexual Conference (London, England) 1987-1993
4National Bisexual Conference (San Francisco, CA) 1990
4National Conference Celebrating Bisexuality (Washington, DC) 1993
4National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference / National AIDS/HIV Forum (Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA) 1996-1998
4New England Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Collegiate Leadership Conference (Waltham, MA) 1997
4North American Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies Conference (Iowa City, IA, Vancouver, Canada) 1994-2001
4North East Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Student Alliance Conference (Newark, DE) 1992
4San Francisco Lesbian / Gay Freedom Day (San Francisco, CA) 1990-1996
4Stonewall 25 (New York, NY)1994
4History of Bisexual Movementn.d.
4HIV / AIDS Awareness Posters n.d.
4HIV / AIDS Prevention Materials 1989-1991
Newsletters, Magazines, and Newspapers
4“All Points North” magazine (West Yorkshire, England) 1993
4“Bay Area Reporter” (San Francisco, CA) 1998
4“Bi-Girl World” Zine (Newton, MA) 1993
4“Boston” Magazine (Philadelphia, PA) 1995
4“By Choice” Newsletter (Los Angeles, CA) 1987
4“Girljock” Magazine (San Francisco, CA) 1996
4“HIV Plus” Magazine (New York, NY) 2000
12“In” (Los Angeles, CA)1998
4“In The Family” Magazine (Takoma Park, MD) 1995
4“Inquirer” Magazine (Philadelphia, PA) 1994
4“Jewel Box Review” Newsletter (Baltimore, MD) 1995
4“Loving More” Newsletter (Eugene, OR) 1991
4“Open Hands: Reconciling Ministries with Lesbians and Gay Men” Newsletter (Washington, DC) 1991
4“Out!” Magazine (Albuquerque, NM) 1993
4“Outweek” Magazine (New York, NY) n.d.
4“Peptalk: Group Marriage News” Newsletter (Eugene, OR) 1988
4“Pink Triangle” Magazine (Wellington, New Zealand) 1985
4“Positively Aware” Newsletter (Chicago, IL) 1992
4“Red Hanky Panky” by R. House, Zine (London, England) 1997
4“Speak Out” Newsletter (Berkeley, CA) 1990
4“A & U: America's AIDS Magazine” (Albany, NY) 2000-2002
4“The Advocate” (Los Angeles, CA) 1997
4“Affinity” (Chicago, IL) 1997
4“Bay Windows” 1984, 1989
4“Bi-Issues” (London, England) ca.1991
4“Bi-Lines” (San Francisco, CA) 1986-1988
4“Bi London” (London, England) 1993
4“BiAngles” (Somerville, MA) 1990
4“BiFocus” (Philadelphia, PA) 1990-1994
4“Bifrost” (Scotland) 1991-1994
4“BiNet News” (Carrollton, TX) 1991
4“Bisexuality” (Long Beach / Visalia, CA) (2 folders) n.d. 1988-1990
4“Black Sheets” (San Francisco, CA) ca.1995
4“Blade” (Laguna Beach, CA) 1993-1996
4“Empathy” (Columbia, SC)1989-1990
4“Enfree: Bisexual Nudist News Leaflet” (San Diego, CA)1995
4“Family Tree” (Acton, MA) 1987-1990
5“FloodTide” (San Rafael, CA) 1992-1994
12“Frontiers” (West Hollywood, CA)1994-1997
5“Gay Community News” (Boston, MA) 1984-1990
5“Gay People's Chronicle” (Cleveland, OH) 1997
5“Genre” (Anaheim, CA) 1992-1995
5“Girlfriends” (San Francisco, CA) 1996
5“Go Info” (Ottawa, Canada) 1993-1994
5“Holy Titclamps” (San Francisco, CA) 1996
