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Title:Lower Roxbury Black History Project records
Dates:1951-2009 (bulk 2005-2009)
Call Number:M165
List of Contents


1. Interviews, 2007-2009
Volume: 738 gigabytes, .20 cubic ft. (1 box) and 1 flat file
Arrangement: Alphabetical by interviewee's last name.

This series contains oral histories of African American clergy, educators, businessmen, politicians, community activists, former military men, laborers, and citizens of Lower Roxbury, Boston, MA. The interviewees discuss their families and growing up in Lower Roxbury during the early to mid-twentieth century. Of particular interest are the interviews of Adelaide Cromwell, the first African American instructor at New York's Hunter College; Charles Dawson, the first African American Mechanic at the Wellesley Department of Public Works; and Byron Rushing, civil rights activist and Massachusetts State Representative.  Also included are interviews of Charles Thomas, a Shoe Shiner who worked at his step-father's parlor where informal "political" discussions were held; Loretta Dixon, a member of the Boston Public Schools staff and the daughter of Edward Dixon, Boston's first African American high school teacher; and James Silcott, an Architect and the son of Joseph Silcott, a chef at the Charlesgate Hotel which was later converted into a Boston University women's dorm. All of the records are digital files consisting of audio (.aiff / .mp3 / .wma), video (.avi / .mov / iMovieProject / MiniDVs), transcripts, scans, and photographs created by Lolita Parker Jr. and London Parker-McWhorter. Images taken by Lolita Parker Jr. are identified as LPJ and images taken by London Parker-McWhorter are identified as LPM. Items marked with an asterisk (*) do not have release forms, and cannot be used without the interviewee's consent.

EH1Abdul Qaabid, Desamou Musa (Roxbury Resident)
EH1 Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)01/3/2008
EH1Transcript (unedited)01/3/2008
EH1Barnes, Harry (Athlete)
3, EH1Interview: Video (1 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / MiniDV)06/8/2009
EH1Bennett, William M. “Bucko” (Navy Yard Worker and Tuskegee Airman)
EH1Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)05/9/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)05/9/2008
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: William Bennett by LPJ (30 .jpg)10/22/2006
EH1List of Landmarks (1 .doc)06/22/2009
EH1Binns, Del Brook (Photographer and Tuskegee Airman)
EH1 Interview 1: Audio (5 .mp3 / 7 .wma)12/2/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)12/2/2008
EH1 Interview 2: Audio (2 .wma)04/3/2008
3, EH1Video (3 MiniDV / 3 iMovieProject)04/3/2008
EH1 Corollary Material
EH1 Scans: Boston Globe Articles* and Photos of Del Brook Binns, Family, and Car12/7/2008, 12/5/2008
EH1Blake, Anna Lambert (Roxbury Resident)
EH1Interview: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)06/25/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)06/25/2008
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: Anna Lambert Blake by LPJ (20 .jpg)06/25/2008
EH1Brown, Richard G. (World War II and Korean War Veteran, Community Activist, and Teacher)
EH1Interview 1: Audio (3 .mp3 / 2 .wma)12/10/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)12/10/2008
3, EH1Video (1 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / 1MiniDV)12/10/2008
EH1Interview 2: Audio (5 .mp3 / 5 .wma)12/16/2008
EH1Transcript (unedited)12/16/2008
3, EH1Video (2 .mov / 2 iMovieProject / 2 MiniDV)12/16/2008
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: Richard G. Brown by LPJ (6 .jpg)2009
EH1Bruce, Constance “Connie” (Relative of Photographer Charles Bruce)
EH1Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)09/21/2008
EH1Transcript (unedited)09/21/2008
3, EH1Video (2 .mov / 2 iMovieProject / 2 MiniDV)09/21/2008
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Scans: 1933 Yearbook 09/21/2008
EH1Census Data for Charles Bruce (1 .doc)09/21/2008
EH1Coar-Gueye, Paula D. Firmin (Roxbury Resident)
EH1Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)01/5/2008
EH1Transcript (unedited)01/5/2008
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: Family (1 .jpg / 1 .tiff)2005, 2009
EH1Corbin, Lillian (Member of 100 Black Women Coalition, Retired Office Worker, and Member of the Women's Service Club)
EH1 Interview 1: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)03/28/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)03/28/2008
EH1 Interview 2: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)04/9/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)04/9/2008
3, EH1Video (1 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)04/9/2008
EH1 Interview 3: Audio (1 .wma)07/28/2008
EH1 Corollary Material
EH1Images: Lillian Corbin by LPJ (2 .jpg)03/12/2008
EH1 Scans: Childhood Portraits of Lillian Corbin and Newspaper Clipping of Darnley Corbin*07/17/2008, 01/28/2009
EH1Cromwell, Adelaide (Sociology Professor)
3, EH1Interview: Video (2 iMovieProject)04/1/2009
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: Adelaide Cromwell and Lolita Parker Jr. by LPM (41 .jpg)04/1/2009
EH1Dawson, Barbara Lomax (Community Activist and Former Secretary and Board Member of Freedom House, Inc.)
