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Unprocessed Collections

Abortion Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.), Records, 1970-1982 (M21).
Abraham Bell and Company, Order Book, 1820-1835 (M9).
ACT UP/Boston (David Stitt), Collection, 1986-1994 (M179).
ACT UP/Boston (Raymond Schmidt and Stephen Skuce), Collection, 1987-2007 (M149).
Aetna AIDS Collection, 1986-1992 (M162).
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, Inc., Records, 1975-2007 (bulk 1987-1996)(M61).
La Alianza Hispana, Records, 1965-1999 (M55).
Catherine L. Allen, Papers, 1928-2002 (M84).
La Alternativa, Newsletters, 1984-1999 (M98).
American Society for Engineering Education, Records, 1944-2001 (bulk 1960-1992)(M63).
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Records, 1980-1994 (M108).
Armed Services Young Men's Christian Association (Boston, Mass.), Records, 1917-2003 (bulk 1975-2003) (M148).
Albert James Augustine, Papers, 1927-1935 (M52).
Emma Jean Lang Avery, Papers, ca. 1916-1931 (M3).

Ronald W. Bailey, Oral History Collection, 1989-1990 (M153)
Arthur Batcheller, Papers, 1888-1977 (bulk 1913-1955) (M12).
Samuel Becker, Papers, 1925-1962 (M7).
Edward L. Bernays, Papers, 1982-1998 (bulk 1993-1995) (M99).
Charles Harold Berry, Papers, 1879-1963 (bulk 1917-1963) (M102).
Bisexual Resource Center, Records, 1983-2002 (M144).
Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth, Inc., Records, (1983-2001) (M107).
Boston Area Feminist Coalition, Records, (1981-1983) (M121).
Boston-Bouvé College, Records, 1892-2000 (bulk 1925-1970) (M41).
Boston Coalition of Black Women, Records, 1993-2007 (M146).
Boston Elevated Railway Company Library, Records, 1884-1967 (bulk 1921-1950) (M150).
Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing, Records, 1916-2003 (M105).
Boston Intercollegiate Lesbian and Gay Alliance, Records, 1982-1992 (M65).
Boston Opera House, Records, 1908-1958 (M33).
Boston Photo Collaborative, Records, 1992-2007 (M160).
Boston School of Dental Nursing, Records, 1940-1952 (M50)
Boston Society of Vulcans of Massachusetts, Records, 1951-2004 (bulk 1970-2000)(M131)
Boston Women's Music Collective, Records, 1975-1978 (M22).
Boston Women's Pentagon Action, Records, 1980-1986 (M143).
Boston Women's Union, Records, 1973-1981 (bulk 1973-1978)(M145).
Marjorie Bouvé, Papers, 1892-1972 (bulk 1892-1918) (M89).
Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, Records, 1893-2004 (M103).
Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, Records, 1968-1999 (bulk 1985-1993) (M64).
Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, Prison Newsletter Collection, 1972-1996 (M169).
Elmer V. H. Brooks, Papers, 1924-1998 (bulk 1937-1968) (M129).
John E. Bush, Papers, ca. 1980-2005 (M177).

Cambridge Eviction Free Zone, Records, 1972-2007 (bulk 1988-2007) (M170).
Robert C. Campbell, Papers, 1939-1993 (M117).
William J. Canfield, Papers, 1965-1999 (M69).
Melnea A. Cass, Papers, 1954-1979 (M79).
Henry Robert Cattley, Papers, 1930-1945 (M53).
Dana C. Chandler, Jr., Papers, 1973-1991 (bulk 1977-1979) (M156).
Chas. T. Main, Inc., Records, 1975-[1977+] (M152).
Chinese Progressive Association, Records, 1976-2006 (M163).
Laurence F. Cleveland, Laboratory Manual, 1960 (M161).
Citywide Educational Coalition, Records, 1972-2001 (M130).
Coalition to Stop Institutional Violence, Records, 1972-1989 (M27).
The Coalition to Take Back the Night (Boston, Mass.), Records, 1978-1991 (M142).
Gregory C. Coffin, Papers, 1966-2002 (bulk 1966-1975) (M80).
Charles Joseph Collazzo, Papers, 1919-1984 (M5).
Committee for Cambridge Rent Control, Records, 1998-2003 (bulk 2002-2003) (M166).
Frederick L. Corcoran, Jr., Papers, 1935-1958 (M115).

