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Administrative Committee of the Basic Colleges, Records 1962-1971 (A93).
Administrative Computing Services, Records, ca. 1966-1994 (Z09-027, 46/2) [UNPROCESSED] Administrative Computing Services is no longer in existence; it merged with Academic Computing. The records include reports and correspondence. The records are restricted for 25 years from their date of creation unless the researcher has written permission from the office of origin. For more information, contact the University Archivist.
Advocates for a Common Experience Committee, Records 1993-1997 (A99).
African American Master Artists-in-Residence Program, Records 1976-2003 (bulk 1977-1988) (A80).
Alumni Association of the Evening School of Business, Ledgers, 1929-1959 (A77).
Bachelors' Thesis, Collection
, 1914-1953 (A13).
Band Association, Records, 1959-2006 (A74).
Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Records, 1954-1978 (A91).
Byron K. Elliot Hall Dedication, Scrapbook, 1972 (A96).
Career Services, Records, ca. 1980-1995 (Z09-026, 46/2) [UNPROCESSED] The Career Services office at Northeastern provides employment assistance to students and alumnae of Northeastern. The records include newsletters, brochures, and publicity material. The collection is unrestricted.
Centennial Office, Records, 1989-1998 (A36).
Center for Continuing Education, Records, 1961-1996 (A40).
Center for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Records, 1993-2006 (A110).
Center for the Study of Sport in Society, Records, 1978-2003 (1985-1998 bulk) (A56).
College of Arts and Sciences, Records, n.d., 1924-2002 (A23).
College of Business Administration, Records, 1927-1997 (A25).
College of Computer Science, Records, 1971-2004 (A29).
College of Criminal Justice, Records, 1963-1995 (A28).
School of Education, Records, 1958-2001 (A39).
College of Engineering, Records, n.d., 1911-1996 (A15).
College of Nursing, Records, 1962-1999 (A18).
Commencement Committee, Clinton Commencement Collection, 1993 (A51).
Commencement Committee, Records, 1912-2002 (A54).
Committee on the Status of Women, Records, 1986-1987 (A65).
Concert recordings, 1972-1988 (A53).
Corporation and Board of Trustees, Records, 1915-2005 (A12).
Corporations and Foundations, Records, 1925-2005 (A55).
Day Colleges Executive Committee, Records, 1952-1961 (A87).
Deaf Club, Records, 1992-2008 (A113).
Dept. of Admissions, Records, 1938-1999 (A75).
Dept. of African American Studies, Records, 1972-2009 (A118).
Dept. of Athletics, Records, 1930-2003 (A17).
Dept. of History, Latin America and the Caribbean in Boston Student Projects, 1998 (A78).
Dept. of History, Oral History Collection, 1976-1994 (A21).
Dept. of History, Oral History Project Records, 1998-1999 (A104).
Dept. of Medical Laboratory Science, Records, ca. 1961-2007 (Z10-007, 50/2-3) [UNPROCESSED] The Department of Medical Laboratory Science prepares health sciences students for careers in laboratory disciplines, including clinical chemistry and microbiology. The Department at Northeastern was the first medical laboratory science program in the United States. Records include video tapes, newspaper clippings, photographs, alumni newsletters and correspondence. The records are restricted for 25 years from their date of creation unless the researcher has written permission from the office of origin. For more information, contact the University Archivist.
Dept. of Music, Records, 1967-2010 (A116).
Dept. of Rehabilitation and Special Education, Records, 1956-1977 (bulk 1967-1976) (A76).
Dept. of Residential Life, Records, 1966-1997 (A49).
Dept. of Theatre, Records, 1952-1980 (A117).
Disability Resource Center, Records, 1977-1999 (bulk 1980-1992) (A105).
Division of Academic Computing, Records, 1959-1990 (A98).
Division of Cooperative Education, Records, n.d., 1914-2007 (A16).
Division of Cooperative Education, Records, 1922-1972 (A86).
Division of Student Affairs, Records, 1933-2008 (bulk 1965-1985) (A84).