EH1 Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)07/22/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)07/22/2008
EH1Dawson, Charles (1st African American Mechanic Wellesley Department of Public Works and Former President of the Public Works Labor Union)
EH1Interview 1: Audio (5 .mp3 / 5 .wma)*07/21/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)07/21/2008
EH1Interview 2: Transcript (unedited)*08/12/2008
EH1Interview 3: Audio (3 .mp3 / 4 .wma)*09/25/2008
EH1Transcript (edited)09/25/2008
EH1 Dixon, Loretta (Roxbury Resident, Boston Public Schools Staff, and Daughter of Edward Dixon)
EH1Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)12/9/2007
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Scans: Women's Service Club Souvenir Program 193912/9/2007
EH1Evans, Derrick C. (Historian)
EH1Interview: Audio (6 .mp3 / 6 .wma)01/4/2008
EH1Fox, Gloria (Politician)
EH1Interview: Audio (1 .wma)06/10/2009
3, EH1Video (1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)06/10/2009
EH1Corollary Material
EH1Images: Gloria Fox by LPM06/10/2009
EH1Fredricks, Katherine Watson (Roxbury Resident)
EH1Interview: Audio (6 .wma)*12/4/2008
EH1Corollary Material*
EH1Image: Katherine Watson Fredricks12/4/2008
EH1Scan: Charles Watson's Draft Card (1918)12/4/2008
EH2Goode, Matthew E. (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview: Audio (4 .mp3)12/26/2008
EH2Transcript (unedited)12/26/2008
3, EH2Video (1 .mov / 2 iMovieProject / 3 MiniDV)12/26/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2List of People and Places Discussed in Interview (1 .doc)12/26/2008
EH2Green, Randy (Deacon) (Civilian Conservation Corps and Waiter)
EH2Interview: Audio (2 .wma)*02/23/2009
EH2Guscott, Cecil (World War II Veteran and Real Estate Agent)
EH2Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)05/6/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)05/6/2008
3, EH2Video (1 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)05/6/2008
EH2Guscott, Kenneth (Businessman and Boston NAACP President)
EH2Interview: Audio (2 .mp3 / 2 .wma)05/12/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)05/12/2008
3, EH2Video (2 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / 2 MiniDV)05/12/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Image: Kenneth Guscott by LPJ05/12/2008
EH2 Scan: Boston Banner Article*05/10/2008
EH2Hall, Winifred Irish (Former Vice President of American Association of Retired Person's 12th Baptist Chapter)
EH2Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)04/26/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)04/26/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: Winifred Irish Hall (2 .jpg / 1 .pdf)04/26/2008
FF6/D9 Printed Index to .jpg Photograph Files n.d.
EH2Scans: Photographs and Video Identifying Photographs (143 .jpgs / 9 .avi)04/2009
EH2Harris, Alfreda (Basketball Coach)
3, EH2Interview 1: Audio (11 .mp3 / 11 .wma / 1 MiniDV)11/10/2008
EH2Transcript (unedited)11/10/2008
EH2Interview 2: Audio (3 .wma)06/17/2009
EH2Haynes, Reverend Michael E. (12th Baptist Church, Roxbury)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (1 .mp3)2007
EH2Transcript 2007
3, EH2Video (3 MiniDV)2007
EH2Interview 2: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)12/10/2007
EH2Interview 3: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)2008
EH2Interview 4: Audio (2 .mp3 / 2 .wma)04/10/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Scans: Childhood, Breezy Meadows Camp, Career, Exquisites High School Club, Haynes' Home office, and Documents (681 .jpg)2009
EH2Video: Haynes' Home Office (31 .avi)2009
EH2Image: Haynes' Home Office (297 .jpg)2009
EH2Hunter, David F. and Stephen (Musician)
EH2Interview: Audio (6 .mp3 / 6 .wma)05/29/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Video: “Only Believe” performance (1 .aiff)6/21/2009
EH2Scans: Documents on Christ Church Temple (18 .jpg)05/29/2009
EH2Images and Scans: Family (204 .jpg)2009
EH2Audio: Stephen Hunter Identifying Images (3 .wma)05/29/2009
EH2 Jackson, Gretchen Lucinda Flippin (Store Co-Owner, Activist and Radio Personality)
EH2Interview: Jackson, Gretchen Lucinda Flippin and Sarah-Ann Shaw: Audio (4 .wma)
3, EH2Video (2 iMovieProject / 2 MiniDV)04/10/2009
EH2Interview: Audio (7 .wma) Audio (7 .wma)04/17/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: (120 .jpg)2009