5“Inquirer” (Philadelphia, PA)1994
5“Island Lifestyle” (Honolulu, HI) (2 folders) 1994-1997
5“Lil Liliane” (Montreal, Canada) 1992
5“Magical Blend” (San Francisco, CA) 1992
5“Metroline” (Hartford, CT) 1995
5“Minnesota NOW Times” (St. Paul, MN) 1995
5“Northwest Gay Times” (Mount Vernon, WA) 1996
5“Off Our Backs” (Washington, DC) 1987-1997
5“One in Ten” (Boston, MA) 1997
5“Options” (Providence, RI) (3 folders) 1992-2001
5“Out!” (Albuquerque, NM)1993
5“Outlook” (San Francisco, CA) 1990-1992
5“Paramour” (Cambridge, MA) 1996
5“Poz” (New York, NY) 1995-2004
5“Poz En Español” (New York, NY) 1998-1999
5“Reader” (Chicago, IL) 2002
5“Square Peg” (Los Angeles, CA) 1993
5“Swing” (New York, NY) 1995
5“Transgender Tapestry” (Waltham, MA) 1998
5“Valuable Families” (Florence, MA) 1996-1998
5“Venus” (Hastings, NY) 1998
Organizational Records of Other Groups
5General n.d., 1984-2001
5Action Bi Women (Chicago, IL): “Chicago Bi-Ways: An Informal History”1988
5Action Bi Women Newsletter: “Bi-Lines”1984-1990
5Affirmations Gay and Lesbian Community Center (Ferndale, MI): Newsletter: “Affirmations”1992
5Alliance of Multicultural Bisexuals (AMBi) (Silver Spring, MD) (3 folders)1992-1993
5American Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS): Newsletter: “AEGIS News”1996
5National Transgender Library and Archive: Publications: “Ssshhh!” and “Chrysalis” (2 folders)1996-1997
5American Friends Service Committee (Philadelphia, PA): Newsletter: “Crossroads” 1996-1998
5Asociacion Guatemalteca de Educacion Sexual (Guatemala City, Guatemala)1992
5Australian Bisexual Network (Lutwyche, Australia): Magazine: “National Biways” 1992-1998
5Bay Area Bisexual Network (San Francisco, CA) (2 folders)1989-1991
5, 6Bay Area Bisexual Network Magazine: “Anything That Moves” (3 folders)1991-1999
6Bay Area Bisexual Network Newsletter: “Bay Area Bisexual Network Newsletter” 1987-1990
6The Bi Centrist Alliance (Washington, DC): Newsletter: “Bisexual Centrist”1991-1997
6Bi Definition (Milwaukee, WI): Newsletter: “Bi All Means!” 1996-1999
6Bi-Friendly San Francisco and East Bay (San Francisco, CA): Newsletter: “Bi-Friendly” 1990-1996
6The Bi Network of the Washington, DC Area (Washington, DC): Newsletter: “Side Bi Side”1991-1997
6Bi Women and Friends (Minneapolis, MN): Newsletter: “Bi The Way” 1994-1998
6BiAtlanta (Atlanta, GA): Newsletter: “Bi-Lines” 1994-1997
6BiNet Atlanta (Atlanta, GA): Newsletter: “BiNet Atlanta” Newsletter 1995-1996
6BiNet Midwest (St. Paul, MN): Newsletter: “BiNet USA Midwest Newsletter” 1994-1996
6BiNet USA (7 folders)1988-2001
6BiNet USA Newsletters: “BiNet News,” “Newsletter of the Southeastern Region” (2 folders)1991-2000
6BiPOL (San Francisco, CA)1983-1991
6The Bisexual Center (San Francisco, CA): Newsletter: “The Bi-Monthly” 1984-1985
6Bisexual Committee Engaging in Politics (BiCEP) (Brookline, MA) (2 folders)1988-1989
6The Bisexual Connection (Minneapolis, MN): Newsletter: “BiFocal” 1987-2000
