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Title: ACT UP / Boston (Raymond Schmidt and Stephen Skuce) collection
Dates:1987-2007 (bulk 1988-1995)
Call Number:M149
List of Contents


Administrative, 1987-1998
Volume:1.30 cu. ft.


This series documents the founding of ACT UP / Boston, its organizational strategies, and the meetings held by its general membership, the IV League, and the Treatment Issues Committee. Also documented are the organization's fundraising efforts and its role as the training ground for AIDS / HIV activists. Records consist of meeting minutes, the ATTITUDE! newsletter, correspondence, budgets, newspaper clippings, and publications. Of interest are the files on the history of the organization which explain its role in AIDS activism, and the Treatment Issues Committee meeting minutes, which describe the organization's philosophy and contain information regarding its successful campaigns targeting the medical profession, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and the federal government.
1Articles of Organization and Bylaws1990-1992
1Agendas and Notes1988-1989
1Announcements, Meetingn.d.
1General Body: Meeting Minutes (7 folders)1988-1994
1IV League (4 folders)1991-1994
1Other Meetings: Minutes1989-1994
1Treatment Issues (6 folders)1990-1992
1Correspondence (2 folders)1990-1994
1Donorsn.d., 1991-1992
1Haymarket Grant1991, 1994
1Statements, Annual1990-1993
1Tax Returns1988-1996
1Fundraising (2 folders)1991-
1History n.d., 1988-1989
1New Member Information Packetn.d.
10Newspaper Clippings (5 folders)n.d., 1988-1998
1NEXT: Articles1988-1989
1Raymond Schmidt n.d.
1Stephen Skucen.d., 1991
Publications 1988-1989
1General n.d., 1989-1991
1Newsletter: ATTITUDE! (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1990
1Recognitions and Awards1991-1992
2Speeches and Writingsn.d., 1994
2Strategiesn.d., 1993
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Campaigns and Demonstrations, 1988-1997
Volume:2.35 cubic ft.

By type of campaign; then alphabetical

This series documents the efforts of ACT UP / Boston to heighten public awareness of the failure of the government, medical, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries to address the AIDS crisis in Boston and throughout the country through its public appearances, demonstrations, and acts of civil disobedience.

The Public Appearances subseries documents meetings, events, and conferences in which members participated. The Treatment Related subseries documents the medical problems experienced by people with AIDS, research that was being done on drugs such as ddC and ddI, and the demonstrations that were held in response to these issues. The effect of AIDS in populations other than gay men, including women and IV drug users, is also documented. The Public Awareness Subseries documents the methods by which the organization sought to raise public awareness of AIDS, including demonstrations held at Holy Cross Cathedral and work with state officials to fund AIDS research and treatment. Records include reports, newspaper clippings, flyers, clinical trial reviews, meeting notes, and newspaper clippings.