Facilities Division, Records, 1855-2006 (bulk 1955-1970) (A94).
Faculty Senate, Records, 1940-1997 (A35).
Faculty Wives, Records, 1941-1971 (A5).
Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, Records, 1962-1992 (A79).
50th Anniversary Committee, Records, 1946-1948 (A31).
50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Women, Records, 1943-1947, 1993 (A30).
Holocaust Awareness Committee, Records, 1991-2010 (A67). Human Resource Management, Records, 1963-2005 (A109).
, Collection, 1927-1992 (A20).
Hus-skiers and Outing Club, Records, 1942-1998 (A48).
Inaugural Committee, Records, 1959-1997 (A27).
Institute of Taxation, Records, 1955-1965 (A57).
InterFraternity Council, Records, 1964-1998 (A73).
International Student Office, Records, 1970-2000 (A100).
Jet Negatives, 1959-2007 (A60).
Jet Sports Negatives, 1959-2006 (A59).
John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute, Records, 1967-2001 (A81).
Lowell Institute School, Records, 1883-1999 (A26).
Marine Science Center, Records, ca. 1974-1989 (Z10-024, 45/3) [UNPROCESSED] The Marine Science Center was founded in 1969 as the Edwards Marine Science Institute. The collection contains administrative records of the Center's director, Nathan Wendell Riser, and research and teaching records of Charles Ellis and Joseph L. Ayers. Materials include annual reports, newsletters, grant proposals, and records of the Advisory Committee on the Development of the Marine Science Institute. The records are restricted for 25 years from their date of creation unless the researcher has written permission from the office of origin. For more information, contact the University Archivist.
Memorabilia, 1914-2002 (A58).
Motion Picture Collection, 1934-1959 (A14).
Northeastern Records, Phonograph Records and Compact Discs, 1979-1988 (A66).
Northeastern University Photograph, Collection, 1903-2009 (A103).
Northeastern University Press, Records, 1976-2005 (A102).
NUPRIME, Records, 1981-1997 (bulk 1992-1996) (A69).
Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity, Records, 1973-1995 (A68).
Office of Alumni Records, Research, and Gift Information, Alumni Obituaries, 1992-2004 (A37).
Office of Alumni Relations, Records, 1926-2009 (A4).
Office of the Business Manager, Records, 1949-1996 (A95).
Office of Communications, Records, 1952-2004 (A107).
Office of Community Affairs, Records 1967-1989 (bulk 1982-1989) (A85).
Office of Conference and Event Planning, Records, 1948-1995 (A47).
Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Service Learning, 1984-2002 (A52).
Office of the Executive Vice President, Records, 1963-1992 (A32).
Office of Institutional Advancement, Records 2001-2005 (A90).
Office of International Affairs, Records, 1951-1991 (A63).
Office of Physical Planning and Design, Records, 1903-1997 (bulk 1960-1987) (A82).
Office of the President (Curry), Records, 1967-2002 (bulk 1989-1995) (A72).
Office of the President (Ell), Records, 1883-1974 (A2).
Office of the President (Knowles), Records, 1935-1984 (A3).
Office of the President (Ryder), Records, 1955-2005 (A19).
Office of the President (Speare), Records, 1896-1951 (A1).
Office of the Provost, Records, n.d., 1955-1998 (A22).
Office of Public Relations, Scrapbooks, 1958-1978 (A7).
Office of the Registrar, Records, 1920-2005 (bulk 1950-1975) (A89).
Office of Spiritual Life, Records, 1961-2000 (A64).
Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization, Records, 1982-2004 (A115).
Office of University Administration, Records, 1951-1989 (A34).
Office of University Advancement, Records, 1999-2009 (Z09-041, 39/2) [UNPROCESSED] The Office of University Advancement was created in 2001 to combine the Office of University Development and the Office of Alumni Relations. Records include newspaper clippings, commencement video tapes, and CDs from the "Voices of Northeastern" oral history project. The collection is unrestricted.