6The Bisexual Foundation (Miami, FL): Newsletter: “The Kelpie News”2000
6The Bisexual Network of Austin (Austin, TX): Newsletter: “Bi-News” 1993-1998
6Bisexual Network of Los Angeles (Mar Vista, CA): Newsletter: “BiNet LA”1992
6Bisexual Network of Oregon (Portland, OR): Newsletter: “Northwest BiWays”1993-1994
6Bisexual People of Color (BiPOC) (Boston, MA)1999
6Bisexual Political Action Coalition (BiPAC) (Chicago, IL): Newsletter: “BiPAC BiNEWS”1994
6Bisexuals of the Washington Area (Washington, DC): Newsletter: “BiWays”1989
6Bi?Shy?Why? (Madison, WI): Newsletter: “Bi-Lines”1994-1996
6Biversity Boston (Boston, MA) n.d., 1994-1996
6BiVocals (Boston, MA) 1983-1993
6BiWomen's & BiMen's Network (DC Area): Newsletter 1989-1990
6Body Electric School (San Diego, CA): Workshop Descriptions1995
6Boston Bisexual Men's Network (Boston, MA) Newsletters: “BBMN News,” “The Bi Monthly” (2 folders)1985-1993
6, 7 Boston Bisexual Women's Network (Boston, MA) (12 folders)1984-1988
6, 7Boston Bisexual Women's Network Newsletter: “Bi Women” and “BBWN Newsletter” (4 folders)1983-2005
7The Boston Center for Lesbians and Gay Men (Boston, MA) 1987-1991
7Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance (Boston, MA) 1984
7Boston Living Center (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “Centerpeace” 1997
7Both Sides Now (Maui, HI): Newsletter: “Both Sides Now” (2 folders)1986-1992
7Brothers Together (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “Brothers Together” 1994
7Cambridge Lavender Alliance (Cambridge, MA)1993-1999
7Cambridge Lavender Alliance Newsletter: “Cambridge Lavender Alliance”1992-1996
7The Capital District Bisexual Network (Albany, NY): Newsletter: “The Bi Notes” 1996-1997
7The Champaign-Urbana Bisexual Network (Champaign, IL): Newsletter: “The Bi Monthly” 1992-1993
7Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “Action Alert” 1992
7Conn-Bi-Nation (Meriden, CT) n.d., 1996
7Dignity/Boston (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “Dignity/Boston Newsletter” 1996
7Dover Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Group (Dover, NH): Newsletter: “Common Threads” Newsletter 1996
7Edinburgh Bisexual Group (Edinburgh, Scotland)n.d., 1992
7Edinburgh Bisexual Group Newsletter: “Ubiquitous” 1992
7Fenway Community Health Center (Boston, MA)ca. 1991
7Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) (Boston, MA)1995
7Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) (Washington, DC): “GLAAD Images” and “GLAAD Rag”1994-1998
7The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Speakers Bureau of Boston (Boston, MA) (2 folders)1984-1997
7The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Speakers Bureau of Boston Newsletter: “The Speaker” 1992-1995
7The Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project (Cambridge, MA): Newsletter: “GMDVP Newsletter” 1998
7Gram Bharati Samiti (Society for Rural Development) (Jaipur, India): HIV Prevention Publicationsn.d.