Milburn Devenney, Papers, ca. 1983-1996 (M157).
Beverly C. Dunn, Papers, 1962-1970 (M58).
Keri Lynn Duran, Papers, n.d., 1966-2005 (M174).

Sara R. Ehrmann, Papers, 1845-1993 (M39).
Carl Stephens Ell, Papers, 1912-1981 (M2).
Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, Records, 1954-1992 (M43).
Robert Erickson, Papers, 1922-1984 (bulk 1922-1926) (M29).
Escuelita Agueybana Day Care Centers, Records, 1978-1996 (M116).

André Favat, Papers, 1960-1977 (M11).
Robert Arnold Feer, Papers, n.d., 1945-1969 (bulk 1958-1969)(M59).
Female Liberation: A Radical Feminist Organization, Records, 1968-1974 (M122).
Fenway Community Health Center, Records, 1972-2007 (M172).
Ford Hall Forum, Audio Tapes, 1961-1998 (M71).
William M. Fowler, Jr., Papers, 1976-2000 (M119).
James W. Fraser, Photograph Collection, 1905-1976 (bulk 1974-1976) (M66).
Antoinette Frederick, Papers, 1970-1991 (M40).
Freedom House, Inc., Records, 1941-1996 (bulk 1949-1986) (M16).
Freedom House Photographs: Roxbury Places, People, and Events, 1950-1975.

Harold A. Garabedian, Papers, 1953-1971 (M113).
Gay Academic Union of New England, Records, 1969-1980 (bulk 1975-1980) (M110).
Gay and Lesbian Labor Activists Network, Records, 1987-2001 (M86).
Martin Gopen, Papers, 1933-1994 (bulk 1969-1989) (M133).
Grants Management Associates, Records, 1974-1999 (bulk 1984-1999) (M178).
John C. Graves, Papers, 1971-1996 (bulk 1975-1980) (M83).
Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, Records, 1915-1979 (M31).
Calista M. Greenough, Papers, 1945-1948 (M173).

Edward Rochie Hardy, Papers, 1769-1967 (bulk ca. 1890-1950) (M45).
Walter W. Hartford, Jr., Film, ca. 1942-1943 (M74).
Flora Haas, Papers, 1964-1995 (M132).
Lester E. Hintz, Papers, 1928-1996 (M18).

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, Records, 1967-2009 (bulk 1974-1999) (M111).
International Society, Records, 1978-2002 (bulk 1984-1998) (M128).

Jewish Renaissance Project, Oral Histories, 2000-2002 (M104).
Clyde F. Joslyn, Papers and Memorabilia, ca.1929-1987 (M75).
The Justice George Lewis Ruffin Society, Records, 1848-2009 (bulk 1984-2005) (M124).

Israel Katz, Papers, 1935-2003 (M48).
Harold Hamilton Kerr, Papers, n.d., 1943-1947 (M49).
Asa S. Knowles, Papers, 1836-1990 (M20).
Harvey C. Krentzman, Papers, 1953-2005 (M34).

Benjamin LaGuer, Papers, 1984-2000 (M100).
Edward B. Landry, Papers, 1921-1978 (M76).
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Political Alliance of Massachusetts, Records, 1982-1997 (M91).
Paul M. Levenson, Papers, 1878-2001 (M56).
Elma Ina Lewis, Papers, 1917-1998 (M38).
William Lieberman, Papers, 1964-2001 (bulk 1964-1968) (M95).
William Lindsay, Ledger, 1852-1855 (M8).
Lowell Institute School Alumni Association, Records, 1905-1996 (M30).
Lower Roxbury Black History Project, Records, 1992-2007 (M165).
Lower Roxbury Community Corporation, Records, 1968-1978 (M106).
Minnie L. Lynn, Papers, 1902-1991 (M85).
Edward F. Lyons, Jr., Papers, n.d., 1917-1959 (M14).