Of special interest are the Women and AIDS folders, which detail the problems specifically encountered by women with HIV, and the Prison Issues folders, which describe the plight of inmates with AIDS and ACT UP's advocacy efforts on behalf of that population. Also of special interest are the AZT, Astra / Foscarnet, and "Approve ddI now" demonstration material, which provide insight into the radical strategies used by the organization, and the notes in the Clinical Trial Reviews, Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy, and Mycobacterium Avium complex folders, which illustrate the efforts ACT UP / Boston members made to educate themselves so they could effectively and articulately advocate for change within the medical establishment. See also Series 1, Administrative, Treatment and Issues Committee Meeting Minutes for discussions regarding campaigns and demonstrations and Series 5, Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia, for photographs, posters, buttons, and T-shirts that either document, or were used during the campaigns and demonstrations.
Public Appearances
2General: List of Activities1988-1990
2Burroughs-Wellcome: Day of Dialogue 1992-1993
2Names Projectn.d., 1993
2National Commission: Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic Rally1988-1990
2National Institutes of Health1990
2Prevention of Opportunistic Infections: Update1991
2PRIM&R: AIDS Clinical Research and Care: Meeting the Challenges of an Epidemic in Flux Conference1992
2Tufts: Dealing with Uncertainty (3 folders)1994
2ACTG 076 / Prenatal and Informed Consentn.d., 1990
2ACTG 1751991
2AIDS Action Committee (3 folders)1995-1996
2Astra / Foscarnet (8 folders)1989-1992
2AZT Price: Demonstration materialn.d.
2Boston City Hospital1989-1993
2, 10Burroughs-Wellcome Bill (2 folders)1990
2Clinical Trial Reviews (6 folders)n.d., 1994-1997
2, 3ddC (3 folders)1990-1993
3ddI: "Approve ddI Now" 1990
3Jerome Groopman: Articlesn.d., 1989-1990
3H. 226 Compromise Bill1989
3Harvard Medical School 1988, 1990
3Kaposi's Sarcoma (2 folders)1992
3Mycobacterium Avium Complex (3 folders)1990-1996
3Massachusetts General Hospital1991
3Neuropsych: Position Paper1991-1992
3Parallel Track (3 folders)n.d., 1991-1992
3Parallel Track and Accelerated Approval 1993-1995
3Peptide T (5 folders)1989, 1991
3Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (12 folders)n.d., 1988-1991
3, 4Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (6 folders)1989-1997
4Standard of Care (2 folders)1989-1992
4Summit with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Key Drug Companies (5 folders)1993-1995
4Women and AIDS (3 folders)1990-1993
Public Awareness
10Boston Politicsn.d., 1992
4Catholic Church (4 folders)1988-1990
4Commonwealth of Massachusetts: State AIDS Budget (2 folders)1988-1991
4Federal Government1991
4Gay Community News1988
4Governor Michael Dukakis House1988
4HIV Testing: Newspaper Clippings1989-1992
4HIV Treatment Networking Day: Conference Summary and Agency Contacts1995
4Housing: CARE Actn.d., 1990-1994
4Immigration: "AIDS State of Emergency"1991
4Insurance (2 folders)1990-1991
4International Conference on AIDS: Boston Planning (2 folders)1990-1992
4Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination1990-1992
4, 5Prison Issues (6 folders)1992-1994
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Clinical Trial Protocols, 1988-1997
Volume:2 cubic ft.


This series documents ACT UP / Boston's involvement in monitoring the progress of drug testing in several clinical trial groups. Also documented, under the heading “Related Articles and Documentation”, are results of other clinical trials being performed throughout the country, opportunistic infections and experimental drugs, and the Madison Project, which was developed by researchers and activists in response to the disappointing lack of progress reported in AIDS biomedical research at the IX International Conference on AIDS. Records consist of clinical trial reviews, correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, and newsletters from the Fenway Community Health Center and the People with AIDS Coalition. See also Series 4, Collaborations, for additional clinical trial reviews.
AIDS Clinical Trials Group
5071: IV Ganciclovir for CMV1988
5100: SC-48334 Proposal1988-1989
5116, 117, 118: ddI Compassionate Use, Treatment IND Summariesn.d., 1988-1989
5209: Vaccine1992
51343-506: Viracept Protease Inhibitor1995
5CBCT P001: Pyrimethamine for Toxo Prevention (2 folders)1990, 1993
Community Research Initiative
591-04: Pentoxifylline1991
5Acupuncture / Chinese Herbs Efficacy Studyn.d.
5Continued Use of Peptide T by Phase I Participants: draftn.d.
5Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Rifabutin for Mycobacterium avium complex1990
Related Articles and Documentation
51592 Compassionate Use1997
5Albendazole / microsporidiosis: Notes1991-1995
5AZTn.d., 1986-1989
Clinical Trial Design
5Generaln.d., 1979-1995
5Placebosn.d., 1958, 1987-1991
5Compound Q1989-1991
5Curcuminn.d, 1993
5Drugs: Generaln.d., 1992-1993
5Experimental Treatmentsn.d., 1988-1994
5Food and Drug Administration: Accelerated Approval Updaten. d.
5Fungaln.d., 1991
5Hoffmann-LaRochen.d., 1992-1993
5Hybridon, Inc. GEM 91 Information Package1994
5Immune Systemn.d., 1990-1994
5Inter-Company Collaboration for AIDS Drug Development: Meeting Minutes1993
5Madison Project1994
5Minority Communities: Newspaper Clippings1989-1992
5National Commission on AIDS: Reports1988-1991
6National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases: AIDS Agenda Newsletter1990
6National Task Force on AIDS: Notes1995
6Oncology / Lymphoman.d., 1989
6Opportunistic Infectionsn.d., 1990-1991
6Passive Immunotherapy1988-1989
6Pharmaceutical Companies: Ethics1990-1994
6Prevention: Newspaper Clippings1989-1993
6Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)1992-1996
6Prosorba Column1986-1989
6Protease Inhibitorsn.d., 1994-1996
6Researchers: Medical Organizations1990-1993
6Underground: Buyer's Clubsn.d., 1989-1997
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Collaborations, 1988-2007
Volume:3 cubic ft.