EH2Video: Gretchen Jackson Identifying Images (7 .avi) and Playing the Piano (1 .avi)*2009
EH2Jones, Clarence “Jeep” (Chair of the Boston Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors and Community Activist )
EH2 Interview: Audio (2 .mp3 / 2 .wma)03/24/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)03/24/2008
3, EH2Video (1 .mov /1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)03/24/2008
EH2 Corollary Material
EH2Images: Clarence Jones (2 .jpg)2009
EH2Lowell, Margaret Reed Jones (Telephone Company Clerical Staff)
EH2 Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)5/12/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)5/12/2008
3, EH2Video (2 .mov /2 iMovieProject)5/12/2008
EH2 Corollary Material
EH2Image: Margaret Reed Jones Lowell by C. Vincent Haynes (1 .jpg / 1 .pdf)2002, 2008
EH2Mayo, Arthur W. (Medical Doctor)
EH2Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)12/13/2007
EH2Transcript (unedited)12/13/2007
EH2McDivett, Jack (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview: Audio (1 .wma)*02/24/2009
EH2Transcript (unedited)02/24/2009
EH2Moore, Reverend Chauncy (Clergy)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (2 .wma)04/03/2009
3, EH2Video (1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)04/09/2009
EH2Interview 2: Video (8 .avi / 1 iMovieProject)2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: Family Tintypes, Framed Photos, and Memorabilia (263 .jpg)2009
EH2Video: Rev. Moore and Lolita Parker Jr. walking down Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA (audio garbled) (2 .avi)04/03/2009
EH2Nathan, Osceola Brown (Maid and Stitcher)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (3 .wma / 3 .mp3)12/11/2007
EH2Transcript (edited)12/11/2007
EH2Video (1 .mov)
EH2Interview 2: Audio (2 .wma / 2 .mp3)01/22/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)01/22/2008
EH2Corollary Material*
EH2Images: WPA String Orchestra, Sweet's Market Receipt, and Portraits of Osceola Brown Nathan2008-2009
EH2Nedd, Richard “Richie” (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)*12/20/2007
EH2Interview 2: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)*01/23/2008
EH2Interview 3: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)*03/27/2008
EH2Corollary Material*
EH2Autobiographical Sketch (1 .wma / 1 .pdf)2007
EH2Nunally, Reginald “Reggie” (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)01/28/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)01/28/2008
EH2Interview 2: Audio (1 .mp3 / 1 .wma)01/30/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: Reginald “Reggie” Nunally by LPJ2008-2009
EH2Parks, Paul (Engineer, Shaper of Education Policy)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (2 .wma)03/16/2009
EH2Transcript (unedited – only covers 2nd half)03/16/2009
EH2Interview 2: Audio (2 .wma)06/08/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images / Scans with Accompanying Identification (18 .jpg / 1 .doc)06/07/2009
EH2Scan: Civil Rights Act of 1964 (1 .jpg)06/08/2009
EH2Lolita Parker Jr.'s Interview Notes (1 .doc)03/15/2009
EH2Richardson, (Martin) Daniel Jr. (Journalist)
EH2Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)10/21/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)10/21/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: Daniel Richardson by LPJ10/21/2008
EH2Rushing, Byron (Politician)
EH2Interview: Audio (1 .mp3)06/22/2007
EH2Transcript (edited)06/22/2007
3, EH2Video (3 video files / 1 MiniDV)06/22/2007
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Image: Byron Rushing by LPJ (1 .jpg)06/22/2007
EH2Sanford, Harvey F. and Willis D. Saunders Jr. (Tuskegee Airman)
EH2Interview: Audio (1 .wma)04/08/2009
3, EH2Video (2 iMovieProject / 2 MiniDV) 04/08/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2 Images: Harvey F. Sanford, Willis D. Saunders Jr., and Tuskegee Airmen Memorabilia by LPM (20 .jpg)04/08/2009
EH2Images: Harvey F. Sanford, Willis D. Saunders Jr by LPM
EH2Scott, James M. (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (6 .mp3 / 7 .wma)11/18/2008
3, EH2Interview 2: Video (1 .mov / 1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV06/29/2009
EH2Shaw, Sarah-Ann (Television Reporter)
EH2Interview: Audio (1 .wma)03/20/2009
EH2Transcript (unedited)03/20/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Lolita Parker Jr.'s Research Notes03/20/2009