Robert B. MacGregor, Papers, 1947 (M134).
Robert Joseph Markell, Papers, 1967-1968 (M57).
Everett C. Marston, Papers, 1930-1970 (M118).
Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women's Service Groups, Collection, 1979-1981 (M138).
Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, Records, 1974-2007 (M141).
Joseph P. McGuckian, Papers, 1927-1930 (M54).
Michael Meltsner, Papers, n.d., 1961-2008 (bulk 1978-2004) (M175).
Men of All Colors Together Boston, Records, 1980-1999 (M68).
Nelson Merced, Papers, 1966-2002 (M125).
Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc., Records, 1961-2005 (M101).
Norman G. Miclette, Papers, 1952-1958 (M147).
Mike Dukakis for President, Inc., Records, 1962-1989 (bulk 1987-1988) (M32).
Gay W. Milbrandt, Athletic Medals, 1930-1934 (M24).
Frank J. Miranda, Papers, 1964-2005 (M112).
Mobilization for Survival: Feminist Task Force, Records, 1985-1987 (M140).
William Joseph Mulcahy, Jr., Papers, 1963-1967 (M51).
Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, Records, 1966-1998 (M44).

NASA Memorabilia and Newspaper Articles, Collection, 1963-1986 (bulk 1964-1968) (M154).
National Center of Afro-American Artists, Records, 1924-1998 (M42).
New England College of Pharmacy, Records, 1939-1962 (M15).

Doris Oberg, Slide Collection, ca. 1943-1973 (M72).
Rudolph O. M. Oberg, Papers, 1916-1976 (M46).
The Oral History Center, Records, 1978-1998 (M73).
Katherine G. Osborne, Papers, 1874-1942 (M6).

Paul F. Perkovic, Papers, 1974-1994 (M96).
Persistent Poverty Project, Records, 1985-2002 (M127).
Carmen A. Pola, Papers, 1970-2006 (bulk 1975-2000)(M159)
Police News Collection, Scrapbooks, 1961-1968 (M4).
Puerto Rican Entering and Settling Service, Records, 1969-1999 (bulk 1971-1972) (M81).

Harold R. Raemer, Papers, 1960-1999 (M171).
Kelley Ready, Papers, 1981-1994 (bulk 1985-1989) (M88).
Reproductive Rights National Network, Records, 1969-1995 (bulk 1980-1995) (M137).
Eugene Reppucci, Papers, 1955-2004 (M181).
Dwight P. Robinson, Family Papers, 1890-1966 (M92).
Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Records, 1965-2002 (M109).
John Ross, Papers, 1963-2006 (M70)
Phyllis M. Ryan, Papers, 1959-1988 (bulk 1961-1988) (M94).

John Salvi, Papers, 1994-1996 (M97).
Julius Adolphe Schweinfurth, Papers, 1882-1927 (M28)
The Second Wave: A Magazine of the New Feminism, Records, 1971-1984 (M19).
Sister Courage, Records, 1974-1980 (M123).
Muriel S. and Otto P. Snowden, Papers, 1911-1990 (bulk 1947-1985)(M17).
Sociedad Latina, Inc., Records, 1968-2007 (bulk 1985-1999)(M136).
Somerville (Mass.) Women's Educational Center, Inc., Records, 1975-1983 (M26).
Bernard "Bunny" Solomon, Papers, 1925-2006 (M77).
Frank Palmer Speare, Papers, 1878-1984 (M1).
Sondra Gayle Stein, Papers, 1977-1990 (M93).
Student Homophile League of Boston, Newsletters, 1970 (M90).

Louise Hall Tharp, Papers, 1949-1953 (M37).
Theater Offensive, Records, 1987-2006 (M82).
Triangle Theater Company, Records, 1979-2009 (bulk 1979-1996) (M176).

United Drug Company Collection, n.d. (M10).
United South End Settlements, Records, ca. 1970-2000 (M126).
Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, Records, ca. 1953-2007 (bulk 1985-2000) (M139).
Urban Schools Collaborative, Records, 1976-1989 (A70).

John A. Volpe, Papers, 1943-1983 (M67).

Joseph D. Warren, Papers, 1972-2003(bulk 1980-1990) (M87).
Daniel Webster, Prints, 1833-1900 (M35).
West Roxbury (Mass.) Women's Club, Records, 1965-1973 (M78).
Zuline Gray Wilkinson, Papers, 1993-1999 (M114).
David L. Wilmarth, Papers, 1942-1966 (M36).
Women against Violence against Women (Boston, Mass.), Records, 1972-1985 (M25).
Women's Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.), Records, 1992-1997 (M60).
The Women's Coffeehouse, Records, 1978-1989 (M120).
Women's Educational Center (Cambridge, Mass.), Records, 1971-2002 (M47).
Women's School (Cambridge, Mass.), Records, 1971-1992 (M23).

Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston, Records, 1833-2003 (bulk 1851-1970) (M13).
Young Men's Christian Association, West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch, Records, 1948-1995 (M62).