This series documents ACT UP / Boston's efforts to expedite drug testing through collaboration with other non-profit AIDS organizations and government departments both locally and throughout the United States. Records contain clinical trial results, correspondence, reports, newsletters from other AIDS organizations, fact sheets, and flyers. Of interest is the Barbara McClintock Project to Cure AIDS material and ACT UP / New York's files, which chronicle both the activism of ACT UP / New York, especially its Treatment & Data Committee, and its close working relationship with ACT UP / Boston. Also of interest is the Massachusetts Clinical Trials Directory, which was published as a result of meetings between ACT UP / Boston and the Commonwealth Department of Public Health.
6AIDS Action Committee (4 folders)n.d., 1988-1994
6AIDS Clinical Trials Group (7 folders)1988-1995
6AIDS Coalition to Network, Organize, and Win (ACT / NOW) (3 folders)1987-1995
AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
6, 7, 10New York (ACT UP / New York) (17 folders)n.d., 1987-1995
7, 11Other ACT UP's (3 folders)n.d., 1988-1997
7AIDS Community Televisionn.d., 1994
7AIDS Treatment Activist Conference, Washington, DC., 1990: Notebook1990
7-8AIDS Treatment News (12 folders)1986-2007
8Cambridge Cares About Aidsn.d, 1988-1989
8Catholic Churchn.d., 1988-1994
8Centers for Disease Control1991-1992
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
8Department of Public Health (2 folders)1988-1989
11Division of Public Charities1989-1991
8Governor's Task Force on AIDS (2 folders)1988-1990
8Community Research Initiative of New England (5 folders)n.d., 1989-1992
8Community Research Initiative on AIDS: New York (2 folders)1987-1997
8Fenway Community Health Center1989-1992
8Harvard AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (2 folders)1989-1990
8March on Washington1987
11Mass ACT OUT 1985-1990
8Monthly Medical Consortiumn.d., 1991-1992
8Multicultural AIDS Coalition: Information Package1993
8National Task Force for AIDS Drug Development1995
People With AIDS Coalition
8, FF4/D2Boston (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1990
8, FF4/D2New York (2 folders)n.d., 1987, 1993
8Positive Directions: Newsletters1988-1990
8, 9Project Inform: PI Perspectives (3 folders)1986-2002
9Statistical Data Center of the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit: Meeting Minutes and Reportsn.d., 1990
9Statistics: AIDS Newslettern.d., 1993-1997
9United States Department of Health and Human Services: (4 folders)1993-1997
9United States Food and Drug Administration (9 folders)n.d., 1988-1997
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Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia, 1989-1992
Volume:3.7 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by format

This series documents ACT UP / Boston's efforts to raise public awareness of the AIDS epidemic visually through its campaigns and demonstrations. It includes banners, buttons, photographs, and T-shirts. Of interest are the photographs of a Political Funeral in Washington, which capture ACT UP / Boston members throwing the ashes of deceased members onto the White House lawn; the banners used at vigils at Lars Bildman's home, depicting a diseased eye; and the WBUR news segment reporting on ACT UP / Boston's effectiveness in negotiating with pharmaceutical companies. See also Series 1, Administrative and Series 2, Campaigns and Demonstrations, for additional information.
9Audio Cassette: WBUR Interviewn.d.
9Contact Sheet: People Act Up Press Writing Group1989
FF4/D2, RolledBanners (5)n.d.
9Citation: City of Cambridge 1990
9Matchbooks: "Condoms: Get into 'em"n.d.
9Ping pong eyeballs1989
FF4/D1Posters (2)n.d.
9Stickers: Silence=Deathn.d
9T-shirts (8)n.d.
9ASTRA Pharmaceuticals, Westboro, Mass1989
9Attitude! Newslettern.d.
Photographic Prints
9AIDS Action Committee Award1990
9Attitude! Newslettern.d.
9Burroughs-Wellcome Working Group1990
Campaigns and Demonstrations
9ASTRA Pharmaceuticals (3 folders)1989, 1992
9“The FDA Has Blood on Its Hands”1989
9Harvard School of Public Health: "Approve ddI Now"1992
FF4/D1John Hancockn.d.
9Hands Around the White House1992
FF4/D1Recognition Awards Dinner1992
9Washington, D.C.: Political Funeral (2 folders)1992
9Membersn. d.
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