Office of University Development, Records, ca. 1920-2001 (A10).
Office of University Photography, Slide Shows, n.d., 1984-1988 (A11).
Office of University Photography, Contact Sheets and Negatives, 1961-2002 (A62).
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Records, 1962-1996 (A43).
Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Records, 1941-1981 (A38).
Rho Chi Honor Society, Records, ca. 1965-1998 (Z11-036, 47/3) [UNPROCESSED] The Rho Chi Honor Society was founded in 1917 with the goal of encouraging and recognizing excellence in intellectual achievement in pharmacy as well as advocating critical inquiry in the field. The collection consists mainly of photographs and also includes event programs and reports. Records are closed for 25 years from their date of creation unless researchers have written permission from the creating office.
School of Commerce and Finance, Records, 1910-1927 (A41).
School of Law, Course Materials, 1929-1951 (A9).
School of Law, Records, 1900-2006 (A6).
School of Law, Records, 1960-2001 (A44).
School of Law Student Council, Records, 1947-1953 (A46).
School of Nursing, Records, 1994-2006 (A112).
75th Anniversary Committee, Records, 1962-1980 (A42).
Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society, Records, 1955-2007 (A33).
Sports Information Office, Scrapbooks, 1959-1973 (A8).
Student Activities Office, Records, 1942-2006 (A45).
Student Government Association, Records, 1940-2007 (A114).
Studies in American Fiction, Records, ca. 1972-1979 (Z10-017, 46/3) [UNPROCESSED] Studies in American Fiction was a journal founded in 1972 by Professor James E. Nagel from the Northeastern's English Department. The journal was published biannually until 2008, when it was transferred to John Hopkins University Press. The records mainly consist of correspondence regarding the founding of the journal. The collection is unrestricted.
Staff Council, Records, 1962-1994 (A61).
Third World Views of the Holocaust, Records, 2001 (A108).
Twenty-Five Year Associates, Records, 1967-1995 (bulk 1972-1992) (A83).
United States Bicentennial Committee, Records, 1968-1985 (bulk 1974-1976) (A97).
University College, Records, 1960-2005 (A50).
University Honors Program, Records, 1981-2007 (A88).
University Libraries, Records, n.d., 1913-1997 (A24).
Urban Schools Collaborative, Records, 1976-1992 (A70).
Veteran's Memorial Committee, Records, ca. 2004-2006 (Z10-030, 45/1) [UNPROCESSED] The Veteran's Memorial Committee was established to create a Veteran's Memorial to commemorate students and alumni who died while in military service. The records consist of committee minutes, research notes on NU veterans, and student designs for the memorial. The records are restricted for 25 years from their date of creation unless the researcher has written permission from the office of origin. For more information, contact the University Archivist.
Warren Conference Center, Records, 1971-2000 (A101).
Western Civilization, Course Notes, 1972-1982 (A106).
Women's Athletic Department, Records, 1974-1990 (A92).
WRBB–FM. (Radio station: Boston, Mass.), Records, 1966–2006 (bulk 1996–2000) (A111).

Affiliated Organizations

Boston-Bouvé College, Records, 1892-2000 (bulk 1925-1970) (M41).
Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Inc., Records, 1990-2000 (A122).
Ford Hall Forum, Audio Tapes, 1961-1998 (M71).
Lowell Institute School Alumni Association, Records, 1905-1996 (M30).
New England College of Pharmacy, Records, 1939-1962 (M15).
The Oral History Center, Records, 1978-1998 (M73).
Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston, Records, 1833-2003 (bulk 1851-1970) (M13).


Albert James Augustine, Papers, 1927-1935 (M52).
Emma Jean Lang Avery, Papers, ca. 1916-1931 (M3).
Arthur Batcheller, Papers, 1888-1977 (bulk 1913-1955) (M12).
Samuel Becker, Papers, 1925-1962 (M7).
Wilbert A. Bishop, Jr., Papers, n.d., 1931-1932 (M151).