Unprocessed Collections

Action for Boston Community Development, Records, ca. 1980-2006 (46/1) [UNPROCESSED] Action for Boston Community Development is a Boston-area anti-poverty agency, serving Greater Boston residents through a city-wide network of neighborhood-based organizations. Records include publications and annual reports. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-004)
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, Inc., Records, ca. 1983-1989 (44/1) [UNPROCESSED] The AIDS Action Committee is a non-profit organization that provides services to those living with HIV/AIDS including education, advocacy and outreach. The collection consists of tminutes, memorandum, and correspondence of various sub-committes of the organization. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-007)
American Composers Forum New England, Records, 1994-2010 (52/3-4) [UNPROCESSED] The New England chapter of the American Composers Forum provides composition services to community groups (i.e., church congregations, local arts councils, regional development groups, museums, environmental and social service groups) in the New England region. The American Composers Forum helps community groups find composers-in-residence and creates original music for the community groups. The collection consists of administrative records and original scores of the organization. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-001)
Natalie Ammarell, Papers, 1988-1992 (46/3; 36/2) [UNPROCESSED] Natalie Ammarell is a community activist. Materials document Boston Panel of Agencies Executives, Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, New England Medical Center community planning initiative, WISH House (community based housing program for women with HIV/AIDS in Dorchester), and include newspaper clippings and reports relating to social justice issues in Massachusetts. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-022; Z07-022)
Michael Aronson, Papers, 1986-1988 (47/2) [UNPROCESSED] Michael Aronson was a member of the speech writing team for Michael S. Dukakis' unsuccessful presidential bid. The collection includes the full-text of Dukakis' speeches, the original drafts with Dukakis' comments, and campaign posters. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-047)
Boston Bar Association, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under the Law, Records, ca. 1978-2002 (49/1-4) [UNPROCESSED] The Lawyers' Committee is a non-profit organization specializing in pro bono legal representation of victims of race discrimination. The committee participates in community education on legal matters and promotes community economic development. This collection consists of court documents (e.g., pleadings, affidavits, motions, exhibits), correspondence, newspaper clippings, curricula, reports of limited English proficiency (LEP) participation, and a survey of bilingual literacy services in Boston and the surrounding towns. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-010)
The Boston Foundation, Records, ca. 1987-2001 (42/1-2) [UNPROCESSED] The Boston Foundation was founded in 1915 to relieve hardship from World War I. Currently, the Foundation is involved in grantmaking, special initiatives, and civic leadership programs in the Boston area to support work on a variety of community issues . The records include publications, annual reports, and audio-visual material reflecting the grant-making activity of the Foundation. The collection is unrestricted. (Z09-022)
Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, Records, ca. 1980-2000 (46/2) [UNPROCESSED] The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation published the Gay Community News, which was considered one of the oldest and most progressive newspapers in the gay community, from 1973 to 1999. The Foundation also sponsored other projects and events: the Prisoners Project to support gays and lesbians in prison, the annual OutWrite conference for gay and lesbian writers, the Off-the-Page monthly reading series featuring Boston gay and lesbian authors, and the Queer Progressive Organizing School for coordinating progressive gay activities. The collection consists mainly of material related to the Prisoners Project, including correspondence with prisoners. The collection is unrestricted. (Z12-001)
Charles Herbert Bruce, Papers, ca. 1895-1919 (47/1) [UNPROCESSED] Charles H. Bruce was born in Boston on June 29, 1884, and died on April 9, 1975. He had an active amateur photography career between 1890 and 1920. The collection includes self-portraits, photographs of the Charlestown Navy Yard, and photographs of Bruce's family and colleagues, including the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge of which Bruce was a member. The collection includes approximately 250 photographic prints. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-009)
Community Resources for Justice, Records, 1838-2002 (47/4; 42/1) [UNPROCESSED] Community Resources for Justice works with individuals in, or transitioning out of the adult or juvenile justice systems and individuals with developmental disabilities to help them lead safe and productive lives in their community. The collection is unrestricted. (Z07-038; Z07-042)
Crime and Justice Foundation, Records, 1975-1999 (42/1; 45/4) [UNPROCESSED] The Crime and Justice Foundation was founded in 1975 to work towards a fair and effective criminal justice system. In 1999 it merged with Massachusetts Half-Way Houses, Inc. to form Community Resources for Justice. The collection includes bylaws, board minutes, audit reports, county correctional plans, and audio/visual material. The collection is unrestricted. (Z07-043; Z09-015)