EH2 Silcott, James (Architect and Son of Joseph Silcott)
EH2Interview: Audio (8 .mp3 / 8 .wma)12/10/2007
EH2Transcript (edited)12/10/2007
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Images: Family (20 .jpg)2007-2009
EH2Massachusetts Death Index Entry for Louise A. Silcott (1 .pdf)*01/06/2009
EH2Sisco, Tomasina “Tommy” Marshall and Edna Marshall Anderson (Roxbury Residents)
EH2Interview: Audio (9 .mp3 / 9 .wma)*12/19/2007
EH2Transcript (2 unedited)12/19/2007
EH2Corollary Material*
EH2Scans: Edna Anderson's Wedding Photos and Tomasina Sisco's Wedding Photos (9 .jpg)12/19/2007
EH2Small, Martha “Honey” Roberts (Member of the Women's Service Club and Stenographer)
EH2Interview: Audio (3 .mp3 / 3 .wma)04/10/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)04/10/2008
3, EH2Video (1 MiniDV)04/10/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Image: Martha “Honey” Roberts Small (1 .jpg / 1 .pdf)2008
EH2Stanley, Joyce (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview: Audio (1 .wma)*06/20/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Scans: Family Photographs (50 .jpgs) 06/20/2009
EH2 Thomas, Charles and Pauline (Shoe Shiner and Roxbury Residents)
EH2 Interview: Audio (4 .mp3 / 4 .wma)01/23/2008
EH2Transcript (edited)01/23/2008
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Scans: Family Photographs and Photo Album (24 .jpg)01/23/2008
EH2Valentine, Lillie B. (Roxbury Resident)
EH2Interview: Audio (5 .mp3 / 4 .wma)*01/26/2008
EH2Transcript (unedited)01/26/2008
EH2Corollary Material*
EH2Image: Lillie Valentine at Governor Deval Patrick's 2006 Inauguration (1 .jpg)01/26/2008
EH2Warren, Joseph D., (History Professor, Community Activist)
EH2Interview 1: Audio (1 .wma)*12/10/2007
EH2Interview 2: Audio (2 .wma)*04/03/2008
EH2White, Gilbert (Roxbury Resident)
3, EH2Interview: Video (1 iMovieProject / 1 MiniDV)06/16/2009
EH2Corollary Material
EH2Image: Gilbert White and Lolita Parker Jr. by LPM (1 .jpg)06/16/2008
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2. Project Records, 2007-2009
Volume: 20.26 gigabytes and .85 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Summary: This series contains administrative records of the Lower Roxbury Black History Project (LRBHP). For the project, Lolita Parker Jr. (LPJ) visited the Boston Housing Authority and Bostonian Society to collect background information and maps on Lenox Street, Kendall Street, and other locales in Roxbury. She also photographed the People's Baptist Church and other buildings in the area. All of her research and photographs are located in the Archival and Community Research folder. Parker also photographed a meeting of LRBHP advisory board and herself conducting interviews and scanning, the images are located in the AV Materials Documenting Lower Roxbury Black History Project folder. In the Audiovisual folder, there are samples of audio and video from several of the interviews and video title pages created by LPJ listing the interviewee and date. The administrative files also contain interviewee donor files including contact sheets of scans and photographs, background research on interviewees, and promotional material such as LRBHP posters requesting interviews and a PowerPoint presentation on the LRBHP that Parker gave to Northeastern President Joseph Aoun and other members of the University.

Also included in this series are signed interview release forms and, if the interviewee had corollary material photographed or digitized, an additional release for that material. Included with some of the corollary release forms are contact sheets created by LPJ of the scans and photographs. Researchers should note not all of the interviewees signed release forms. This series also includes partial, unedited, and edited transcripts of interviews listed in Series 1.
EH1Administrative Files
EH1Archival and Community Research12/07/2009
EH1AV Materials Documenting Lower Roxbury Black History Project 12/07/2009
EH1Interview Preparation12/08/2009
EH1Master Donor Files12/08/2009
EH1 Promotional Materials12/08/2009
4 Corollary Material (2 folders)n.d., 1951, 1993-1994, 2005
1Interview Corollary Material and Release forms (37 folders)2007-2009
1A-C (7 folders)2007-2009
2C-Z (22 folders)2007-2009
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