Ann M. Butler, Papers, ca. 1966 (Z09-038, 46/2) [UNPROCESSED] Ann M. Butler is an alumna of Northeastern University, Class of 1966. Her collection includes programs, photographs, and clippings about Silver Masque drama group productions. The collection is unrestricted.
Robert C. Campbell, Papers, 1939-1993 (M117).
Henry Robert Cattley, Papers, 1930-1945 (M53).
Charles Joseph Collazo, Papers, 1919-1984 (M5).
Frederick L. Corcoran, Jr., Papers, 1935-1958 (M115).
Robert Erickson, Papers, 1922-1984 (bulk 1922-1926) (M29).
James A. Firth, Papers, 1933-1938 (Z09-034, 46/3) [UNPROCESSED] The Reverend James A. Firth was a student at Northeastern during the 1930s and the scrapbooks document his experiences as a student. The collection is unrestricted.
Robert P. Gittens, Papers, c. 1970s (Z10-008, 44/2 [UNPROCESSED] Robert P. Gittens, an alumni of Northeastern University's class of 1975, was a photographer for The Onyx Informer student newspaper. The collection includes approximately 1,200 photographic prints and negatives of speakers and students at Northeastern during the 1970s. Speakers include the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Minister George X; events include the St. Paul's Day Camp, the Unity Awards Banquet, and the Black Political Convention. The collection is unrestricted.
Calista M. Greenough, Papers 1945-1948 (M173).
Walter W. Hartford, Jr., Film, ca. 1942-1943 (M74).
Lester E. Hintz, Papers, 1928-1996 (M18).
Clyde F. Joslyn, Papers and Memorabilia,ca.1929-1987 (M75).
Harvey C. Krentzman, Papers, 1953-1992 (M34).
Edward B. Landry, Papers, 1921-1978 (M76).
Paul M. Levenson, Papers, 1878-2001 (M56).
William Lieberman, Papers, 1964-1968 (M95).
Edward F. Lyons, Jr., Papers, n.d., 1917-1959 (M14).
Robert B. MacGregor, Papers, 1947 (M134).
Robert Joseph Markell, Papers, 1967-1968 (M57).
Joseph P. McGuckian, Papers, 1927-1930 (M54).
Norman G. Miclette, Papers, 1952-1958 (M147).
Gay W. Milbrandt, Athletic Medals, 1930-1934 (M24).
William Joseph Mulcahy, Jr., Papers, 1963-1968 (M51).
Eugene Reppucci, Papers, 1955-2004 (M181).
Phyllis M. Ryan, Papers, 1959-1993 (bulk 1961-1988) (M94).
Bernard "Bunny" Solomon, Papers, 1925-2002 (M77).
Helen M. Sullivan, Papers, 1974-1975 (Z11-026, 44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Helen M. Sullivan received a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Northeastern in 1938 and a Master's Degree in Law in 1953. Sullivan worked as an assistant assessor in the Boston Assessor's Office In 1975, Sullivan received the School of Law Distinguished Alumna Award. This collection consists of memorabilia from Sullivan's time at Northeastern University. The collection is unrestricted.
Taimi R. Van Buren, Papers, 1933-1984 (Z08-050, 44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Taimi Regina Salo Van Buren was a graduate of the Class of 1934 from the Boston-Bouvé School of Physical Education. The collection documents Van Buren's time at Boston-Bouvé School and includes programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and some photographs of Class of 1934 reunions. The collection is unrestricted.
Albert Hale Waite, Papers, 1933-1934 (M155).
David L. Wilmarth, Papers, 1942-1966 (M36).

Faculty/Staff/Board Members

Catherine L. Allen, Papers, 1928-2002 (M84).
Edward L. Bernays, Papers, 1982-1998 (bulk 1993-1995) (M99).
Charles Harold Berry, Papers, 1879-1963 (bulk 1917-1963) (M102).