Franklin Dunker, Photographs, ca. 1980-2005 (52/3) [UNPROCESSED] Franklin Dunker, a local photographer, photographed Latino events in the Boston area. The collection consists of photographs, negatives, and digital images of individuals and events in Boston, including the Puerto Rican Festival and various weddings. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-023)
Virginia Eskin, Papers, ca. 1992-2002 (45/4) [UNPROCESSED] Virginia Eskin, a pianist and singer, was a Visiting Artist in the Department of Music. In 2006, she created and hosted the radio series "First Ladies of Music." The collection contains material relating to the "First Ladies of Music;" Northeastern Records, the University's record label; and "A Note to You," a radio program created by Professor Roland Nadeau from Northeastern's Department of Music. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-016)
Robert P. Gittens, Papers, ca. 1970s (44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Robert P. Gittens, an alumni of Northeastern University's class of 1975, was a photographer for The Onyx Informer student newspaper. The collection includes approximately 1, 200 photographic prints and negatives of speakers and students at Northeastern during the 1970s. Speakers include the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Minister George X; events include the St. Paul's Day Camp, the Unity Awards Banquet, the Onyx staff, and the Black Political Convention. Some earlier personal photographs are also included. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-008)
Bernard Ludwig Gordon, Papers, 1967-1998 (44/4) [UNPROCESSED] Prof. Gordon was a member of Northeastern's Earth Sciences Department from 1961 to 2003, and also a rare book dealer. The collection contains correspondence, resume, press release, postcards produced by Gordon. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-010)
Gerald R. Herman, Papers, ca. 1999-2010 (47/2) [UNPROCESSED] Gerald R. Herman is an Assistant Professor of History at Northeastern University. This collection documents Northeastern's role in both the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative and the Boston Innovation Trail. The Boston History & Innovation Collaboration is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the greater Boston area's tradition of innovation by developing public history projects that could aid the community's economy. The Boston Innovation Trail is an organization that offers guided tours of Boston focused on local innovators and inventors throughout history. The collection includes, "Report on the Graduate Programs in History: Department Self-Study Report, 2004-2005". Records are closed for 25 years from their date of creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office. (Z11-012)
G. Derrick Hodge, Papers, ca. 1988-1993 (45/2) [UNPROCESSED] G. Derrick Hodge was a member of ACT UP/Boston and Queer Nation/Boston. The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP/Boston) was founded in 1987 by activists Raymond Schmidt, Stephen Skuce, Donald Smith, and Paul Wychules to focus local efforts to speed up the development of AIDS treatments, educational programs, and prevention strategies. Queer Nation was an offshoot of ACT UP, created in response to elevated anti-gay and lesbian violence in the early 1990s. This collection consists of publications, newsletters, flyers, and articles relating to AIDS activism and the Boston chapters of ACT UP and Queer Nation. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-014)
Maria Iriti, Papers, 1992-1994 (46/1) [UNPROCESSED] Maria Iriti was a board member of GASP (Group against Smoking Pollution). The collection consists of printed material including magazines, newsletters, and newspaper clippings related to tobacco control advocacy. The collection covers material pertaining to STAT (Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco), ASH (Action on Smoking and Helath), and GASP. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-017)
Mary M. Leno, Collection, n.d. (46/1) [UNPROCESSED] Mary M. Leno was a campaign button collector. The collection includes buttons concerning women's rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, affordable housing, AIDS/HIV, LGBT rights, ecology, anti-nuclear power, health, Native American issues, multi-culturalism, African American rights, prisoners rights, labor unions, and ageism. The collection is unrestricted. (Z09-016)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Political Alliance of Massachusetts, Records, 1986-2000 (45/2) [UNPROCESSED] The Alliance is a community action group that serves the interests of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. The collection includes brochures, press releases, newsletters, photographs, and community recognition dinner programs. The collection is unrestricted. (Z07-039)
Helen Mahut, Papers, n.d., 2003 (46/4) [UNPROCESSED] Helen Mahut was a professor of Psychology at Northeastern University for twenty-three years. Considered a pioneer in the field of behavioral and cognitive neurosciences, she engaged in research at M.I.T. before continuing her work at NU. The collection includes autobiographical sketches and photocopies of photographs displaying life in Poland during the German occupation in WWII. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-033)
