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A01: Office of the President (Speare), Records, 1896-1951.
A02: Office of the President (Ell), Records, 1883-1974.
A03: Office of the President (Knowles), Records, 1935-1984.
A04: Office of Alumni Relations, Records, 1926-2009.
A05: Faculty Wives, Records, 1941-1971.
A06: School of Law, Records, 1900-2006.
A07: Office of Public Relations, Scrapbooks, 1958-1978.
A08: Sports Information Office, Scrapbooks, 1959-1973.
A09: School of Law, Course Materials, 1929-1951.

A10: Office of University Development, Records, ca. 1920-2001.
A11: Office of University Photography, Slide Shows, n.d., 1984-1988.
A12: Corporation and Board of Trustees, Records, 1915-2005.
A13: Bachelors' Thesis, Collection, 1914-1953.
A14: Motion Picture Collection, 1934-1959.
A15: College of Engineering, Records, n.d., 1911-1996.
A16: Division of Cooperative Education, Records, n.d., 1914-2007.
A17: Dept. of Athletics, Records, 1930-2003.
A18: College of Nursing, Records, 1962-1999.
A19: Office of the President (Ryder), Records, 1955-2005.

A20: Huskiana, Collection, 1927-1992.
A21: Dept. of History, Oral History Collection, 1976-1994.
A22: Office of the Provost, Records, n.d., 1955-1998.
A23: College of Arts and Sciences, Records, n.d., 1924-2002.
A24: University Libraries, Records, n.d., 1913-1997.
A25: College of Business Administration, Records, 1927-1997.
A26: Lowell Institute School, Records, 1883-1999.
A27: Inaugural Committee, Records, 1959-1997.
A28: College of Criminal Justice, Records, 1963-1995.
A29: College of Computer Science, Records, 1971-2004.

A30: 50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Women, Records, 1943-1947, 1993.
A31: 50th Anniversary Committee, Records, 1946-1948.
A32: Office of the Executive Vice President, Records, 1963-1992.
A33: Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society, Records, 1955-2007.
A34: Office of University Administration, Records, 1951-1989.
A35: Faculty Senate, Records, 1940-1997.
A36: Centennial Office, Records, 1989-1998.
A37: Office of Alumni Records, Research, and Gift Information, Alumni Obituaries, 1992-2004.
A38: Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Records, 1941-1981.
A39: School of Education, Records, 1958-2001.

A40: Center for Continuing Education, Records, 1961-1996.
A41: School of Commerce and Finance, Records, 1910-1927.
A42: 75th Anniversary Committee, Records, 1962-1980.
A43: Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Records, 1962-1996.
A44: School of Law, Records, 1960-2001.
A45: Student Activities Office, Records, 1942-2006.
A46: School of Law Student Council, Records, 1947-1953.
A47: Office of Conference and Event Planning, Records 1948-1995.
A48: Hus-skiers and Outing Club, Records 1942-1998.
A49: Dept. of Residential Life, Records 1966-1997.

A50: University College, Records, 1960-2005.
A51: Commencement Committee, Clinton Commencement Collection, 1993.
A52: Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Service Learning, 1984-2002.
A53: Concert recordings, 1972-1988.
A54: Commencement Committee, Records, 1912-2002.
A55: Corporations and Foundations, Records, 1925-2005.
A56: Center for the Study of Sport in Society, Records, 1978-2003 (1985-1998 bulk).
A57: Institute of Taxation, Records, 1955-1965.
A58: Memorabilia, 1914-2002.
A59: Jet Sports Negatives, 1959-2006.