Larry Blumsack, Papers, ca. 1965-2000 (Z09-036, 45/4) [UNPROCESSED] Larry Blumsack was a founding member of the theatre department at Northeastern University. The records reflect his activities as a professor, actor, producer, director, designer, critic, arts columnist, restauranteur, and his work with the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts and the National Center of Afro-American Artists. The collection is unrestricted.
Gregory C. Coffin, Papers, 1966-2002 (bulk 1966-1975) (M80).
Charles Joseph Collazzo, Papers, 1919-1984 (M5).
Dana C. Chandler, Jr., Papers, 1973-1991 (bulk 1977-1979) (M156).
Arnold E. Daum, Papers, 1982-1988 (M167).
Beverly C. Dunn, Papers, 1962-1970 (M58).
Carl Stephens Ell, Papers, 1912-1981 (M2).
Virginia Eskin, Papers, ca. 1992-2002 (Z10-16, 45/4) [UNPROCESSED] Virginia Eskin, a pianist and singer, was a Visiting Artist in the Department of Music. In 2006, she created and hosted the radio series "First Ladies of Music." The collection contains material relating to the "First Ladies of Music;" Northeastern Records, the University's record label; and "A Note to You," a radio program created by Professor Roland Nadeau from Northeastern's Department of Music. The collection is unrestricted.
Andre Favat, Papers, 1960-1977 (M11).
Robert Arnold Feer, Papers, 192?-1970 (M59).
William M. Fowler, Jr., Papers, 1976-2000 (M119).
James W. Fraser, Photograph Collection, 1905-1976 (bulk 1974-1976) (M66).
Antoinette Frederick, Papers, 1970-1991 (M40).
Harold A. Garabedian, Papers, 1953-1971 (M113).
Bernard Ludwig Gordon, Papers, 1967-1998 (Z06-010, 44/4) [UNPROCESSED] Prof. Gordon was a member of Northeastern's Earth Sciences Department from 1961 to 2003, and also a rare book dealer. The collection contains correspondence, resume, press release, postcards produced by Gordon. The collection is unrestricted.
Gerald H. Herman, Papers, 1983-2004 (M168).
Israel Katz, Papers, 1935-2003 (M48).
Harold Hamilton Kerr, Papers, n.d., 1943-1947 (M49).
Asa S. Knowles, Papers, 1836-1990 (M20).
Harvey C. Krentzman, Papers, 1953-1992 (M34).
Minnie L. Lynn, Papers, 1902-1991 (M85).
Everett C. Marston, Papers, 1930-1970 (M118).
Michael Meltsner, Papers, n.d., 1961-2008 (bulk 1978-2004).
Irene A. Nichols, Papers, 1958-2001 (M135).
Doris Oberg, Slide Collection, ca. 1943-1973 (M72).
Rudolph O. M. Oberg, Papers, 1916-1976 (M46).
Harold R. Raemer, Papers, 1960-1999 (M171).
Eugene Reppucci, Papers, 1955-2004 (M181).
Dwight P. Robinson, Family Papers, 1890-1966 (M92).
Vivian Rosenberg, Oral History, 1994 (M158).
Morton Rubin, Papers, ca. 1930-2009 (Z09-042, 47/1) [UNPROCESSED] Professor Rubin's career as a sociology professor at Northeastern spans 1957 to 1985.The records document Rubin's career at the University as one of the first professional sociologists the University hired and includes a memoir, photographs, and slides. The collection is unrestricted.
Bernard "Bunny" Solomon, Papers, 1925-2002 (M77).
Frank Palmer Speare, Papers, 1878-1984 (M1).
Judith Tick, Papers, 1977-1978 (Z11-027, 44/4) [UNPROCESSED] Judith Tick is the Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Music at Northeastern University. Tick is an authority on American music and the history of women in music. She has written numerous books on both subjects and has won many awards for her scholarship. This collection consists of materials relating to Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950 which Tick co-edited with Jane Bowers in 1986. The collection is unrestricted.
Joseph D. Warren, Papers, 1972-2003(bulk 1980-1990) (M87).
David L. Wilmarth, Papers, 1942-1966 (M36).