Massachusetts Half-Way Houses, Inc., Records, (42/1) [UNPROCESSED] Massachusetts Half-Way Houses, Inc. was founded in 1964 to assist the transition from incarceration to freedom for both offender and community, and in 1999 merged with the Crime and Justice Foundation to form Community Resources for Justice. The collection includes annual budgets and audits, committee minutes, policies, and annual reports. The collection is unrestricted. (Z07-044)
Massachusetts Human Services Coalition, Records, 1983-2005 (39/3) [UNPROCESSED] The Massachusetts Human Services Coalition (MHSC) works for the benefit of underprivileged and disabled residents of Massachusetts. The collection contains background information, MHSC publications, administrative files, video tapes, and MHSC publications. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-007)
Jean McGuire, Records, ca. 1970-1985 (44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Jean McGuire is the executive director of Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity. The collection includes material on her campaign and service relating to the Boston School Committee; and on being a trustee of The Children's Museum. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-001)
Walter Meuller, Papers, 1935-1985 (46/1) [UNPROCESSED] Walter Meuller was a member of the Boston Y Outing Club. The club was part of the Boston Y.M.C.A. programing and was first organized in 1935, as a co-ed club engaging in outdoor activities including hiking, bycling, sailing, skiiing, and horeseback riding. The records consist of brochures, newsletters, short trip journals and photographs from the early days of the club. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-018)
National Lawyers Guild. Massachusetts Chapter, Inc., Records, 1970-2006 (34/2-3) [UNPROCESSED] The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an association of progressive lawyers, law students, paralegals, judges, legal secretaries, and community activists, has been active since the founding of the National Lawyers Guild in 1937. It seeks justice by working for immigrant and human rights, building community resources through the Street Law Clinics and the Lawyer Referral Service, acting as legal observers at demonstrations, educating the public about judicial nominees, and promoting workers' rights. The collection contains newsletters, publications, financial and administrative records, and programs run by the NLGMC. Records are closed for 5 years from their date of creation, unless researchers have written permission from NLGMC. (Z06-023)
Older Women's League (Greater Boston), Records, n.d. (46/1) [UNPROCESSED] Founded in 1980, O.W.L. is a national grassroots organization focusing on improving the status and quality of life for midlife and older women. The records consist of reports, brochures, newsletters, meeting agenda and minutes of the Greater Boston chapter of O.W.L. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-016)
Paul Parks, ca. 1975-2005 (52/1-3) [UNPROCESSED] Paul Parks, an engineer and former chairman of Boston's School Committee, was an African American activist in Boston. In 1974, he was the first African American appointed Massachusetts secretary of education. The collection consists of records from Parks' engineering firm and his involvement in the Boston Public Schools and local social justice organizations. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-026)
Positive Directions, Records, ca. 1987-2003 (51/1-4) [UNPROCESSED] The collection consists of records of Positive Directions and the organization it merged with in 1996, Northern Lights Alternatives New England, Inc., from inception to closing, and includes administration, fund-raising, and program files. Photographs depicting clients or volunteers are not available for public access until 1 Jan 2012. (Z03-024)
Julius A. Prince, Jr., Papers, 1967-1966 (46/3; 46/3) [UNPROCESSED] Julius A. Prince was a photographer for Freedom House, Inc. in the 1960s. The collection consists of photographs of Freedom House's Roxbury Work Study Program and some materials about the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The collection is unrestricted. (Z09-020; Z09-035)
Harold R. Raemer, Papers, 1972-2004 (34/4) [UNPROCESSED] Prof. Raemer was a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Northeastern University. The collection includes theses, publications and reports, writings, and video tapes. The collection is unrestricted. (Z06-015)
Michael Roos, Papers, c. 1988-1992 (46⁄3) [UNPROCESSED] Michael Roos, born Michael Galvin, was a member of ACT UP/Boston (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), a diverse, nonpartisan group united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis founded in 1987. ACT UP/Boston was formed to focus local efforts to speed up development of AIDS treatments, educational programs, and prevention strategies. The collection contains material relating to ACT UP/Boston and AIDS Community Television, and includes photographs, slides, video tapes, and memorabilia. The collection is unrestricted. (Z08-046)
John Ross, Papers, ca. 1978-2005 (47/1) [UNPROCESSED] John Andrew Ross, an accomplished African-American composer, organist, choral conductor, and jazz musician, was music director of the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts and National Center of Afro-American Artists. The collection contains music arranged by Ross, concert programs, daily diaries, and material relating to the Elma Lewis School and the National Center of Afro-American Artists. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-010)