A60: Jet Negatives, 1959-2007.
A61: Staff Council, 1962-1994.
A62: Office of University Photography, Contact Sheets and Negatives, 1967-2002.
A63: Office of International Affairs, Records, 1951-1991.
A64: Office of Spiritual Life, Records, 1961-2000.
A65: Committee on the Status of Women, Records, 1986-1987.
A66: Northeastern Records, Phonograph Records and Compact Discs, 1979-1988.
A67: Holocaust Awareness Committee, Records, 1991-2010.
A68: Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity, Records, 1973-1995.
A69: NUPRIME, Records, 1981-1997. (bulk 1992-1996)

A70: Urban Schools Collaborative, Records, 1976-1992.
A72: Office of the President (Curry), Records, 1967-2002 (bulk 1989-1995).
A73: InterFraternity Council, Records, 1964-1998.
A74: Band Association, Records, 1959-2006.
A75: Dept. of Admissions, Records, 1938-1999.
A76: Dept. of Rehabilitation and Special Education, Records, 1956-1977 (bulk 1967-1976).
A77: Alumni Association of the Evening School of Business, Ledgers, 1929-1959.
A78: Dept. of History, Latin America and the Caribbean in Boston Student Projects, 1998.
A79: Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, Records, 1962-1992.

A80: African American Master Artists-in-Residence Program, Records, 1976-2003 (bulk 1977-1988).
A81: John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute, Records, 1967-2001.
A82: Office of Physical Planning and Design, Records, 1903-1997 (bulk 1960-1987).
A83: Twenty-Five Year Associates, Records, 1967-1995 (bulk 1972-1992).
A84: Division of Student Affairs, Records, 1933-2008 (bulk 1964-1985).
A85: Office of Community Affairs, Records, 1967-1989 (bulk 1982-1989).
A86: Division of Cooperative Education, Records, 1922-1972.
A87: Day Colleges Executive Committee, Records, 1952-1961.
A88: University Honors Program, Records, 1981-2007.
A89: Office of the Registrar, Records, 1920-2005 (bulk 1950-1975).

A90: Office of Institutional Advancement, Records, 2001-2005.
A91: Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Records, 1954-1978.
A92: Women's Athletic Department, Records, 1974-1990.
A93: Administrative Committee of the Basic Colleges, Records, 1962-1971.
A94: Facilities Division, Records, 1855-2006 (bulk 1955-1970).
A95: Office of the Business Manager, Records, 1949-1996.
A96: Byron K. Elliot Hall Dedication, Scrapbook, 1972.
A97: United States Bicentennial Committee, Records, 1968-1985 (bulk 1974-1976).
A98: Division of Academic Computing, Records, 1959-1990.
A99: Advocates for a Common Experience Committee, Records, 1993-1997.

A100: International Student Office, Records, 1970-2000.
A101: Warren Conference Center, Records, 1971-2000.
A102: Northeastern University Press, Records, 1976-2005.
A103: Northeastern University Photograph, Collection, 1903-2009.
A104: Dept. of History, Oral History Project Records, 1998-1999.
A105: Disability Resource Center, Records, 1977-1999 (bulk 1980-1992).
A106: Western Civilization, Course Notes, 1972-1982.
A107: Office of Communications, Records, 1952-2004.
A108: Third World Views of the Holocaust, Records, 2001.
A109: Human Resource Management, Records, 1963-2005.

A110: Center for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Records, 1993-2006.
A111: WRBB–FM. (Radio station: Boston, Mass.), Records, 1966–2006 (bulk 1996–2000).
A112: School of Nursing, Records, 1994-2006.
A113: Deaf Club, Records, 1992-2008.
A114: Student Government Association, Records, 1940-2007.
A115: Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization, Records, 1982-2004.
A116: Dept. of Music, Records, 1967-2010.
A117: Dept. of Theatre, Records, 1952-1980.
A118: Dept. of African American Studies, Records, 1972-2009.

A122: Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Inc., Records, 1990-2000.

M01: Frank Palmer Speare, Papers, 1878-1984.
M02: Carl Stephens Ell, Papers, 1912-1981.
M03: Emma Jean Lang Avery, Papers, ca. 1916-1931.
M05: Charles Joseph Collazzo, Papers, 1919-1984.
M07: Samuel Becker, Papers, 1925-1962.
M11: Andre Favat, Papers, 1960-1977.
M12: Arthur Batcheller, Papers, 1888-1977. (bulk 1913-1955)
M13: Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston, Records, 1833-2003 (bulk 1851-1970).
M14: Edward F. Lyons, Jr., Papers, n.d., 1917-1959.
M15: New England College of Pharmacy, Records, 1939-1962.