7Kindred Spirits (Asheville, NC): Newsletter: “Gender Quest” 1998
7Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Magazine: “Bi-Nieuws” (3 folders)1988-2005
7Lesbian Fat Activists Network (Seattle, WA): Newsletter: “LFAN” 1994
7Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America (Chicago, IL): Newsletter: “Socialism and Sexuality” 1992
7, 8London Bisexual Group (London, England): Magazine: “The Bi-Monthly” 1985-1989
8National Leather Association, New England Chapter (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “The Scarlet Leather” 1998
8The Network for Battered Lesbians and Bisexual Women (Boston, MA): Newsletter: “The Network News/Noticias De La Red” 1992-1997
8New England Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans (Boston, MA)1989-1997
8New England Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans Newsletter: “New England Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans Newsletter” 1989-1994
8The New Haven Men's Center (New Haven, CT): Newsletter: “Men's Letter” Newsletter n.d., 1987-1988
8New York Area Bisexual Network (New York, NY) n.d., 1990
8New York Area Bisexual Network Newsletters: “Bi-Net,” “DecidedlyBi” 1990-1991
8New York City Bisexual Support Group (New York, NY): Newsletter: “New York Bisexual Support Group Newsletter” 1989-1992
8New York City Bisexual Women's Network 1983-1984
8N.V.I.H. COC-afd Nijmegen (Nijmegen, Netherlands) n.d., 1990
8N.V.I.H. COC-afd Nijmegen Magazine: “Pink” (5 folders)1988-1995
8One Institute/International Gay and Lesbian Archives (West Hollywood, CA): Newsletter: “One/IGLA Bulletin” 1997-1998
8Ontario Bisexual Network (Toronto, Canada): Newsletter: “OBN News” 1993
8Religious Society of Friends (Hartford, CT): “Study Packet on Homosexuality”1979-1987
8Richmond Bisexual Network (Richmond, VA): Newsletter: “Bi Lines” 1994-1999
8Seattle Bisexual Women's Network (Seattle, WA): Newsletter: “North Bi Northwest” (4 folders)1988-2005
8Seksuaalinen Tasavertaisuus (SETA) (Helsinki, Finland)1988-1992
8Senior Action In A Gay Environment (New York, NY): Newsletter: “SAGE News and Events”2002
8Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (Washington, DC): Newsletter: “SMYAL News” 1993
8Side By Side (Cotati, CA) Newsletters: “Free By Choice,” “Side By Side News”1990-1991
8Socialist Group of the European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium)1991-1992
8South Florida Bisexual Network (Somerville, MA): Newsletter: “The BiLine” 1992
8Standing Committee for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Awareness (Stony Brook, NY): Newsletter: “Out on Campus” 1989-1992
8The Tiffany Club of New England (Woburn, MA): Newsletters: “Rosebuds” 1992-1993
8Twin Cities Bisexual Organizing Project (Minneapolis, MN): Newsletters: “BOP Bilines” 2000-2003
8UMass Program for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns (Amherst, MA): Newsletter1990
8Unitarian Universalist Bisexual Network (Portland, ME) 1982-1993
8Unitarian Universalist Bisexual Network Newsletter: “UUBN Newsletter” 1991-1993
8Unitarian Universalists for Lesbian and Gay Concerns / Interweave (Boston, MA) (3 folders)n.d., 1990-1992
8Unitarian Universalists for Lesbian and Gay Concerns / Interweave Newsletter: “UULGC World” 1989-1993
8Valley Bisexual Network (Amherst, MA): Newsletter n.d., 1988-1990, 1992
8Wellington Bisexual Women's Group (Wellington, New Zealand): Newsletter: “Bi-Lines” 1990-1996
12Pride Guides1994-2000
8Project ARIES Companion Reader1972-1992
8Press Releases1989-1994
8Racial and Ethnic Minority Programsn.d., 1998
Resource Guides and Lists
9Bibliographies and Filmographies 1978-1997
9Catalogs n.d, 1993-1998
9College and Youth Directories 1986-1996
9Directories (2 folders) 1988-1999
9International Directories 1990-1994
Scholarly Papers and Articles
9Allegeier, Albert R. and Elizabeth R. “Sexual interactions.”
9Altshuler, Kenneth Z. “On the question of bisexuality.”
9Anderson, Craig L. “Males as sexual assault victims: multiple levels of trauma.”
9Austin, C.R. “Bisexuality and the problem of its social acceptance.”
9Barlow, John. “About bisexuality.”
9Barragan, Chuck. “A major mistake: alternative approaches to building lesbian / bisexual / gay studies.
9Bell, Alan P. “Research in homosexuality: back to the drawing board.”
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