Stull and Lee, Inc., Records, ca. 1967-2002 (Cage) [UNPROCESSED] Stull and Lee, Inc. is an African American Boston-based architectural and urban planning firm established by Donald L. Stull and M. David Lee in 1967. The collection includes architectural drawings, project files, and photographs. The collection is unrestricted. (Z10-025)
Helen M. Sullivan, Papers, 1974-1975 (44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Helen M. Sullivan received a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Northeastern in 1938 and a Master's Degree in Law in 1953. Sullivan worked as an assistant assessor in the Boston Assessor's Office In 1975, Sullivan received the School of Law Distinguished Alumna Award. This collection consists of memorabilia from Sullivan's time at Northeastern University. The collection is unrestricted. (Z11-026)
The Theater Offensive, Records, n.d. (44/1) [UNPROCESSED] The Theater Offensive mounts and produces festivals and individual productions by national and local queer performers, and also serves as a development environment for new theatrical work. The records consist of administrative records and promotional material. This collection is unrestricted. (Z11-006)
Judith Tick, Papers, 1977-1978 (44/4) [UNPROCESSED] Judith Tick is the Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Music at Northeastern University. Tick is an authority on American music and the history of women in music. She has written numerous books on both subjects and has won many awards for her scholarship. This collection consists of materials relating to Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950 which Tick co-edited with Jane Bowers in 1986. The collection is unrestricted. (Z11-027)
Travelers Aid Family Services, Records, 1891-2002 (37/2-3) [UNPROCESSED] Established in 1866, Travelers Aid Family Services is a Boston non-profit social services agency. In 1920, the mission was to assist travelers, including poor and disadvantaged travelers in search of housing and employment. Over time, the agency's mission has shifted to focus on family homelessness and aiding those families in need. The collection consists of minutes, annual reports, statistics, information about homeless shelters, the history of T.A.F.S., photographs, memorabilia, record books and ledgers, scrapbooks, the Transportation Assistance Program, the Puerto Rican Entering and Settling Service, the Vietnamese Resettlement Program, volunteers, and newspapers. The collection is unrestricted. (Z11-035)
United Prison Association of Massachusetts, Records, 1939-1975 (42/1) [UNPROCESSED] The United Prison Association formed in 1939 to provide casework service while working for penal reform. In 1967, the name changed to the Massachusetts Correctional Association. The collection consists of rrecords of the United Prison Association of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Correctional Association and includes meeting minutes, bylaws and annual reports. The collection is unrestricted. (Z07-041)
United South End Settlements, Records, 1958-1972, 1992-2009 (47/4; 46/4) [UNPROCESSED] United South End Settlements (USES) is a non-profit social service agency located in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts, whose mission is to foster well-being, nurture personal growth and development, build a sense of community, and maintain an environment where all can thrive. The records include meeting minutes, financial statements, newspaper clippings, annual reports, slides, and newsletters. (Z08-058; Z09-043)
Taimi R. Van Buren, Papers, 1933-1984 (44/2) [UNPROCESSED] Taimi Regina Salo Van Buren was a graduate of the Class of 1934 from the Boston-Bouvé School of Physical Education. The collection documents Van Buren's time at Boston-Bouvé School and includes programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and some photographs of Class of 1934 reunions. The collection is unrestricted. (Z08-050)
Women's Institute for Leadership Development, Records, 1987-2003 (39/1, 39/3) [UNPROCESSED] The Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) is a multicultural women's organization founded in 1986 with the mission to increase the number and diversity of women leaders in the Massachusetts labor movement and increase their effectiveness as organizers in their unions and community organizations. The collection contains materials related to fundraising (1992-2002), program and anti-racism curricula (1987-2002), outreach (1988-1997), workshops (1991-2000), WILD in the Winter (1998-2003), and summer institute (1987-2002). Also included are photographs, negatives, and slides. Some of the collection is in Spanish. The collection is unrestricted. (Z05-031)
Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston, Records, ca. 1920-2008 (47/1) [UNPROCESSED] The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Boston was the first YMCA chapter in North America. It offers social, educational, and community programs, and presently maintains 31 branches and centers. The collection consists of correspondence of President John Ferrell, 2005-2006, brochures, annual reports, photographs, post cards, and branch materials including newspapers. The collection is unrestricted. (Z11-004)