M18: Lester E. Hintz, Papers, 1928-1996.
M20: Asa S. Knowles, Papers, 1836-1990.
M24: Gay W. Milbrandt, Athletic Medals, 1930-1934.
M29: Robert Erickson, Papers, 1922-1984 (bulk 1922-1926). M30: Lowell Institute School Alumni Association, Records, 1905-1996.
M34: Harvey C. Krentzman, Papers, 1953-1992.
M36: David L. Wilmarth, Papers, 1942-1966.
M40: Antoinette Frederick, Papers, 1970-1991.
M41: Boston-Bouvé College, Records, 1892-2000 (bulk 1925-1970).
M46: Rudolph O. M. Oberg, Papers, 1916-1976.

M48: Israel Katz, Papers, 1935-2003.
M49: Harold Hamilton Kerr, Papers, n.d., 1943-1947.
M51: William Joseph Mulcahy, Jr., Papers, 1963-1968.
M52: Albert James Augustine, Papers, 1927-1935.
M53: Henry Robert Cattley, Papers, 1930-1945.
M54: Joseph P. McGuckian, Papers, 1927-1930.
M56: Paul M. Levenson, Papers, 1878-2001.
M57: Robert Joseph Markell, Papers, 1967-1968.
M58: Beverly C. Dunn, Papers, 1962-1970.
M59: Robert Arnold Feer, Papers, 192?-1970.

M66: James W. Fraser, Photograph Collection, 1905-1976 (bulk 1974-1976).
M71: Ford Hall Forum, Audio Tapes, 1961-1998.
M72: Doris Oberg, Slide Collection, ca. 1943-1973.
M73: The Oral History Center, Records, 1978-1998.
M74: Walter W. Hartford, Jr., Film, ca. 1942-1943.
M75: Clyde F. Joslyn, Papers and Memorabilia, ca. 1929-1987.
M76: Edward B. Landry, Papers, 1921-1978.
M77: Bernard "Bunny" Solomon, Papers, 1925-2002.
M80: Gregory C. Coffin, Papers, 1966-2002 (bulk 1966-1975).
M84: Catherine L. Allen, Papers, 1928-2002.

M85: Minnie L. Lynn, Papers, 1902-1991.
M87: Joseph D. Warren, Papers, 1972-2003(bulk 1980-1990).
M92: Dwight P. Robinson, Family Papers, 1890-1966.
M94: Phyllis M. Ryan, Papers, 1959-1993 (bulk 1961-1988).
M95: William Lieberman, Papers, 1964-1968.
M102: Charles Harold Berry, Papers, 1879-1963 (bulk 1917-1963).
M113: Harold A. Garabedian, Papers, 1953-1971.
M115: Frederick L. Corcoran, Jr., Papers, 1935-1958.
M117: Robert C. Campbell, Papers, 1939-1993.
M118: Everett C. Marston, Papers, 1930-1970.
M119: William M. Fowler, Jr., Papers, 1976-2000.

M134: Robert B. MacGregor, Papers, 1947.
M135: Irene A. Nichols, Papers, 1958-2001.
M147: Norman G. Miclette, Papers, 1952-1958.
M151: Wilbert A. Bishop, Jr., Papers, n.d., 1931-1932.
M155: Albert Hale Waite, Papers, 1933-1934.
M156: Dana C. Chandler, Jr., Papers, 1973-1991 (bulk 1977-1979).
M158: Vivian Rosenberg, Oral History, 1994.
M161: Laurence F. Cleveland Laboratory Manual, 1960.
M162: Aetna AIDS Collection, 1986-1992.
M167: Arnold E. Daum, Papers, 1982-1988.
M168: Gerald H. Herman, Papers, 1983-2004.
M171: Harold R. Raemer, Papers, 1960-1999.
M173: Calista M. Greenough, Papers, 1945-1948.
M175: Michael Meltsner, Papers, n.d., 1961-2008 (bulk 1978-2004).
M181: Eugene Reppucci, Papers, 1955-2004.